Thursday, October 29, 2009

Anti-Semites and the Palestinian Distortion of Truth

We Jews and especially those of us who are Israelis, realize from our recent experiences that today’s modern version of the anti-Semites can't tell Israelis apart from the Arabs. These hypocrites do not possess enough basic intelligence or knowledge to make a difference between us. It could be said that modern anti-Semitism does not stem from prejudice, but rather, from abject ignorance. It seems that recently those who harbor dark anti-Semitic thoughts have rapturously embraced the Palestinian cause because of their mutual hatred of the Jews and most importantly the Zionists and Israel.

It is a tendency among the least educated to classify people and to lump all those who are unknown to them together simply because it's more convenient that way. Try asking an anti-Semite for example, “What is the difference between the pale light skinned blue eyed blonds of Scandinavia and the former Soviet Union?” or “Who is from Sweden and just who is from Norway?” Can they tell who is Chinese from Japanese, a Tutsi from a Hutu or an Iraqi from a Kurd? Of course not, yet at a snap mention the three letter word – Jew and they will froth at the mouth.

In the world media, as in the media of the Arab world, Israel is singled out and branded as a blood thirsty monster intent on devouring its poor “defenseless” neighbors. The villainous caricatures of the vile Jew, with the grotesques and distorted faces with the hooked noses, serve both the anti-Semites and the Arab propagandists as one. This slanderous view is constantly expounded by the anti-Semites and their Palestinian cohorts in every venue they find. The two scenes in the recent Turkish melodrama, the first of the supposed IDF soldier murdering the young innocent girl with the smile on her face and the second of the murder of the Palestinian newborn child in the hands of her grandfather, are especially heinous in their anti-Semitic depiction of the Jew.

The pro-Palestinian Arabs and the anti-Semite strive to divert the world’s attention from nations that have engaged in bloody wars that were much crueler than the one between us and the Palestinians. Many of these conflicts have lasted for many years and have left thousands if not millions of people dead with thousands if not millions as refugees. They have tried to pervert historical truth through denial of the Holocaust. Yet in the very same breath they blame the Holocaust for their “Nakbah” –their-the collective Arab disastrous lost in the 1948 attempt to eradicate the Jewish presence in the Palestinian Mandated Territory.

By all estimates a total of 7,000 Palestinians were killed in the 62 years of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Yet, Russia’s attack on the Chechnya has left around 100,000 Chechens dead, of which even the most optimistic accounts place the number of “militants” to be at around 15,000. 

Additionally, how many Bosnian Moslems were murdered in the war with the Serbs? How many Hutus were murdered in Rwanda. What about the crimes of Jordan against the Palestinian refugees during the “Black September” of 1970 or of China’s inhuman occupation and oppression of Tibet and Xinjiang? No one dares to mention the extreme brutality with which the various Palestinian factions deal with one another in Gaza and the West Bank. To them this is irrelevant and unimportant what is most important is the plight of the Palestinians at the hands of the Jews.

In today’s modern world of cable and satellite TV channels with their live news casts, Israel is consistently singled out for special scrutiny. Why is the Israeli-Palestinian conflict the one most scrutinized by the world while the genocidal war in the Sudan with the tragedy of the Christian minority in Dafur is ignored? Of all the conflicts in the Middle East the conflict between the Arab world and the Palestinians against Israel, especially in the Gaza Strip, is a news bite item simply because of the myopic world view and it’s popularity as a news item. Israel is constantly viewed by the world press as a terrible place due to Israel’s replies in self defense to violent and murderous acts of hatred that stems from radical Islamic religious beliefs and anti-Semitism.

For the Jews and Christians Israel is the center of the world because of Jerusalem and its importance in the birth of Christianity. The Moslems envious and conscientious of this fact have attempted to create the “Big Lie” of Palestine and they have recently inflated the importance to the Moslem world of the Mosques on the Temple Mount in recent years to bring the Moslem world out of its ambivalence to the Palestinian cause.

The Palestinians have drawn from the anti-Semites stories that are rehashed versions of the Protocols of the Elders of Zion and the “Blood Libel” such as that which was recently published in Sweden. They tell these new versions not because they are convinced that they are true, but rather, because they don't understand that there is no way in the world that the stories could be true. Like the anti-Semites of old the Palestinians absolve themselves from researching the historic facts for the real truth instead the more absurd and gory the claim the better.

To the anti-Semites and the Palestinians we are accused non-stop of committing Nazi-like crimes in our struggle for our existence against a foe bent on our total elimination. The world has been so blinded by the volume of anti-Semitic Palestinian hatred that they fail to understand that Israel is an enlightened Western democracy. They fail to distinguish Jewish morals from radical Islam's total lack of morality. They cannot tell the difference between our rule of law and our enemies' rule of genocidal hatred. They can not distinguish between a democratic state that constantly investigates and criticizes itself and a terrorist organization. The Palestinians do not reject any means of violence to eliminate us. The Palestinians feel that they have the right to lie ceaselessly and to distort factual historical truth in order to vilify our image worldwide. There is a great, fundamental and irrefutable difference in the Palestinians use of radical Islam's indiscriminate wickedness in the murder of Israeli children in a Pizza Parlor or in a Mall and the killing of children in Gaza during Operation Cast Lead - which was an unforgivable and tragic mistake that happen during combat.

The difference between us Israelis and the Palestinians can be summed up in two simple sentences:
We can erase them –“the Falestinians” - off the face of the earth if we wished, just like Amalek. Yet we are too moralistic to do so.
The Falestinians and the Arabs on the other hand have been attempting to eradicate us for nearly a century. IF they could eradicate us they would do so in a moment without any mercy.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

My Reply to Amira Hass

This is a reply I sent in to Haaretz to another infamous article by Amira Hass that stalwart defender of the great Palestinian lie in her latest article, “Family who lost 29 members in Gaza war: We envy the dead”.

In her article, as usual, Ms Hass totally quotes the testimony of an “innocent” Palestinian and she gives his words legitimacy by publishing them in full without a full background check. This is part and parcel of her history of written words in Haaretz. She nary questions the authenticy of those she quotes among the Palestinians in order to bring the full weight of negative criticism only against Israel. Never has she criticized the Palestinians and their leadership in the manner she relays her hypocritical criticism towards Israel.

Here is what I wrote:

To sit comfortably in a nice, clean and safe civilian office far away from the nitty gritty of real life and real death house to house fighting you cannot fathom the totally horrific world of death and surprise that exists in combat. Any soldier who has ever served their country in combat and has walked the walk, knows that when fighting in areas where there are civilians terrible things can and will occur.

I can and will agree with you to an extent that there should not be an excuse for dead civilians. But hindsight is most definitely better than foresight in the true heat of battle. In a combat situation you do not have the time to fully assess who is a civilian and who is not. When bullets, mortar fire and RPG rounds seek you out from all angles and your brain is full of fear of the shrapnel from a nearby IED or grenades and their concussions. You react out of training and the instinct for survival. When fully exposed to the full and very real terrors of warfare, you are filled with adrenalin as you attempt in a split second to determine your next movement fully conscientious that the next sound you hear may be your last. The ever present and constant noise ringing in your ears, the screams of those wounded or killed. Sweaty, dirty, thirsty and full of fear for your immediate survival, you strain with every part of your being to keep yourself focused on staying alive.

In summary, until you have been in the situation where another is just around the corner waiting to kill you, you cannot fully comprehend how mistakes can and sadly do happen.

In this article by Amira Hass, one is given the total impression of war at it’s most horrid form. Civilian casualties are a terrible price and there are many such cases of terrible instances such as these in all war zones. As someone who has been in military service I have seen this too many times.

As to the words written here by Amira, she gives credence to the claim by the Palestinians that the IDF is solely to blame. Let us look again at the testimony. In the testimony it is not fully explained just who killed the Samouni clan family members. There are some contradictions in the story which tell that the death of the family members may not have been caused by IDF fire:
As was reported here last month - on January 4, under orders from the army (IDF), Salah Samouni and the rest of the family left their home, which had been turned into a military position, and moved to the other, the home of Wael, located on the southern side of the street."

Now what does this indicate to us? It indicates that the IDF was interested in protecting the family and not exposing the Palestinian civilians to danger. Otherwise why risk the lives of IDF soldiers by escorting them to the other house.

"The fact that it was the soldiers who had relocated them, had seen the faces of the children and the older women, and the fact that the soldiers were positioned in locations surrounding the house…” Shows the concern for their safety by the IDF soldiers. Then he continues; “Nothing prepared him for the three shells and the rockets the “IDF” fired a short time later.”

Now I ask you “IF” as Salah Samouni states; “…soldiers were positioned in locations surrounding the house…” and they knew, according to him, that the Palestinian civilians were there then"WHY" would the IDF fire at the house if Israeli soldiers were indeed in the houses next door?

Furthermore from the testimony of Salah Samouni one is given a picture that the entire clan were all pro-Israeli. He even goes so far as to state that in the past several family members worked in the Jewish settlement of Netzarim, which until 2005 was located right next door.

Yet, it is not what is told by Ms Hass that is entirely relevant to the story as a whole. What the readers are NOT informed by Ms Hass is that after Israel’s disengagement from Gaza the terrorist movements converted the now deserted Jewish settlement into a fortified area resplendent with trenches and concrete bunkers. That it's area of once flourishing hot houses, left intact at the behest of the Israelis to encourage farming, where instead leveled and converted into a training ground for fighters. Ms Hass further neglects to mention that mortar fire and rockets were constantly launched from this area on Israeli civilian areas with out warning.

Readers are not informed by Ms Hass that members of the family were not all innocents. Clan members Tawfiq Rashad Hilmi al-Samouni, Muhammad Ibrahim Hilmi al-Samouni and Walid Rahad Hilmi al-Samouni, were affiliated with Islamic Jihad and boasted of this fact to others in Zeitun. There are others from the village who also had once worked with Israelis in the settlements and within Israel proper and they and their son's are not affiliated with the terrorists. An Islamic Jihad flyer even noted that Muhammad and Walid al-Samouni were active in fighting against the IDF in the Zeitun neighborhood. So could they have been fighting from within the houses as is common in street to street fighting? Maybe they had seen the soldiers enter the house and fired RPG rounds thinking there were still soldiers inside?

Ms Hass further fails to explain why they were not in bomb shelters as our civilians were? If the Palestinians are so concerned about their civilians, as we Israelis are, why did they build fortified bunkers for fighting instead of bomb shelters? There is really no excuse for dead civilians other than the fact that if there was no cause for fighting they would be alive today.

Regrets and shows of remorse are those feelings usually expressed by peoples of a higher level of moralistic beliefs. The death of children and other innocents is abhorrent to all who adhere to the value of life. That if the Hamas and the Palestinians had fully accepted the Oslo peace accords and had foregone their inflated dreams the Samouni clan family members would be very alive today.

This article further reinforces the fact that Ms Hass consistently fails, time and time again, to point out to the readers her total lack of criticism of her Palestinian friends and their responsibility in the lamentable loss of life on both sides. Honest readers must question her validity and journalistic authenticity as a news source untainted by some personal agenda. Real journalists of the higher moral plane will relate the whole story, no matter how offensive their stories are, thoroughly researched and based on factual proof, so that they can withstand criticism.

In conclusion, Amira try to remember that as a real journalist and not as a propagandist, "Hearsay is never the whole truth."

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Complaints From The Palestinians of Gaza And Israeli Medical Treatment

It causes me to ponder the question if Israel is so terrible, as per the latest UN Commissioned report, why is Israel so violently condemned, for thoroughly checking the backgrounds of those who wish to enter for medical treatment? Some may ascribe to assisting those intent on murdering Israelis, as was in the case of the young female suicide bomber who attempted to enter for "medical treatment". Also if the Palestinian claim that Jews/Israelis are stealing body parts from them then why do they so ardently strive to enter into Israel for treatment?

If the Goldstone report on Gaza is correct, according to the "Haters Of Israel", and we are “War Criminals”. Then why do the sick and feeble among the Palestinians living in the Gaza Strip who desire medical treatment should not be cared for by the UN in European or Arab countries in their hospitals. Surely there would be no fear of their body parts being plundered in their hospitals!

The Palestinians have an operating hospital –Shifa –incidentally built by us Israelis during our occupation with Israeli tax money. However since the return of Arafat to Gaza in 1995 millions if not billions in aid money were used by the successive Palestinian leaders to purchase weaponry and tons of ammunitions, but only an infinitesimal amount has been spent to improve the medical facility. We are constanly reminded of the shortages and lack of modernization in tearful and moving reports by Human Right Watch, CNN and Al Jazerra who put the blame squarely on Israel and the (Non)Occupation as the source for all the terrible woes. Let us not forget those highly intelligent minions of Hollywood stars and statesmen who have a complete and thorough knowledge of the situation!

Now let us review the facts that if the Hamas led government in the Gaza strip had only spent a fraction of the billions, given them in aid since the Oslo Accords, on the construction of additions to Shifa hospital all of their complaints against Israel would be mute.

Also consider this, how much in raw materials sent by the EU and the UN, where used to build defensive positions and bunkers used by the Hamas that could have ben used to improve the civilian infrastructure sewage and water purification centers and most notably all of the medical facilities in Gaza?

I ask, and so should you ask, your governments, why were your tax dollars in millions of supposed relief funds squandered on weaponry and ammunition instead of modern medical equipment and medical supplies? I am also sure that many “Haters of Israel” out there in cyberspace were disappointed when Shifa hospital was not turned to rubble in our Operation Cast Lead, thought it should have.

During the conflict IDF reconnaissance videos, published on YouTube clearly show it’s use as the headquarters and as a place of refuge by the leaders of Hamas. If the shoe had been on the other foot….would they have hesitated for a moment to destroy it. Not many who watched the Western Media remember hearing or seeing the rockets fired by the Hamas at Barzali Hospital in Ashqelon during the Cast Lead operation.

I ask you to consider that since the Gaza Strip has a common border with Egypt, Why do the Palestinians persist on clamoring to cross into Israel for treatment in Israeli hospitals? Why not go through the Egyptian held border crossings to hospitals in Egypt and any of their 21 brother Arab nations? Why do their “Arab Brothers close the door to them? I ask you should there not have been a UN enquiry into this?

Furthermore why do the poor Moslem Palestinians persist on teaching their children and youth to become martyrs instead of learning to become doctors like those upper and middle class Palestinians made wealthy by bribery and embezzlement?

Maybe if the Palestinians in Gaza concentrated on educating and improving their infrastructure themselves then there would be neither conflict nor “occupation”. Anyone who knows the true facts know that the ones responsible for the destruction and lack of civilian infrastructure including modern medical facilities in the Gaza Strip are the Hamas and the Palestinians themselves. Maybe those “Haters of Israel” can answer my question in an intelligent manner.

Why do all the bleeding hearts focus their stupid blind hatred on us and not ask the Hamas and the Palestinians the question “Why not build and educate –and don’t BS me they can’t and it’s because of "the occupation"- with the billions in €-Euros, $-Dollars and £- Pounds they receive?

Instead of building and healing their own the Palestinians buy weapons and preach Shihad? This is their answer in Gaza “Hamastan”.

The Price Of Freedom

As a “Baby Boomer” and the son of a World War II vet and the proud father of a Iraqi War veteran. I wanted to speak to you my fellow Americans. There are those who say that if you look closely in the early morning mist, that hangs motionlessly still, above the hallowed fields and waves both here and there in many far away lands and seas far from home. Never to return, you can see them standing there, those thousands of brave young American men and women who have given their all for freedom, that same freedom all Americans have today.

In that early morning mist if you look hard enough you can see them as they form into ranks for morning call. Their faces still young, their thoughts only of home, of loved ones and family, now gone, all forever now but memories frozen in time. You can see them there as they stand around and joke with each other and make small talk as soldiers do before the call of roll. They light them up and talk of loved ones far away at home.

If you could ask them they would tell you that when the time came they came forward to fight as one to defend the freedom symbolized in that proud red, white and blue. Some were called up and others volunteered. All of them as brave Americans ready to fight to keep the light of liberty alive against the encroaching darkness of evil and tyranny.

Many were, as today, naïve and unknowing of the true horrors of war. There were those who were raised upon stories of glory and pride. “Dulce et decorum EST Pro patria mori,” they would cry. And then there are those special others, who were raised well, with that special pride based on the basic principals that they were taught and have made America great. “One nation (created) under God with liberty and justice for all.” That Supreme Being, Our Lord and Our Maker who created us as he created all, we as the first Pilgrims give thanks unto him for we are all equal since he created us all. In those same hallowed fields there is no room, nor tolerance for blindness based on the difference of color, race nor religion.

Lest we forget, there are those who came as immigrants to our shore as we all did at various times from foreign lands zealously seeking religious freedom and freedom from tyranny. These patriots have unselfishly volunteered and risked their lives throughout our history to show their love and devotion to the land that had given them a new life in Liberty.

So what price? What is the value that one can place on the price of freedom? Remember the famous last words of Patrick Henry –“Give Me Liberty Or Give Me Death!”

There are those who decry the motives of the government and criticize it. It is their right to do so they scream. Yet, do these same critics even acknowledge that brave young men have paid for this same freedom in their blood? That when a nation sends it’s brave young men to fight and defend our freedom, these same critics who so zealously proclaim the freedom of speech when they protest should be the first in line to volunteer themselves to insure that freedom they so zealously claim but amazingly they are naught.

Our brave young men, those true defenders of life, liberty and freedom, as one will continue to say as of old; “Our’s is not to reason why, Our’s is but to do or die.” Since the price of Liberty and Freedom are dear, it must be made perfectly clear that as of old there will always be a need to shed or give blood to defend them.

Do not forsake them that have fought and died for YOU and fly that Star Spangled Banner with the utmost honor and pride as you give homage and remember them always those brave men that Band of Honored Brothers.