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CNN - Fake news and cowards

With regards to CNN as a “Fake News” source and their “love” for Israel I thought that I would repost this old Blog entry of mine from July of 2006 during the “Second War for Lebanon”

 On Friday morning. Between Katjusha attack,  I saw a very heartwarming and crocodile tear jerker report about the poor displaced families of the Shia Moslem murderers = Hezbollah from the Dahieh  suburbs of southern Beirut. The women being interviewed was just so complacent as she admitted that Israel had sent leaflets and had warned the inhabitants of the neighborhood to leave, which she astutely did.
In the next scene, the reporter goes to show the children playing outside in the sunlight as ‘bombs’ exploded nearby. The children show their defiance and pray to Allah in thanks for not being killed. How staged can you get! Now exactly where did I put my Photoshop program? Ah, hiding dust I guess.
So I ask where are the CNN reporters in Israel?
"Why can’t they come and spend a quiet day with me and my family?"
Could it be that coming to face Katyushas from the Hezbollah with innocent Israeli’s would compromise their ever-dying love for Zionism?
Maybe the ‘Bollywood’ and “Paliwood’ versions of the poor displaced and innocent Arab victims of Zionism are more interesting than the actual blood of innocent Israeli’s.
Hey, I guess after the "fake Holocaust" that the Neo-Nazi's and the Palestinians claim never really happened and the sudden disappearance of more than six million "Zhids" continues to delight the worlds “lovers of Zion”.
Those Lovable Clowns of the UN...

Now how many can remember Secretary-General of the United Nations from 1961 to 1971 Pantanaw U Thant’s pre Six Day War 1967 UN disappearing act from the Egyptian border at the request of Gamal Abdul Nasser?
Or the UNFIL peek-a-boo we don’t see nothing gig in Southern Lebanon.
Could someone at the UN explain to me just how 16,000 Katyusha rockets were 'smuggled' in to Lebanon?
Tell me are blindfolds part of the kit issued to all UN personnel?
Now what was that comment about the non-adherence by Israel of UN resolutions?   

Anyway after 33 days of being confined to our ‘enclosed room’ and being on the receiving end of more than 550 Katyusha rockets, and an unknown amount of 120mm mortar rounds my wife and my three children thought that they could hopefully come out into the sunlight. Not so fast! Our first salvo of Katyusha rockets came at 10:45. As of this moment 3:00PM there have been 20!

My first email sent to CNN:

I am sick and tired of your totally one sided pro Hezbollah coverage of the 'unfortunate' Lebanese terrorists and their families. You have not shown the real bravery and courage nor suffering of the Israeli's in the eye of the relentless Katyusha Terrorist attacks on Israeli civilians. I called your offices in Jerusalem on Friday and invited one of your colleagues to come and sit with my family for just one day. I have yet to have heard from your cowardly pro Hezbollah Islamic terrorist’s colleagues. PS I am sending this letter to Fox News. I am waiting for your reporter’s arrival!

Comment sent in with movie file of Katyusha rocket attack:

This is just one of several videos that I made as the alarm/siren went off for 33 days as the Lebanese government protected Iranian Government funded Islamic Terrorist organization has tried their hardest to murder me and my family in cold blood since 09:05 Wednesday July 12th with over 500 Katyusha rockets. Contrary to Israel’s policy of warning the Lebanese with leaflets, radio and TV broadcasts to leave we have been targeted with no warning. My question to all of the viewers is; Why does CNN refuse to show how murderous the Hezbollah rocket attacks really are? Don't forget Europe they will kill you too. Oh I forgot you continue to deny the bombings in London and Madrid where carried out by who? 

Second email:

As of 13:15 Israel time we have had 18 Alerts/sirens and 18 salvos of Katyusha rockets three salvos less than 100 meters from my house. My wife and I are American born citizens who made Aliyah to Israel. We are non-combatants and our children are innocent victims of Moslem terror. We do not have a bomb shelter and we do not have a security room. All we have is our home and a storage wash room under the stairwell to our second floor. For three weeks I have been running in and out of our ‘shelter’. We have been flipping through the news channels and we are sick and tired of the scenes of the 'unfortunate' Lebanese terrorists and their families that are constantly shown on CNN International. We have yet to have seen the real bravery and courage nor suffering of the Israeli's in the eye of the relentless and very murderous Katyusha rocket terrorist attacks on Israeli civilians.
Because of this I called your offices in Jerusalem on Friday and invited one of your colleagues to come and sit with me my wife and my children for just one day and experience with us the true horror of being on the receiving end of the Hezbollah terrorist attacks.
My wife, my children and I are awaiting your reporter’s arrival!

Third email:

Like I tried to say in my three previous attempts to send you information, the power was cut by shrapnel that cut the power lines; Ma’alot itself has no military facilities nor is it a strategic position. So why exactly is Ma’alot being targeted by the Hezbollah? Why have the Hezbollah fired over 500 katyusha rockets and countless 120mm mortar rounds at us?

As I said previously as of 13:15 Israel time we have had 18 Alerts/sirens and 18 salvos of Katyusha rockets three salvos less than 100 meters from my house. My wife and I are American born citizens who made Aliyah to Israel. We are non-combatants and our children are innocent victims of Moslem terror. We do not have a bomb shelter and we do not have a security room. All we have is our home and a storage wash room under the stairwell to our second floor. For three weeks I have been running in and out of our ‘shelter’

My wife, my children and I are still awaiting your reporter’s arrival!

Fourth email:

As I said previously as of 13:50 Israel time we have now had 20 Alerts/sirens and 20 salvos of Katyusha rockets four salvos have landed in a radius less than 100 meters from my house!
As I stated previously Ma’alot itself has no military facilities nor is it a strategic position. So why exactly is Ma’alot being targeted by the Hezbollah?
As of now my wife, my children and I are still awaiting the arrival of a reporter from CNN. Question, If I were a member of the Hezbollah do you think I would be ignored like this?

Some important information to note:

I wish to remind those who read this some facts that were ignored by the world media. That 15 out of a total of 43 Israeli civilians (including four who died of heart attacks during rocket barrages) were Arab Israelis.
July 19th,2006: Rabiya Abed Taluzi, three, and his brother Mahmoud, 7, of Nazareth.
July 23rd, 2006: Habib Awad, 48, of Ibellin
August 3rd, 2006: Shanati Shanati, 18; Amir Naeem, 18; and Muhammad Fa'ur, 17, all of Ma’a lot-Tarshiha
August 4th, 2006: Baha Fayed Karim Mana, 35, and Muhammad Subhi Salim Mana, 23, both of Majd el-Krum
August 5th, 2006: Fadiya Juma'a, 58, and her daughters Sultana, 25, and Samira, 30, of Arab al-Aramshe
August 7th, 2006: Lebiba Masawi, 68, and Hanna Hamam, 62, from the Israeli-Arab neighborhood of narrow streets and old stone buildings called Wadi Nisnas in Haifa were killed trying to protect their grandchildren from the barrage of Hizbullah-launched rockets..
August 10th, 2006: A Katyusha rocket exploded in the courtyard of a residential building in Deir el-Asad that killed a mother Mariam Assadi, 26 and her five-year-old son Fathi Ahmed Assadi and seriously wounding her other son and mother-in-law. The mother and children were on the ground floor of their apartment when a rocket exploded just outside the external wall and kitchen window. The kitchen and hallway were completely destroyed by the blast.

Deir el-Asad is part of a municipal federation called El-Shajur, which includes Binya and Majdal Krum. During the war four people from El-Shajur were killed, dozens suffered physical wounds and hundreds suffered from shock from about 35 rockets that fell on the three villages. Eleven people were wounded in the explosion and another 38 people were treated for shock.

According to the Hezbollah and their adherents they do not make mistakes. But Oops sorry we did not mean to kill your loved ones, or did they, these 15 Arab Israelis-please note the women and children -   were in their homes and nowhere near military bases or facilities.

Saturday, January 20, 2018

Ben Lorber - A critque of an anti-Zionist Jew

When I first looked into the background of this individual to understand the motivation for his writings and his deep hatred for Zionism I noticed that his Facebook account that besides being a confirmed anti-Zionist that he may have Narcissistic personality disorder (NPD) from the frequent updates of his profile photos of himself.

On the "About page of his Blog we learn that he is a writer for many virulent anti-Israel /anti-Zionist publications and web sites that publish articles of "historical negationism".
"... a journalist, he has written extensively about the Palestinian liberation movement, the migrant justice movement in America, the historical and contemporary American labor movement, the legacy of Jewish activism in America, the Arab Spring, the Occupy movement, and more.
His work has appeared in a variety of online and print publications, including The Abolitionist, In These Times, the Earth First! Journal, The Electronic Intifada, Tikkun, Jewish Currents, The Palestine Chronicle, The Indypendent, Green Left Weekly, +972mag, LINKS International Journal of Socialist Renewal, Occupied Palestine, the Monthly Review Zine, and many more." 
How does the "leftist" HaAretz describe the hate filled anti-Israel / anti-Zionistic web sites he has written for? "progressive publications"
"Ben Lorber works as Campus Coordinator with Jewish Voice for Peace. He has written articles for a variety of "progressive publications", and has previously worked with immigrant justice and workers' rights organizations throughout the United States."
By calling hate filled historical negationist anti-Israel / anti-Zionistic web sites The Electronic Intifada, TikkunThe Palestine Chronicle, and +972mag as "progressive publications" should tell you something of the honesty and truthfulness of their Journalistic credibility in reporting.

Ali Abunimah who is the co-founder and “Executive Director” of the The Electronic Intifada website, which caters mainly to anti-Israel activists like the proponents of BDS campaigns calling for boycotts against Israel. Abunimah harbors a truly Orwellian definition of antisemitism that reflects his preposterous view that “Zionism is one of the worst forms of anti-Semitism in existence today.”

In a 2006 column, Alan Dershowitz wrote that "Tikkun is quickly becoming the most virulently anti-Israel screed ever published under Jewish auspices" and that "support for Tikkun is support for the enemies of Israel."  Need I say anything more. 

In Ben Lorber's background from the postings on his Facebook page we learn that he is "Self-Loving Anti-Zionist' a Marxist and his words he expouses in his blog and in his "journalistic" articles are those of  supporters of Matzpen abroad Israca (Israeli Revolutionary Action Committee Abroad). Matzpen (Hebrew: מצפן‎, lit. 'Compass')  was the name of a revolutionary socialist and anti-Zionist organisation, founded in Israel in 1962 by former members of the Israeli Communist Party who viewed Zionism as a colonizing project, and strove for Arab–Jewish coexistence, based on full equality.Matzpen offered a more radical analysis of and opposition to Zionism.
"Why is our self-identity as a people held captive by a settler-colonial regime halfway around the world?"
"Our community has been brainwashed by Zionism. American Jews have a long, beautiful history in this country, but we never march for ourselves. We march for a country that exists for most of us as an abstract ideal in our heads, until, one by one, we awaken to the nightmare behind the dream- hopefully before it's too late."

The philosophy that he expouses is that of Ehud Adiv, who was arrested on grounds of treason for spying with Daud Turki (Arabic: داوود تركي‎, also known as  أبو عائدة Abu Aida). Adiv was a member of the "Red Front", a Revolutionary Communist alliance,  an organization that emerged from Matzpen in 1972. Adiv wrote:
if the Jews will prove to the Arabs, who have been fighting Zionism for dozens of years, that they [the Jews] are on their side, that they are prepared to sacrifice everything they have, to be subjected to the same ‘treatment’ and to share everything with them. Without this no Arab will have confidence that the sincerest Jewish revolutionary is really revolutionary. No ideology, not even the most equitable and progressive, can convince the Arabs unless it is accompanied by action on the part of those who adhere to it."
In the book, "The Other Israel: The Radical Case Against Zionism", edited by Arie Bober, who was a member of Matzpen. We see an overview of the positions held by Matzpen and echoed today in JVP, J Street, Code Pink on a range of issues. It is an essential resource on the organisation's analysis of Israeli society and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. According to the philosophy of Matzpen:
" The Zionist state was born in the violent expropriation and expulsion from their country of the Palestinian Arabs, and that process continues today. In open alliance with Western, especially United States, imperialism, and in scarcely hidden collusion with the most reactionary forces in the Arab world, the Zionist state actively sets itself against every step, no matter how faltering, taken by the Arab masses to alleviate the centuries’ old misery imposed on them by colonialism and imperialism. Within the territories occupied since 1967, the Zionist state employs a system of direct military repression to expel Palestinian Arabs from their lands and secure Jewish colonization of them, and to crush every expression of Palestinian resistance. Within its own borders, the Zionist state engages in systematic national oppression of its minority of Arab citizens. The dark-skinned majority of the privileged Jewish community itself increasingly feels the sting of racist discrimination, as economic inequality increases and social conditions deteriorate. Far from offering a haven to the persecuted Jews of the world, the Zionist state is leading new immigrants and old settlers alike toward a new holocaust by mobilizing them in a colonial enterprise and a counterrevolutionary army against the struggle of the Arab masses for national liberation and social emancipation – a struggle that is not only just but will eventually be victorious. This state of affairs is, moreover, in no sense accidental. It was the inevitable outcome of the success of the Zionist project to establish a Jewish state in Palestine. And to change this reality requires not merely a change of government or a modification of one or another specific policy, but a revolutionary transformation of the very foundations of Israeli society."
Matzpen's aim was to create a broad front of people opposed to the occupation and in favour of a de-Zionized Israel, which would form part of a socialist federation of the entire Middle East.(The One State Solution)
Matzpen insisted that the 1967 occupation was but one stage in the long history of Zionist settlement, and reversing it would be a necessary but not a sufficient enough condition for overall solution to the problems of the Middle East.

BDS is the visualiation of the Matzpen philosphy and JVP, Code Pink, B'Tselem are the voice:

"For such a solution, political mobilization of Arabs, Jews, and other national minorities in the region would be needed. The political framework for this mobilization became known as the Arab Revolution, which combined national and socialist tasks in the process of struggle against Zionism, imperialism and Arab reaction."
To advance these aims, Matzpen established links with New Left organisations in Europe and other parts of the world, and also with progressive Palestinian organisations, such as the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine."
"A number of Jews, through their speaking and writing, are feeding a rise in virulent antisemitism by questioning whether Israel should even exist". Alvin H Rosenfeld's essay;"Progressive Jewish Thought and the New Anti-Semitism".
Disinformation and Historical negationism includes falsifying information, obscuring the truth, and lying in order to manipulate public opinion about the historical event discussed in the revised history. In "History Men Battle over Britain's Future", Michael d’Ancona said that historical negationists "seem to have been given a collective task in [a] nation's cultural development, the full significance of which is emerging only now: To redefine [national] status in a changing world".

Here are some "Dr Jeckel and Mr Hyde" quotes full of disinformation and historical negationism from Ben Lorbers blog entries for deeper consideration:
An example of hstorical disinformation:
"In 1929, as mounting anti-Zionist sentiment began to stir up the Arab world (understandable, as Zionists were settling Palestine in droves and had clear, "British-backed" intentions to create a predominantly Jewish state on land previously promised to the Palestinians)" 
In this quote those who are not knowledgeable of historical facts would not know that they are not given the full story.
Jews who had been dreaming, hoping and awaiting for the opening of the doors of  Eastern Europe and Russia in the post World War I era, to leave the oppresion, pogroms and starvation, fled to other countries that would allow them in and Eretz Yisrael was but one place that Jews could immigrate to but were "restricted" by British regulations due to the Arab blackmail of revolt.
 Though the Balfour Declaration and the Mandate spoke of the inspired -intention-by Balfour to "create a "Jewish Homeland", NOT ALL the British governments deemed it so as Lorber and the Arab apologists who have you think.
For "IF" the British had truly wanted to they could just as easily have created a "Jewish Entity" in 1922 like they did when they took 78% of the mandate and created Transjordan, Iraq or create Saudi Arabia.

Dr Jeckel and Mr. Hyde
In these quotes from his blog entries Lorber shows some realisms in the begining but in the second half he resorts to his true hate. a true Dr. Henry Jekyll and his alternative personality, Edward Hyde!
Dr Jeckel:
"Before 1967, for 1400 years the Cave of the Patriarchs, was completely a mosque, and Jews could only ascend up to the seventh step on the outside staircase. In all honesty, speaking as a Jew and as a cosmopolitan secular citizen, I am glad that today part of the structure is a synagogue, and Jews can worship there freely;" Okay
Mr Hyde:
But then he goes on ...." I am not glad, however, that this has been achieved through such a barbaric and racist occupation!" Oy what a loss mind!
Dr Jeckel:
"And yes, it was wrong for Muslims to forbid Jews from visiting the tomb of their patriarch," -OKAY....
Mr Hyde:
"...but shame on those who use the memory of this past oppression to justify their present oppression!"
Dr Jeckel:
"I feel disgusted at the image of myself sometimes, a boy coming from halfway around the world to spy on this conflict"
Mr Hyde:
that concretely strangles the lives of those embroiled in it, a boy who has the privilege to jog by soldiers, and ironically scoff at the fact that he is waved through because of his american passport,..."

In these quotes you simply feel the hatred
"...these Hebron (Jewish settlers) boys are something else, they look like dogs born and bred to hate, to fiercely, zealously, arrogantly and violently defend their Judaism. Shame on any interpretation of any faith that values such macho, ignorant defense of the tribe and hatred of the other over the universal virtue of humility)."
"They attribute this Arab hatred to anti-Semitism, coupled with the intrinsically violent nature of Arab blood. They forget that they are hated here because they bring an occupation that chokes the life of the city, and they are a symbol of a larger occupation that has choked the life of all Palestine."
 "On the side of the oppressor (Israel), the religious idea of a ‘return to the homeland’ is the whole reason Zionism has chosen this patch of land over all others, and its process of colonization and displacement of the 1000-year native Palestinian population relies completely on the idea that Jews were ‘here before’, and so have returned to ‘resurrect’ their innate, divine claim to the land. Zionism colonizes this land through remembrance- it fleshes out the past and uses it to usurp and cover over the present Palestinian presence. The past is its sword and shield."

A Facebook post from January 29, 2017: Lorber codemns Israel for its stance beside a world leader who for once has not whispered in closed rooms the truth but has boldly spoken openly and exposed the lies of the Arabs primarily of the Palestinians.
When the Trump nightmare finally crashes into flames- as all such nightmares eventually do- and the greater mass of American Jews, who have inwardly hated his regime, and fought against it, and tried to protect the vulnerable under it, and felt concerned for the future of their country, and for their own safety, in the face of it- when the rubble clears and the bulk of American Jews stand up, rub their eyes, and look around, they will see that the state of Israel, that Jewish state that we have so long seen as our ultimate ally and refuge, has actively cheered on the fascist Trump regime, has collaborated with it or, at best, has stood silently, arms folded, unable to utter a single word against it.
It will take some of our elders awhile to admit it. A few never will. But something will have changed in the heart of American Jewry. Our stubborn faith in the existence of a progressive Israel, an Israel that is a ‘light unto the nations’, a symbol of the promise of democracy, a rock of resistance against the evils of the world- this belief in Israel as a testament to justice, to which we have held tight, against the increasing evidence of our senses, for over half a century, will be finally, irreparably shattered. The Zionist dream will be dead. And what are we building now to replace it?
A Facebook post from June 4th 2017"
"Why is our self-identity as a people held captive by a settler-colonial regime halfway around the world?
The sad part is, I bet most marchers think they're expressing Jewish pride and resiliency, by marching with the flag of a country responsible for some of the worst abuses in the world today. They haven't been taught any other way to express their Jewishness to the world. Our community has been brainwashed by Zionism. American Jews have a long, beautiful history in this country, but we never march for ourselves. We march for a country that exists for most of us as an abstract ideal in our heads, until, one by one, we awaken to the nightmare behind the dream- hopefully before it's too late."
In ALL his article, "I'm a Jew and a member of JVP Israel just banned me" Mr Ben Lorber fails to tell the truth from the beginning by outright lying he states: (Dr Jeckel)
"In 2011, I visited the land of Israel on a trip for American Jews, organized by an Orthodox yeshiva — kind of like Birthright, only more religious."
Mr Hyde: From his about page he states:
"In 2011, he spent six months in the West Bank of Palestine, working as an activist with the International Solidarity Movement and a journalist the Alternative Information Center.
From this comment we have clear confirmation of what has happened in many cases recently where anti-Zionist Jews have lied and manipulated and infiltrated pro-Jewish funded organization like "Birthright"to get "Free" trips to "Palestine". A prime example (that backfired you may say) was with a young woman by the name of, Hannah Bladon, who was a pro-Palestinian student activist in England who also "infiltrated," on the encouragement of BTzelem and the Israeli chapter of (JVP)  Jews For Justice in Palestine. 
Bladon too had also surreptitiously enrolled in the Zionistic and pro-Israel program Rothberg International School of Hebrew University in order to receive free housing and ease of access to Palestinian groups.
However, unlike Mr Lorber, Hannah was murdered, stabbed to death, as she rode on the light rail trian in Jerusalem by Jamil Tamimi from the neighborhood of Ras al-Amud.
The murderer, Jamil Tamimi, is a clan relative of the infamous "forever 16 year old" "Shirley Temper" Ahed Tamimi, the "Pallywood" star known as Shirley Temper, whose parents Bassem and Nariman are well-known mass media Palestinian activists in their village of Nabi Saleh.

As to the  Alternative Information Center Lorber mentions.

Upon research I found that Alternative Information Center or AIC co-founder Michel Warschawski was a leader of “Matzpen,” the anti-Zionist Trotskyite organization. Warschawski was jailed in the 1990s for publishing an informational pamphlet for the PFLP terror group. The AIC is labeled as a grassroots binational organisation to "promote the human and national rights of the Palestinian people".
Their activities include providing political commentaries via its website- as Ben Lorber does. They actively promote BDS (boycotts, divestment, and sanctions). They organize“Apartheid Law Seminars,” and  they publish journals that advocate its policies.
According to the AIC,
the most urgent regional task is to find a just solution to the century-old colonial conflict in Palestine and confront the ongoing Israeli occupation-regime by using the UN  framework to negate the very existence of the Jewish State.”
The Alternative Information Center fully supports and calls for the “right of resistance” a call for violence as they call upon:
 “The Palestinian leadership must stop and consider the results of the peace process. Only the choice of resistance can put an end to the occupation.”
As to Ben Lorber's Article "I’m A Jew And A Member Of JVP. Israel Just Banned Me" he opens with his "Jewish credentials" by stating: (Dr Jeckel)
"I remember how holy it felt to pray at the graves of the matriarchs and patriarchs in Hebron, to dunk in the mikvah (ritual bath) used by the Arizal, Isaac Luria, legendary 16th-century Kabbalist, in the holy city of Tzfat. I remember how blessed I was to chant the Mourner’s Kaddish for my grandfather, on his yahrzeit (the anniversary of his passing), at the Western Wall."
Lorber as a good Marxist he is, immediately launches into the Alternative Information Center "demonization of Israel" line and accuses Israel of “ethnic cleansing,”(Mr Hyde)
"I prayed. “May the Palestinians ethnically cleansed from Tzfat, now exiled in refugee camps and around the world, be able one day to return home. May the brutal military occupation end, here at the Kotel and across Israel/Palestine."
Yes, Ben do tell us "the real truth" "the "WHOLE STORY" of "WHY?" the "Arabs of the Mandated Territories" aka the post 1964 PLO Foundation "Palestinians" FLED Tzfat in 1948?

Was it NOT because the blood thirsty Arabs descended in mass on the 5th of January 1948, to attack the approximately 1,700 happless unarmed, mostly elderly, pious Orthodox Jews,and begin massacring them?
According to Martin Gilbert, food supplies ran short:
"Even water and flour were in desperately short supply. Each day, the Arab attackers drew closer to the heart of the Jewish quarter, systematically blowing up Jewish houses as they pressed in on the central area."
On April 16, the same day that British forces evacuated Safed-and turned over the strategic positions held by them to Fawzi al-Qawuqji, who had been awarded the rank of a colonel of the Wehrmacht (German Army) and his 200 local Arab militiamen, supported by over 200 Arab Liberation Army soldiers. Once they receive the strategic positions and the ammunition convenietly "left behind' they tried to take over the city's Jewish Quarter.
They were repelled by the poorly armed Jewish garrison, consisting of some 200 Haganah fighters, men and women, boosted by a Palmach platoon.
The Arab Liberation Army had plans to take over the whole city on May 10 and to slaughter all as cabled by the Syrian commander al-Hassan Kam al-Maz, and in the meantime placed artillery pieces on a hill adjacent to the Jewish quarter and started its shelling.

The secretary-general of the Arab League Abdul Rahman Hassan Azzam stated that the goal of "*Plan Dalet"  was to drive out the inhabitants of Arab villages along the Syrian and Lebanese frontiers, particularly places on the roads by which Arab regular forces could enter the country. He noted that Acre and Safed were in particular danger.

(*Plan Dalet was a set of guidelines to take control of Mandatory Palestine, declare a Jewish state, and defend its borders and people. " In case of resistance, the population of conquered villages was to be expelled ( NOT MASSACRED as is claimed) outside the borders of the Jewish state.AND  If no resistance was met, the residents could stay put, under military rule.")

Jewish appeals for help were ignored, and the British, now less than a week away from the end of the British Mandate of Palestine, also did not intervene against the second – and final – Haganah attack, which began on the evening of 9 May, with a mortar barrage -from two home made Davidka mortars on key sites in Safed.
Following the "barrage", Palmach infantry, in bitter fighting, took the citadel, Beit Shalva and the police fort, Safed's three dominant buildings. Through 10 May, Haganah mortars continued to pound the Arab neighbourhoods, causing fires in the marked area and in the fuel dumps, which exploded. "The Palmah 'intentionally left open the exit routes for the population to "facilitate" their exodus...'
"The noise was its most important effect, so that anyone attacked by a Davidka mortar would hear the shell seeming to fall very near to them before bursting very loudly, increasing the fear factor. The Arabs abandoned many strongholds during the war as a direct result of this visceral fear: one story relates that, having been told that many of the proponents and designers of America's atomic bomb were Jewish (e.g., Einstein and Oppenheimer), the Arabs thought that they were being attacked with atomic weapons and subsequently abandoned their homes. This was especially true in the liberation of Safed."
According to Gilbert:
"The Arabs of Safed began to leave, including the commander of the Arab forces, Adib Shishakli (later Prime Minister of Syria). With the police fort -the Citadel-on Mount Canaan isolated, its defenders withdrew without fighting. The fall of Safed was a blow to Arab morale throughout the region... With the invasion of Palestine by regular Arab armies believed to be imminent – once the British had finally left in eleven or twelve days' time – many Arabs felt that prudence dictated their departure until the Jews had been defeated and they could return to their homes."
 "May the brutal military occupation end,"?...."here at the Kotel and across Israel/Palestine...Next time, when I am able to pray at the Kotel or Hebron, it will be a just place, where no homes are raided, no children are caged, no races or creeds are profiled, no people must live at the mercy of a checkpoint or under the barrel of a gun..... a staff person, at Jewish Voice for Peace." Ben Lorber

Ben Lorber is the personification of Alvin H Rosenfeld's essay;"Progressive Jewish Thought and the New Anti-Semitism":
"At a time when the de-legitimization and, ultimately, the eradication of Israel is a goal being voiced with mounting fervor by the enemies of the Jewish state, it is more than disheartening to see Jews themselves adding to the vilification. That some do so in the name of Judaism itself makes the nature of their assault all the more grotesque. Their contributions to what's becoming normative discourse are toxic. They're helping to make [anti-Semitic] views about the Jewish state respectable – for example, that it's a Nazi-like state,(Israhell)  comparable to South African apartheid; that it engages in ethnic cleansing and genocide. These charges are not true and can have the effect of delegitimizing Israel." 
Ben Lorber: ""... we have broken sharply with the mainstream Jewish communal consensus....For embracing a call for solidarity from Palestinians" (for this) "we have excommunicated ourselves from klal Yisrael (the Jewish collective)." " Jews today...(see) Zionists as challenging Jewish unity, and even as encouraging physical and existential threat to the Jewish people."

Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Nazis, the Holocaust and The Jews of Tunisia

I want to share with you this somewhat long post which I feel is very important to know especially for those concerned with humanity, justice and morality. I ask that you please help by sharing it.

I saw where TIP -The Israel Project posted a video translated by The Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI) of  Protesters in Tunisia destroying a Holocaust Exhibition in Tunisia and stating that the "Holocaust was a myth and a Lie."

Each time I encounter these videos, these TV interviews, these interviews in the street. As a Jew I wonder; just how deep of a vile putrid sickness of hatred these Arabs have for us Jews.

But what matters to me the most is the reponse we saw in the UN and in the world media to the courageous and deeply commendable statement of recognition that President Donald J Trump dared to make when he recognized not only that Jerusalem is OUR Jewish capitol. But that we Jews have a right to OUR Homeland.

In today's world of "Palestinian Revisionist history" and the desire by the Arab block in the UN to erase Jewish rights to Eretz Yisrael and the apathy of the world to this hate campaign few people are willing to open factual history books and verify the truth.
I highly doubt that many in todays world know the historical truth that "If" it had not been for the landings of the Allies in North Africa; Operation Torch the British-United States invasion of French North Africa on the 8th of November 1942 and their quick victory by May 1943, the Jews of  North Africa - Morroco, Tunisia and Libya would have known the same fate as the Jews of Europe.

After the Wannssee Conference in January 1942  Himmler realized that the Jews of North Africa may escape "special treatment" (Sonderbehandlung)- extermination - so he reassigned  SS Oberstrumbannführer Walter Herman Julius Rauff, a brutal and notorious killer of the einsatzgruppen-special extermination units who had a leading role in the implementation of the Final Solution of the Jewish question (Die Endlösung der Judenfrage) in conquered territories "to the East". He was involved in the murder of hundreds of thousands of Jews in mobile ''Black Raven'' gassing vans in place of the expensive and slow process of shooting the Jews of Eastern Europe. 

A 1943 MI5 file on Rauff states:
"In both these postings [Tunisia and northern Italy] Rauff rapidly gained a reputation for utter ruthlessness. In Tunis and Italy he was responsible for the indiscriminate execution of both Jews and local partisans. His work in Italy involved imposing total German control on Milan, Turin and Genoa. His success in this task earned him the congratulations of his SS superior, who described it as 'a superb achievement'."
In 1972, in Santiago de Chile, Rauff made a deposition as a witness before a German prosecutor. On the subject of the extermination of Jews in Poland and Russia, asked whether at that time he had any doubts concerning the use of gas vans, Rauff answered:
"Ob ich damals Bedenken gegen den Einsat [sic] der Gaswagen hatte, kann ich nicht sagen. Für mich stand damals im Vordergrund, dass die Erschiessungen für dei Männer, die damit befasst wurden, eine erhebliche Belastung darstellten und dass diese Belastung durch den Einsatz der Gaswagen entfiel. [...I cannot say. The main issue for me at the time was that the shootings were a considerable burden for the men who were in charge thereof and that this burden was taken off them through the use of the gas vans.]"
The vans, which were disguised with Red Cross emblems, were used in 1941 and 1942 before Hitler's extermination camps began murdering six million Jews. Captured Nazi documents said the vans killed 50 people at a time in 15 to 20 minutes and were used in the Soviet Union, Poland, Yugoslavia, Lithuania, Estonia and Latvia.

From July 1942 until May 1943, SS Oberstrumbannführer Walther Rauff  was posted as commander of the SS Einsatzkommando Tunis to take care of the Jewish Question in Tunisia, and to continue the implementation of the Final Solution in Vichy-Tunisia.
Oswald Pohl, charged by Himmler to organize the camps in Eastern Europe joined him. Despite constant attacks by the Allies, Rauff instigated drastic anti-Jewish policies.

Everything that happened to the Jews of Europe happened in Tunisia, in different ways and to differing degrees, except for the most important aspect of the Holocaust -- extermination. The Nazis established a local Judenrat, took hostages, confiscated the property of the Jews (aryanization) and imposed on the community heavy financial punishments.

The community was required to provide the needs of the German army, and the synagogue become a German storeroom. The Jews were marked with the Yellow badge, 5,000 Jews were sent to more than 30 slave labor camps in Tunisia and a few were sent to the extermination camps.

Many Jews were murdered by means of being shot in their homes, Death marches, hunger, diseases and bombings. Gilbert Mazuz, a handicapped boy from Tunis who was shot by a German soldier in cold blood during a forced march. And that was the fate of Joseph, Jean, and Gilbert Scemla, the three men of the family who were betrayed by an Arab friend, arrested by the Germans, deported to Dachau and executed.

Tunisia was liberated by the Allies in May 1943, and the persecution of the Jews ceased. It was the first Jewish community to be liberated from Nazi Germany.

In May of 1945 Walter Herman Julius Rauff, the former Nazi SS colonel  escaped into the ODESSA Jesuit escape network. Rauff hid in a number of Italian convents, apparently under the protection of Bishop Alois Hudal.

Later in 1947 he was helped by the Grand Mufti Haj Amim al-Husanayi to escape to Damascus, where he was reunited with his wife and two sons. He worked as a "security advisor" for then Syrian President Hosni Zaim, only to fall out of favor after a coup there a year later. After barely escaping from Syria, Rauff fled to Lebanon and later back to Italy, where he gained a transit pass for Ecuador in 1948 where he and his family settled, later shifting to Chile in 1958.
Chile has a large German community where many who served in the SS used ODESSA to escape to.

Under Augusto Pinochet's military dictatorship, Rauff may have served as an advisor in Chilean secret police, DINA. Allegedly, CIA officials could not determine Rauff's exact position. General Pinochet's regime resisted all calls for his extradition to stand trial in West Germany or Israel.

Suffering from lung cancer Rauff died in Santiago Chile, which had harbored him for more than 25 years on 14 May 1984 from a heart attack. His funeral was the occasion of a Nazi celebration

These are the facts it is my duty as a History teacher to relay the truth ..... And now so do you.