Thursday, November 27, 2014

From Falestine with Love to Ferguson

When the wave of hate violence enveloped Ferguson Missouri. Falestinian Activists and their advocates leaped full stride with glee aboard the tidal wave of  Afro-American outrage in the #BlackLives Matter Hashtag over the heavy-handed paramilitary police tactics being used in Ferguson Missouri. The Falestinian Activists and their advocates are milking the story to gain as much anti-Israel hatred they can. They turned immediately to the use of the social media to associate and pin the Missouri police behavior directly on the Jewish state’s undue “influence on U.S. law enforcement” and “the troubling implications of emulating an apartheid regime actively engaged in ethnic cleansing and war crimes.”

When you just look at the sensationalist photos from Ferguson, the comparisons made by Falestinian Activists and their advocates to the recent rioting in Israel were inevitable. For just as the Falestinian photojournalist used by all the major news companies vie to sale their works to editors. The photojournalists and news media in the USA show police suited in combat gear equipped with tear gas in military-style poses appearing to use disproportionate force against crowds of hapless civilian protesters.

Through the manipulation of the narrative naive readers are not aware that the widespread militarization on display in Ferguson has absolutely nothing to do with Israel as the Falestians and their advocates would like you to think. Instead it is part of a more recent trend that began three decades ago with the introduction of the  “war on drugs” and escalated with the “war on terror”. The counterinsurgency-like tactics deployed against the people of Ferguson by civilian police officers more closely resemble combat soldiers in Afghanistan than domestic cops.This cop-to-soldier transformation has been facilitated by the US government through mechanisms like the Pentagon’s 1033 or military surplus program, which funnels excess military gear to law enforcement agencies across the country. The program’s motto: ”From warfighter to crimefighter.”In 2013 alone, the program showered US police departments with nearly $450 million worth of military equipment.
St. Louis County law enforcement agencies, including the Ferguson Police Department, participate in this program a though it’s unclear if the equipment is being used in Ferguson now. Ferguson police also receive money from the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) as part of a grant program to US law enforcement agencies to purchase military-style equipment.

Rania Khalek, who is a devoted promoter of any and all anti-Israel campaigns, and a perfect example of the bigotry and anti-Jewish / blatant anti-Israel that is so pervasive in the BDS movement. Has taken the lead in espousing the linkage between Ferguson and “Falestine” in her recent article,“Israel-trained police “occupy” Missouri after killing of black youth.

In her article she writes:
“Since the killing of eighteen-year-old Michael Brown by Ferguson police in Missouri last weekend, the people of Ferguson have been subjected to a military-style crackdown by a squadron of local police departments dressed like combat soldiers. This has prompted residents to liken the conditions on the ground in Ferguson to the Israeli military occupation of Palestine.”
Rania Khalek goes on to state: 
“At least two of the four law enforcement agencies that were deployed in Ferguson up until Thursday evening — the St. Louis County Police Department and the St. Louis Police Department — received training from Israeli security forces in recent years.”
These Falestinian “Activists” –read “Liars” and their advocates reported that the Police in Ferguson implemented;despotic tactics Palestinians largely associate with Israel’s “colonial” (reference to occupation sic) military, such as tear gassing protesters and harassing journalists

They are further fanning the flames of hatred by blatant lies by insinuating that; “Unsurprisingly, many of the police deployed to crush unarmed protesters demanding justice for the brutal murder of eighteen-year-old black American Mike Brown are Israel-trained.”

In line with the vicious lies and accusations, a student organization called “NU Divest” from Northwestern University produced a highly inflammatory video—obviously intended to implicate Israel in the deaths of Michael Brown and Eric Garner—included this testimonial:
“I support NU Divest because the New York and the St.Louis police department were both trained by the Israeli military. If black lives matter, then Palestinian lives must also.”
And yes, ad nauseum as usual, the lie goes on because few take the time to verify the truth of what these habitual liars say. So I was  puzzled as to where the ISM and the pro-Falestinians were getting the link between "supposed Israeli training" and the Missouri police. In my research I came across a very hideous YouTube video by a weirdo by the name of Alex Jones of "" who has this link to Press TV which is an Iranian Government sponsored news channel. His broadcasts appear to be based on the teachings of William Luther Pierce III who was a  prominent American white nationalist.  He was one of the most influential ideologues of the white nationalist movement for some 30 years before his death. He has comments which are from David Dukes who was a former Grand Wizard of the Knights of the Ku Klux Klan,as well. The links to the video stem from a real sicko by the name of John Todd who is pushing some really disgustingly sick Satanic highly anti-Jewish innuendos and conspiracy theories, that to say the least are off the scale in their level of hatred. No wonder about that though since on the Wikipedia page it states:
"Army medical reports referred to Todd suffering from; "emotional instability with pseudologica phantastica" (compulsive lying), difficulty in telling reality from fantasy, homicidal threats he had made on another, false suicide reports, and a severe personality disturbance." 
The real truth of the matter is it is highly doubtful that two short trips, taken long ago by two Missouri officials, had anything to do with the shaping the culture of Missouri law enforcement. In 2011, the then St. Louis County Police Department chief Timothy Fitch attended a week-long Israeli training camp from Israeli Police and Border Police which was sponsored by the Anti-Defamation League. In 2008 a former St. Louis police chief attended a conference aimed at helping the U.S. prevent and react to terrorism under the auspices of the International Law Enforcement Exchange Program.

Furthermore these Falestinian “Activists” –read “Liars” and their advocates took to the social media mainly, Twitter and Facebook, to share photos of pro-Falestinian banners carried by protesters. One banner declared, “From Ferguson to Palestine, Occupation is a Crime.” Hmm an American city is under "Occupation"? Wait did I miss an invasion like the fictional ones portrayed in Hollywood films like "Red Dawn"? Who is Occupying Ferguson Missouri? It was a border state in the Civil War and the Confederacy is long WHO? Is occupying Ferguson?

Another Facebook posting shared by NFL Detroit Lions player Reggie Bush whose poster reads;

“essentially, that Brown’s killing and the wars in Gaza are connected by “colonialism” and “racism,” and that anyone who objects to this characterization is necessarily a racist.”

Ah yes Reggie ye old colonialism and Israel = Apartheid Lie eh?
And furthermore according to Rania Khalek; "as the situation Ferguson spiraled further out of control, Falestinians began tweeting advice on dealing with tear gas to the people of Ferguson."

Even then there were replies to Ms Bargouti  -who Tweeted her advice -see picture on the left, that were not in the spirit of universal love between the Haters Of Israel.
Ms Rania Khalek makes references to these Instagram photographs in an attempt to link the incident of the riots in Ferguson to the “similarities” of Israel:
“The dystopian scenes of paramilitary units in camouflage rampaging through the streets of Ferguson, pointing assault rifles at unarmed residents and launching tear gas into people’s front yards from behind armored personnel carriers (APCs), could easily be mistaken for a Tuesday afternoon in the occupied West Bank.”

I had mentioned in one of my previous Blog entries of Arafat’s infamous UN speech where he equated Zionism with racism that this has become the central theme in this massive anti-Israel /Zionism campaign of equating Israel and Zionism with “Imperialistic Occupation”.
Here is a photo of Black Panther leader Eldridge Cleaver, Hewey Newton and the PLO's Yasser Arafat in Algeria 1970.[Cleaver later became pro-Zionistic after living 7 years among communists in Cuba and Arabs in Algeria, and learning the truth about Israel and the Jewish people. -Dumisani Washington].
So what do the pro Falestinian Activists and their advocates do? They pull out the old Israel = Occupation line. Here we see them marching in a demonstration in Seattle with a banner emblazoned with the words: Occupation is a Crime / Ferguson to Palestine / Resist U.S. racism / Boycott Israel,

They continue the lie by insinuating that Israel had trained the Ferguson police. Therefore because of this “Israeli” training it had led to Brown’s death!

Meanwhile not to be out done by the bored - horde of Libertards in other parts of America the Falestinian Activists and their advocates in Oakland California, block a busy intersection in downtown, with a banner reading, Missouri, Palestine, Justice Now!” Okay....

The supposed hypothetical link(?) between “Ferguson-Palestine” has been pushed in their usual feast of rapture by left-wing activists ever since the fatal shooting of Michael Brown on August 9. Just how the fatal shooting of an Afro-American who was fatally shot by a Police officer in Missouri has any link to the supposed status of the "Falestinians" is well in the least a truly astounding piece of contortion of facts.

It reminds me of the rantings and ravings -frothing at the mouth lunatic hatred - by the "famous" author Alice Walker of the novel The Color Purple, which we all may remember was was made into a movie by no less than Steven Spielberg.
So since her days of friendship with Steven, Alice Walker has crossed the line in her over the edge complete meltdown in her virulent hatred of all things associated with Israel. She went from plain fervent anti-Zionist to rabid anti-Semitism (though she denies she is an anti-Semite because Falestinians are Semites too), the question remains why anyone would take her ludicrously ignorant rants about the Israeli-Falestinian conflict seriously

Alan Dershowitz spoke about the insanity of Walker's total negation and hatred of Israel and Jews in his article, "Alice Walker's crass bigotry exposed" here are a few gems of his observation of my candidate for the Looney Tunes Alice Walker totally "Off the wall" assumptions:
  • According to Walker, Rachel "aka Pancake" Corrie was “murdered,” just like three civil rights workers who were kidnapped, tortured and murdered in cold blood.
  • According to Walker, there are roads that are for “Jews only,” rather than for Israelis of all religions and ethnicities.
  • According to Walker, the big ugly security wall runs all through Israel and the Palestinian territories - “it is everywhere” - rather than through roughly 5% of those areas. Moreover, she suggests that the wall was put up solely to colonize the West Bank, and not to protect Israelis from terrorism.
  • According to Walker, the Turkish flotilla terrorists who attacked the Israeli sailors who had boarded their ship were “assassinated” and “massacre[d].”
  • According to Walker, no rockets were ever fired at Israeli civilians from Gaza and Israel’s attacks against Gaza were unprovoked and constitute “genocide.”
  • According to Walker, there has never been a more brutal occupation in the history of the world.According to Walker, what Israel is doing to the Palestinians is the equivalent of what Hitler did to the Jews.According to Walker (as quoted by the Wiesenthal Center) Israel may someday launch a nuclear attack against the United States, "because the United States and Israel, working together have done terrible things to others [and] it is the nature of thieves to eventually have a grand falling out."

Rana Baker, "a master’s degree student of Migration and Diaspora Studies at London’s School of Oriental and African Studies", wrote an article published on the anti-Semitic Electronic Intifada website entitled; "Palestinians express “solidarity with the people of Ferguson   In her short article she states that "Falestinian groups and individuals inside and outside of historic Falestine have signed the following statement in solidarity with their brethren in Ferguson, Missouri."
Full statement:
We the undersigned Palestinian individuals and groups express our solidarity with the family of Michael Brown, a young unarmed black man gunned down by police on August 9th in Ferguson, Missouri. We wish to express our support and solidarity with the people of Ferguson who have taken their struggle to the street, facing a militarized police occupation.
From all factions and sectors of our dislocated society, we send you our commitment to stand with you in your hour of pain and time of struggle against the oppression that continues to target our black brothers and sisters in nearly every aspect of their lives.
We understand your moral outrage. We empathize with your hurt and anger. We understand the impulse to rebel against the infrastructure of a racist capitalist system that systematically pushes you to the margins of humanity. 
And we stand with you.
We recognize the disregard and disrespect for black bodies and black life endemic to the supremacist system that rules the land with wanton brutality. Your struggles through the ages have been an inspiration to us as we fight our own battles for basic human dignities. We continue to find inspiration and strength from your struggles through the ages and your revolutionary leaders, like Malcolm X, Huey Newton, Kwame Ture, Angela Davis, Fred Hampton, Bobby Seale and others.
We honor the life of Michael Brown, cut short less than a week before he was due to begin university.  And we honor the far too many more killed in similar circumstances, motivated by racism and contempt for black life: Ezell Ford, John Crawford, Eric Garner, Trayvon Martin, Tarika Wilson, Malcolm Ferguson, Renisha McBride, Amadou Diallo, Yvette Smith, Oscar Grant, Sean Bell, Kathryn Johnston, Rekia Boyd and too many others to count.
With a Black Power fist in the air, we salute the people of Ferguson and join in your demands for justice.
In her short article (rant) Rana Baker attempts to make multiple insinuations and comparisons to link the righteousness of the “Falestinians” to that of the Blacks in America. Baker states: "Although Ferguson and Palestine are two different contexts, both places and their people are fighting against white supremacist regimes (!) of oppression which continue to view them as “disposable others” and act accordingly.”

Ms Baker goes on to clarify, “…that it is the moral responsibility of every Palestinian to support and foster relations with the struggles of the oppressed all over the world.”

Well this is exactly what the KGB fostered among the revolutionary groups throughout the world during the Cold War. They invited many young revolutionaries to come and study and become indoctrinated at The Peoples' Friendship University of Russia in Moscow. The University ‎served as a base of indoctrination and training of potential “freedom fighters” from the ‎Third World. More specialized training in terrorism was provided at locations in Baku, ‎Odessa, Simferopol, and Tashkent. ‎The illustrious alumni include Mahmoud Abba, the highly infamous Ilich Ramírez Sánchez, also known as Carlos the Jackal, Anna Vasil'yevna Chapman and Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei

Hmm, so now upon reading the words of this "master’s degree student Rana Baker" I could not help but notice the catch phrases of the Anarchist movement, which are synonymous to those used by the members of the International Solidarity Movement (ISM), the purveyors of the BDS -Boycott Divest Sanction Haters of Israel and Zionism fan group.

Let us look closer at these "catch" phrases to understand just how these "Anarchists" are attempt to cause an even greater threat to American society.
The phrases we see in MS Baker's article show incitement to commit further violence:
  • facing a militarized police occupation.
  • struggle against the oppression
  • a racist capitalist system 
  • rules the land with wanton brutality
  • killed in similar circumstances
So my question here is What is Homeland Security and President Obama doing to outlaw the ISM and their Pro-Falestinian agitators? Clearly there is incitement to commit acts of treason and threaten lives?

Now among the signers of the statement is Diana Buttu, a Falestinian-Canadian lawyer and a former spokesperson for the Falestine Liberation Organization, which was funded to the tune of $441 million (Your hard earned US Tax dollar at work) by the U.S. government in 2013.

Ms Baker continues in her article: It is also worth noting that the Palestinian struggle for freedom is not a copy of the struggle of our black brothers and sisters both in the past and present. Neither is the black struggle a homogeneous one. Finally, the struggle of our black brethren is not a simple tool to “popularize” ours.

But the Civil Rights, anti-apartheid and anti-colonial movements in the United States, South Africa and foreign colonies across the African continent in the past offer us various models from which we should learn. In the present, Palestinians (though this does not apply to sell-outs such as Mahmoud Abbas and his minions) stand up against the despotism which the US, the settler-colony known as Israel, and various European and Arab governments embody."

It’s hard to exaggerate the gut-level loathing that we proud Jewish-Israelis, who are hardened Zionists, have for the the relentless demonization of Israel by the Falestinians and their myopic ignorant trolls and bamboozled minions.

These Haters of Israel and Zionism in their incessant campaign of abject blind hatred have consistently failed to dislodge the truth and historical facts, so they resort to throwing tantrums and labeling Israel as a racist, apartheid state. 

Here is a video of a speech by Martin Luther King  speaking out about bigotry towards Jews and Catholics. Not about Israel or Zionism, but when people criticize Zionists, they mean Jews and they are talking anti-Semitism!
"I would still take a stand against anti-Semitism because it is wrong, it's unjust and it's evil!" MLK
It is totally enraging to see the delusional ignorant trolls who are eager and ready to vilify something that you stood for personally and venerated as a youth, our Jewish stand for Civil Rights in America. Here is a very important and enlightening video response by Dumisani Washington to those who would divide the honored position that we Jews had in our relations with the Black community in America.
"The "Black for Palestine" movement dates back almost to the independence of the Jewish State. By the 1960's, the PLO's Yasser Arafat had reached out to militants like Black Panther, Eldridge Cleaver, and convinced them to "stand in solidarity with their Arab brothers against the evil, European imperialist Zionists." The entire narrative was built on lies and distortions (the majority of Jews who inhabited or returned to Israel were of Middle Eastern descent), and sought to hide the fact that Arab invaders had not only stolen North Africa and the Middle East, but were/are still enslaving Africans to this day.
This movement has always been, and will continue to be fringe. It has never been taken seriously by any significant portion of the African-American community. To date some 1,100 (supposedly) Black "activists" have signed the "Black for Palestine" petition that was launched last week. That number is .0024% of the Black population in America -- not even counting Africans on the Continent and in the Diaspora. Fringe.
So, with all due respect to Dr. Cornel West, Talib Kweli, and groups like the UCLA Afrikan Student Union, your views on this matter are wrong and shameful. You're standing in solidarity with people who have subjugated Africans for 1,400 years and counting. As a result, you have made yourselves irrelevant." Dumisani Washington IBSI - Institute for Black Solidarity with Israel

 And of course ad nauseum all this came just when we thought there might be one problem that could not be blamed on Israel or the Jews.