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Nostradam‎us Michaelis de Nostredame

Who was this person Michaelis de Nostredame? Interest in Nostradamus has not died out through the ages was he real where his predictions actually made? His name reached many young people through the song of the Scottish balladeer Al Stewart that was released in 1973. So what is the meaning of the name "Nostradamus," the name chosen by the famous astrologer? Could it have some special hidden meaning? Was he as a secret Jew? Had he been a descendant of the Israelite tribe of Issachar and a follower of the Zohar and Kabbalah taught to him by his grandfather Jean de St. Rémy?

It is recorded that Jaume's father, the Jewish apothecary Guy Gassonet, had converted to Catholicism around 1455 (?), taking the Christian name "Pierre" and the surname "Nostredame" comprised of two parts; the Latin word; Nostrum -which means in part ‎‎"a medicine whose ingredients are kept secret", and the French words Notre Dame or "Our Lady", a reference to Mary the "virgin mother of Jesus".

This fact is interesting since many "New Christians" converted to Catholicism during this bleak period of European history before the Spanish Inquisition in 1492. Many of these Medieval European Jews continued to remain “secret Jews” or “Marranous." They were so secretive out of fear so as to prevent their discovery otherwise they would be tortured and burned to death at the stake for heresy. Nostradamus's family may have been one of those Jewish families that ‎‎feared the "Inquisitor" and hid their Judaism. The hint of this can be found in the story surrounding his maternal great-grandfather Jean de St. Rémy since there is a persistent tradition that he was educated by him. However he “suddenly” disappears from the historical records after 1504.

Michel de Nostredame was one of at least nine children of Reynière (or Renée) de Saint-Rémy and Jaume (or Jacques) de Nostredame a grain dealer and notary. Michel's known siblings included Delphine, Jean I (c. 1507–77), Pierre, Hector, Louis, Bertrand, Jean II (born 1522) and Antoine (born 1523).
Nostradamus father had been a noted astrologer and apothecary - physician. So when Nostradamus was a young boy his father taught him astronomy, astrology and apothecary / medicine. The young Nostradamus was enrolled at the school of Medicine at Montpellier. While still a student at the academy Nostradamus became well known for his knowledge of astronomy. His knowledge almost cost him his life when he advanced the theory that the earth revolves around the sun. To many this was a "heretical" thought because it went against the teachings of the church.

Nostradamus entered the University of Avignon at the age of 15 to study for his baccalaureate. After little more than a year he was forced to leave Avignon when the university closed its doors in the face of an outbreak of the plague. After leaving Avignon, Nostradamus traveled the countryside for eight years from 1521 researching herbal remedies. In 1529, after some years as an apothecary, he entered the University of Montpellier to study for a doctorate in medicine. He was expelled shortly afterwards by the university's procurator, Guillaume Rondelet, when it was discovered that he had been an apothecary, a "manual trade" expressly banned by the university statutes, and had been slandering doctors. The expulsion document still exists in the faculty library.

Because of his knowledge he was hired by the French King Francis I, of Angouleme, the House of Valois to be the personal physician to his oldest son the Dauphin Henry (1519-1559) the heir to the French throne.‎ During the years 1535-1545 an epidemic know as the ‎‎"Bubonic Plague" reappeared in Europe. As a physician, Nostradamus fame grew with his cures the "rose pill" that supposedly protected against the plague and his prescribed treatment for the "Bubonic Plague" were based on rules of cleanliness and hygiene outlined in the Bible and by the writings of the Mosheh ben Maimon (משה בן מימון), called Moses Maimonides or RAMBAM Hebrew acronym for "Rabbeinu Mosheh Ben Maimon" – English translation: "Our Rabbi/Teacher Moses Son [of] Maimon". Yet despite all of Nostradamus's medical knowledge his first wife Henriette d'Encausse and two daughters became infected by the disease and died of the plague.
After the death of his wife and daughters, around the year ‎‎1545, he became embittered and lonely. He took to traveling until he decided to remarry in 1548. He isolated himself in a tower of a castle that belonged to King Henry the second in Saint Lo near a village in the south of France. Nostradamus turned to the study of astrology and the "occult"(?). It is here that he has his first visions of future events.
Nostradamus published his book of predictions "The Centuries" in 1555. The book was called the centuries because it was divided into ten parts, each of the 100 four line verses, stretching from the date of publication (1555) to an indefinite time in the future. Many first editions exist today, so there is no doubt as to the authenticity of the text.

Many of Nostradamus's "predictions” have come true and here are but a few examples:

"The blood of the just will be demanded of London, burnt through fire in the year three times twenty and six”
Indeed in the year 1666 the city of London suffered from a disastrous fire known in English history as the great fire of London."

"The English Parliament will put it's King to death."
Charles I King of England was beheaded by order of Parliament and Cromwell on January 30, 1649.
 "An Emperor of France shall be born on an island near Italy, his rule will cost his Empire dear, Nay Pol Loron will be more of fire than blood"
Napoleon was born on the island of Corsica near Italy.

“Hister, the German of the Crooked Cross, The Captain of Greater Germaine, no law does this man observe. Bloody his rise and fall shall be.”
There is no doubt that  Nostradamus is alluding to Adolph Hitler.

"In the new lands of America, three brothers now shall come to power. Two men are born to rule, but all must die before their hour."
This is a reference to Joseph, John and  Robert Kennedy.

A great wall that divides a city at this time is cast aside.
Is this the Berlin wall November 1990?
Nostradamus is a reputed seer whose published collection of prophecies have become famous worldwide. He is best known for his book "Les Propheties", the first edition of which appeared in 1555. Since the publication of this book, it has rarely been out of print since his death, Nostradamus quatrains have purportedly predicted many major world events and because of this he has a wide following. He is best known for his book "Les Propheties", the first edition of which appeared in 1555. Since the publication of this book, it has rarely been out of print since his death.

According to the famous English diarist Samuel Pepys, as early as 1667, long before the French Revolution. Pepys records in his celebrated diary s to his prophecies there is a legend that, before his death, Nostradamus made the townsfolk swear that his grave would never be disturbed; but when dug up at the French Revolution, 60 years later a brass plaque was found on his chest correctly stating the date and time when his grave would be opened and cursing the exhumers.

Nostradamus's tombstone, in the Collegiale St-Laurent, at Salon-de-Provence Bouches-du-Rhône, France. As noted on his crypt Nostradamus- Micha Ben Elias or Michaelis de Notredame was born in Saint Reims de la Provence, France on 14th or 21st of December 1503 and died on the 2nd July 1566.

The headstone, written in Latin and composed by his wife, reads as follows: "Here lie the bones of the illustrious Michel Nostradamus, alone of all mortals judged worthy to record events of the entire world with his almost divine pen, under the influence of the stars. He lived 62 years, 6 months, and 17 days. He died at Salon in the year 1566. Let not prosperity disturb his rest. Anne Pons Gemelle wishes her husband true happiness."

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