Thursday, July 7, 2016

The Al -Quds Hate Fest

This is yet another example of the failure of the Palestinians to ever reach a State. 

They cannot stop their preaching of violence and destruction. In contrast to the Israeli side with our Liberal left wing we call for nonviolence Peace and reconciliation. And ad nauseum all the world leaders and the UN consistently call on Israel to concede and to give where “Gott Im Himmel” they should demand that the “Palestinians” cease ALL violence and to NOT ONLY negotiate but accept WHAT THERE IS! And NOT what there was in 1948. The Nacbah is over you lost, GET OVER IT!

And as always the bamboozled fools of the world, who blindly never ever stop putting pressure on Israel to concede, notice where the real problem is. The problem is the distortion of truth and the vile blind hatred which has been used by the Palestine Ministry of Propaganda and Nachbah Fantasies to bamboozle the world.

Here is the perfect example of where to begin dealing with hate.

I just recently read some postings on Facebook regarding Nadia Shoufani a graduate of the American University of Beirut and a former employee at UNRWA, Shoufani is a teacher for Special Education, ESL, Literacy and Science at Dufferin-Peel District School Board. “Ms. Shoufani” is mentioned as a SERT/ESL teacher at St. Catherine of Siena Catholic School in Mississauga. Nadia Shoufani is also affiliated with the Palestine Solidarity Movement and Actions4Palestine and is a director at the Arab Canadian Cultural Association.

As a "teacher" listen how in her speech on "Al-Quds Day" how Nadia Shoufani describes a Palestinian woman, Sarah Tarairah who was shot dead while attempting to murder an 18 year old Israeli woman soldier in a stabbing attack:
“Yesterday [July 1, 2016] the Israeli occupation forces shot dead, executed a 27 year old woman, a "pregnant woman", killing her." She goes on to emphasize;"That means killing two, two people, the woman and her baby."
Now doesn't this sound horrific to you? Ask yourselves just "What” would motive a "pregnant" woman to sacrifice her life let alone that of her unborn child?"

Nothing but absolute blind hatred like that being expressed by Nadia Shoufani could influence her to commit such a terrible act!

Nadia Shoufani in her speech failed to mention that the "pregnant" crazed woman with the butcher knife who attempted to stab two young 18 year old Israeli women soldiers - Sarah Tarairah-  was driven by the same deep hatred of Israeli Jews that drove her 17 year old cousin Mohammad Tarairah, to take a knife and brutally butcher the innocent 13 year old Hallel Yafa Ariel in her bedroom as she slept. 
Now I ask you. What could possibly justify the murder of an innocent child sleeping in her bedroom holding her Teddy Bear?

As she so poignantly condemns the death of the "pregnant" stabber. Nadia Shoufani fails to show any humanity whatsoever towards the victim of  Tarairah’s “cousin Mohammad” who was killed by Jewish security forces as he attempted to stab more residents of Kiryat Arba.

The abject hatred that Nadia Shoufani cherishes and espouses is expressed daily in the Palestinian social media. The Jews are being called “Usurpers”,” Colonialists”, “settlers” and we are being accused of stealing water, poisoning wells and committing “Genocide”.

Murder of Jews is glorified and those killed as Martyrs! Oh and suddenly the Al-Aksha Mosque which for nearly 67 years was never mentioned in discussions suddenly has come to be la cause de la guerre of the entire conflict.

 As an educator in Canadian schools does Nadia Shoufani urge others to follow the path of peace and urge an end to death and violence? Absolutely NOT she actually fans the flames of hatred and bias: “I urge you not to be silent. I urge you to speak up, to resist this occupation and support the steadfastness of Palestinians. Support the resistance in any form that is possible. I urge you to support the BDS, the Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions against Israel…”

Why as an educator does she not follow the ways of the Israeli "Peace Now" in their approach for a “Peaceful” nonviolent solution?

I ask as an "Educator" where are Nadia Shoufani's calls to the Palestinian Leadership to accept compromises and negotiate an end to this tragic cycle of violence and death called the Palestinian al-Quds Intifada, or the "Knife Intifada"?
Surely as an "Educator" she can see the endless suffering of the "Third Generation" of UNWRA recipients who until today remain classless, homeless, stateless and oppressed by their fellow Arab League brethren in "refugee camps"? How in Gaza these refugees are mere pawns of the Hamas who steal the needed building materials to build tunnels instead off rebuilding destroyed homes and infrastructure?
She speaks of "Martyrdom" yet the leaders of the "People" steal millions from the coffers that are replenished annually by European, American and Canadian Tax Payers. Yet according to the UNWRA page children cannot get the medical treatment they need:
"Years of socioeconomic decline, conflict and closure have left the health sector across the Gaza Strip lacking in adequate physical infrastructure and sufficient medical training opportunities for health staff. Facilities are overstretched, and service is frequently interrupted by power cuts. These challenges further threaten the health of the population, which is already at increasing risk."
Has anyone ever dare ask just "Why"it is that "Palestinians" and "Gazans" do not have proper Hospitals to treat their own people? Oh yes we all hear those claims and see the "Tweets" of Israeli denial of "Medical Treatment.

Yet why is it that there is ABSOLUTELY NO criticism of the Hamas and the Palestinian Authority for NOT building and providing the proper Medical care for their people!

  • the 60-year-old sister of Hamas senior official Moussa Abu Marzouk had been treated in Israeli hospital for advanced-stage cancer. 
  • Ismail Haniyeh’s daughter was hospitalized at Tel Aviv’s Ichilov Hospital for “a number of days,” Reuters had reported the treatment followed complications during a standard medical procedure the woman had undergone in Gaza.
  • Ismaill Haniyeh’s 68-year-old mother-in-law was treated in Augusta Victoria Hospital, near Jerusalem’s Mount of Olives in June of 2014. And in November 2013, Haniyeh’s one-year-old granddaughter received treatment in Israel for an infection in her digestive tract. She was evacuated to an Israeli hospital in critical condition, but was returned to her family in Gaza after her condition was deemed incurable, an Israeli military spokesman said. The girl later died of her condition.

Ahmed Yousef, a senior Hamas official in Gaza, said at the time that Haniyeh was left with little choice. He said the girl’s case was life-threatening, and used the excuse that Gaza’s borders were virtually sealed by both Israel and Egypt. No where does he put the blame on the Hamas led government for the lack of construction of new advanced hospitals and medical treatment centers with the millions in AID money poured into Gaza. Instead of pouring funds and building materials to save their own populace the Hamas regime uses them to build terror tunnels and produce a stockpile of rockets. according to Ahmed Yousef, "there was no other place to go".

This cycle of violence encouraged by hate filled Facebook postings and the postings of the Palestinian official government media, has claimed the lives of over 155 Palestinians from September 13, 2015 until July 3, 2016. These young hate filled terrorists were killed in 155 stabbing attacks (including 76 attempted attacks), 96 shootings, 45 vehicular (ramming) attacks and one vehicle (bus) bombing.  Not to mention the damage from riots where there have been thousands incidents of Molotov cocktails and stone/rock throwing.

The abject seething hatred of the Arabs in Judaea and Shomron has to be seen and heard to believe. Here is a video from Hebron News YouTube channel, June 30, 2016 of the mother of the 7 year old terrorist Muhammad Taraireh:
 “My son is a hero. He made me proud. My son died as a Martyr defending Jerusalem and the Al-Aqsa [Mosque]. Praise be to Allah, Lord of the Worlds, he [my son] has joined the Martyrs before him, and he is not better than them. Allah willing, all of them will follow this path, all the youth of Palestine. Allah be praised.” 

Nadia Shoufani continued her encouragement of the hate fest by stating: “Palestine will be liberated with your efforts”. “Glory to the martyrs”. “Victory, freedom to the prisoners and liberation for the Palestinians, all Palestinians”.

And of course she concludes her discourse on hatred with that famous line:
“From the river [Jordan River] to the sea [Mediterranean Sea] Palestine will be free.” This chant of course means NO negotiations, NO "Two States" and to erase the Jewish state.

So exactly "Who are the “Palestinian prisoners” that she glorifies?

Most of the Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails were convicted of involvement in terrorist activities. This group includes among others; suicide bombers who were captured before blowing themselves up or their charges failed to explode, the dispatchers of suicide bombers, whose charges committed atrocities of mass murderers, leaders of terrorist organizations, terrorists who killed civilians and those who attempted or planned to kill civilians.

Now ask yourselves would you want Nadia Shoufani as a teacher in your child’s school using her hate filled agenda to brainwash children to her misguided beliefs?