Sunday, September 6, 2009

About Truth

"The opposite of a correct statement is a false statement. But the opposite of a profound truth may well be another profound truth." Niels Bohr (1885 - 1962)

In the 1970's young Palestinian and Leftwing Anarchists were taught the fine art of hatred, lies and mis-information from their masters in the KGB while students at Lumbada University in Moscow. They were taught that the greater the lie more often told by naive and uneducated "enlighten liberals", as espoused by Lenin in his famous quote, "A lie told often enough becomes the truth", is epitomized is the motif of their cause. We have the success of this in the Western liberal media through the doctored stories of; Mohammed Dura, The Massacre in Jenin, Kfar Qana and now the "big lie" of the UN School in Gaza. All of these lies have been converted into "Truths" by the gullible manipulated western media.

The biases the world media has shown towards Israel is beyond the assumption of conservative or liberal. They are all about; getting ratings, making money from advertisers and doing stories that are easier to cover. Western news network readily and unwittingly expose naïve viewers to Palestinian apologetics, such as Saeb Erakat and Hannan Ashrawi, because of their abilities to speak English somewhat fluently. In many cases they are interviewed without any Israeli to counter their unprocessed, corrupted facts and information. Many western news agencies readily use Palestinian freelancers whose material of touched up photographs, faked video tapes and audio recordings tainted by lies and distortions. To most credible sources in the United States and Israel, it is quite obvious that Saeb Erakat and Hannan Ashrawi and other Palestinian sources blatantly abused these media opportunities to fragrantly distort the truth of the facts to the point where you could actually say that they were out right lying.

An excellent example of the manipulation of the press to perpetuate the big lie can be seen in a 1998 BBC interview with Arab eye-witness Hazem Nusseibeh, an editor of the Palestine Broadcasting Service's. In this interview he admitted that on the instructions of Palestinian notable Dr. Hussein Khalidi, he fabricated a false press release stating that at Deir Yassin atrocities were committed including murder of children and rapes of pregnant women. Another interviewee, Abu Mahmud, emphatically denied the atrocity and rape stories. Nusseibeh, told the BBC that the fabricated atrocity stories about Deir Yassin were "our biggest mistake," because "Palestinians fled in terror" and left the country in huge numbers after hearing the atrocity claims.

Sadly how well we know that slandering the Jews makes money and improves ratings! This appears to be the policy of the TalkBacks on one of the leading Israeli newspapers in English who published this quote from "Steve The Pals"; “Bravo. And those students will grow up and serve in the Israel "Defence" Forces, and continue the feat of their predecessors to kill Arab children, abort pregnancies on checkpoints, and continue the theft of the land of Palestine.” It seems that the producers of the recent Turkish Telenovella were reading his lines and used them in their horrid scene of the Palestinian father holding his grandchild aloft to be only murdered in cold blood by a "supposed" Israeli soldier.

American GI's veterans of Iraq, know what we Israelis are dealing with. I am astounded by the fact that they constantly refer to the Arabs as "Haji's" and "ragheads" and the American public in general does not understand why?

If a Jew slanders another it is forbidden since we are the "light into all Nations". Millions are murdered in genocidal rage throughout the world especially in Africa. Yet the only country that is constantly pointed out for harassment by the UN and the European Union is Israel. Does anyone dare to ask why? Could it be that the reason why Israel is so hated by so many liberals is that we show their shortcomings as human beings since they cannot accuse those who do not care about and cherish life as we Jews/Israelis do?

Billions of dollars and Euros have been spent on perpetuating the existence of Palestinian’s in squalid refugee camps for more than sixty years. Never has any country questioned the surrounding Arab nations as to why they have persistantly neglected to absorb these Palestinian refugees and turn them into viable citizens. Why are we so different? Does anyone acknowledge that the whole issue of displaced Palestinians living in squalid refugee camps is the fault of the UNWRA and the surrounding Arab countries to not extend citizenship and absorb them? Tiny Israel the sole Jewish country in the world absorbed more than 900,000 Jewish refugees from 22 Arab countries in it's early years with little monetary assistance.

Here in Israel thousands of rockets and terrorist outrages are committed against a "civilian" population and it is ignored. For almost a decade now rockets and mortars have been fired indiscriminately on settlements in the Negev. During the Second War for Lebanon over 1683 katyusha rockets fell within a five kilometer radius of our home here in Ma'alot. Yet when I invited the CNN news correspondent that gave such "gloomy" and "depressing" reports of the poor Shi'ite civilians from Darriyeh in south western Beirut, to come sit with me and my family as Hezbollah six rockets fell less than fifty yards from my house. The bureau in Jerusalem and the home offices in Atlanta, Georgia never acknowledged my email or registered letter invitation.

In essence when it comes to hatred and despise against Jews it is allowed, encouraged and widely publicized. The image of the meek Jew – in the embodiment of a Woody Allen schlemiel, who is willing to be beaten, robbed, slandered and murdered with ease is the image that sadly the world holds of the Jew. The faded images of the black and white photographs of the bodies of the Jews slaughtered in the Kishinev pogroms or of the Jewish community of Hebron show how the world has valued Jewish life. If there is ever a doubt to the world's apathy than there are the infamous images of the Holocaust- the visions of the "Children of Death". These are the images gloated over and admired by our adversaries. The deep hatred of the Jews manifested in Anti-Semitism in it’s Middle Eastern form goes hand in hand with the Palestinian cause. The epitome of this is the infamous picture of the Grand Mufti Mohammad Amin al-Husayni sitting with Hitler in the meeting with his idol in Berchestgaten. They wish us dead and gone, no more, no less.

Ever since the heroic victory of tiny Israel in 1967 against our Arab neighbors, the new highly publicized characterization of tiny Israel is of the blood lusting Israeli with the blood of innocents dripping either from fangs or from claw like fingers. This revamp of the image of the "Blood Libel" This ideal image of classical anti-Semitism was recently highlighted in a Swedish Newspaper article that purported body parts theft by the Israeli Army is too monstrous to fathom. Just the fact that any modern nation could allow this type of slanderous “information” to be published is atypical of the hatred that has been the plight of Jews through the ages.

The new favorite image of the “Hater’s Of Israel” that is being pushed is that of the "brutal Israeli settler”, made synonymous by Doctor Baruch Goldstein. Alongside this image is that of Jimmy Carter's "apartheid wall".
The old adage the more you negate or demonize your opponent the greater your condemnation and hatred of them.

These haters and demonizers cannot suffer any image of a victorious and proud Jew to be shown. These haters of Zion will push to continually villanize Israel at every opportunity no matter how inane the issue. They will utilize all their skills to brand Israel as "blood thirsty" and immoral in every media event they can. No matter how humanitarian we are in our fight with the Arabs. We Jews will always be the "untermunchen" to them, both the despicable and despised. They are and will forever be jealous of us. To them we are the usurpers - just as the Palestinians are claiming in their line of propaganda.

To our Christian friends we are the ones whose image is that of Yakov being blessed above his brother Essau. Our heritage is that ordained and blessed by HaShem to be his inheritors for all time. We are the inheritors of this land it was ordained to us in his name, the one God. No more, no less.

In order for true peace in the Middle East to be successful there would have to be massive re-education with willingness for all Arabs and anti-Semites to wake up and realize the truth is based on facts and not lies. However this does not make for good sound bite for the masses and the pay is good.