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A non-Jews take on why she dislikes anti-Semitism

What is on my mind are the very kind words of a Facebook acquaintance regarding why dislikes antisemitism.

She wrote:
"The reason why I am personally interested in fighting antisemitism, despite not being Jewish and not having any relatives or close friends who are Jewish, is not based only on guilt for what was done to them, but mostly on gratefulness for what they have brought to humanity over the centuries.
Also, Israel appeals to my sense of justice. You're right that the quality of this community should be showcased more."

My reply to her was;

"I personally thank you for your kind words Julie. Most of "us" have tried to live "normal lives" and to contribute to mankind.

Two of the most unselfish and generous contributions to ALL mankind were by a very distant relative on my Mommas side -(Oy big Sigh my Momma would kvell about) – Albert Bruce Sabin who developed the Oral vaccination that helped eradicate Polio....and I must also mention Dr Jonas Salk who discovered the Polio vaccine."
Can you grasp how this overly generous contribution to mankind has saved the lives of millions was literally donated to mankind for free and out no financial gain by the two researchers. How much would it have added to the cost had they applied patents to their discoveries for personal financial gain?
This LITERALLY flies in the face of the antisemitic canard of the "money hungry Jew".

I continued:

It has been a "Jewish thing" -and now an Israeli Jewish "Thing" to create, invent and research things to make the world a better place for all. To me, and in reply to my friend Ryan, when asshats belittle the Holocaust my mind's eye goes to the faces of those children who perished in such horrific manners. Those beautiful intelligent human beings who may have been child prodigies who would have created, researched and made other discoveries that or could or would have benefited mankind.

It truly saddens me that many of today's secular American young Jewish people are so brainwashed with such bitter hatred of their own people do not realize nor comprehend the real truth of the pain of their estrangement.

In many cases I cannot blame them for these young millennials have NEVER been taught the truth. They are hapless victims in the face of the omnipresent anti-Israel pro-Palestinian lies and revisionist history. It is reprehensible that many of todays "educators" themselves are the products of the anti-American distortion of history that has been incorporated into the American educational curriculum as was recently attempted in California.

The rebirth and recreation of our homeland that we "Baby Boomers" witnessed is lost on the young Jewish millennials today who have been brainwashed by falestinian dezinformatsiya due to the totally secular Judaism that our parents raised us in.

In a Freudian way it was THEIR response to the post WWII-"Gentlemen's Agreement" and anti-Semitism that prevented many their opportunity to achieve and climb the social ladder. Many of our parents' generation, and the interim generation, married "outside the faith" and attempted to hide and assimilate -and there are many famous examples of this. Because many Jews who had immigrated to the west during the last two decades of the 19th century had been active communists and socialist -as Senator Bernie Sanders parents. They feared the response of being labeled "unloyal" as was witnessed during the hearings carried out by Senator Joseph McCarthy and the case of Julius and Ethel Rosenberg.

Many Jews in America witnessed the Holocaust and blamed the hatred on Zionism but they ignore the fact that their predecessors had on the whole been unreceptive to the challenges of hard pioneering life in Eretz Yisrael of the Ottoman Jewish Empire and had sought refuge in Communism and Socialism as a means of improvement in Russia and many had sought refuge and monetary gain to afford the transfer of relatives abroad to the West- primarily England, the USA, Canada and Argentina.

It was a "thing" that a member of a "Shtetl" would leave for abroad and once situated would send for a wife and /or sibling to come to escape the brutality of life in Czarist Russia. It was these Jews who created the Labor Unions to elevate the life of the workers individuals like Samuel Gompers who helped found the Federation of Organized Trades and Labor Unions in 1881.

With all these developments I see my own Sabra born children and now grandchildren who are concerned about living normal lives under the constant threat of extinction and immediate death from Iran and its proxies of Hezbollah in Lebanon and Hamas in Gaza and Judaea and Shomron.

Just as in World War II with the rise of Nazism and the Holocaust once more the world is silent. And many revisionist reconstructionist secular Jews, in America have rushed to hide in their anti-Israel, anti-Zionism pro-Palestinian hatred.
THIS makes me livid with anger!
Oh yes you can complain but if you don't like the government we have come here and live with us and vote to change it! Don't pack it in and run away. As in any relationship if you love your partner running away is NO solution. Quiting is for losers. You do not run off. You stay and fight to try to correct the issue.

Since the early 1970's the world has been blinded and bamboozled by the Palestinians and their hate filled proxies for way too long. The Palestinian's negation of Israel media campaign uses the super-secret KGB discipline responsible for disseminating information, reports and documents fabricated around a kernel of truth, but unattributable to the them know as the “science” of dezinformatsiya. This form of Palestinian dezinformatsiya propaganda was taught to Yasser Arafat who was a surrogate of the Soviet KGB according to Lt. Gen. (ret.) Ion Mihai Pacepa a former three-star general in the Securitate, the secret police of Communist Romania, who defected to the United States in July 1978 from his book , “Red Horizons,” published in 1987.

Dr. Carl Sagan once said: "One of the saddest lessons of history is this: IF we've been bamboozled long enough, we tend to reject any evidence of the bamboozle.
We're no longer interested in finding out the truth. The bamboozle has captured us. It's simply too painful to acknowledge even to ourselves, that we have been taken.
Once you give a Charlatan power over  you you almost never get it back." 

As per the super-secret KGB discipline called dezinformatsiya, they have blinded the world and manipulated the world media with historical revisionism, fabrications and lies to obscure the real solution for peace that has been there for years -The actual absorption and resettlement of the Arab refugees in the lands they ran to and the erasure of the "Right of Return" -which is based also on lies. One cannot return to a place that was NOT theirs to begin with!! Though they march and demonstrate with the "fabled key" to "homes" -many were mere sharecroppers who had no ownership papers to the land or the homes - "Taboo". And as refugees in a conflict, as has happen throughout the world, enemy populations who participated in the conflict are not guaranteed a return.

As for Judaea and Shomron it is OUR indigenous Homeland and belongs to us.

Any Arab who cannot live in a Jewish majority country and cannot accept it is free to sale what they have and to leave -something that was denied US the Jewish people in the European mass genocide and in the expulsion of 900,000 Jews of Arab lands.

THIS, this is THE issue. We only wish to live in peace but we will always stand in guard because we are moralistic and the world has proven itself NOT to be moralistic.

Such is our fate....but we continue to live Am Yisrael Chai.

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Possible Tour Scenarios of Tlaib-Omar

It takes an extraordinary amount of sheer Chutzpah (Nerve) and self-righteousness, from the assimilated brainwashed and bamboozled Diaspora Jews -specifically the JINO anti-Zionists of #IFNOTNOW, the New Israel Fun, JVP and JStreet, who have for over four decades swallowed the sheer overabundance of falestinian dezinformatsiya, to level any form of criticism at Israel.

The absurd confidence of un-self-awareness in a person to presume that he or she is more intelligent and better informed than the men and women running the Israeli security establishment is par for the course in their show of ignorance.

This un-self-awareness of course is further complicated by the geographic location of most of the critics and presumers of the Israeli government policies, whether they reside in; suburban North America and Canada, England, Australia, Central Berlin, Western Samoa, etc.

This un-self-awareness of course is further complicated by their particular stance or their POV of the Jewish State.
The comments on Twitter:
"What a mistake!"
"What a horror!"
They blurt out in childish statements of fear as they wring their hands and quiver in fear and hatred of the right wing "Zionist Regime" of Bibi and the "Settlers" in upsetting their existence in the Diaspora!
Yet never, thats right N*E*V*E*R! has it been mentioned that some 50% of the citizens of Israel have voted in D*E*M*O*C*R*A*T*I*C elections against the "Rightwing" Likud government?

This sheer utter hypocricsy is exhibited in the cold hard fact that NARY A WORD has been spoken of how the Palestinians have negated ALL previous peace proposals by NON Likud "Leftist" governments that made expansive concessions!!

To them, the "assimilationist JINOs" to have had the Israel government bar these overally vocal detractors of the Jewish state (even with the explicit support of the US government) from entering the country was to say the least too upsetting!!

They imagine that THEY are more aware of the certainty of not only the "PR damage" to Israel to which Netanyahu and his "yes men" are blind, but how it will affect their standing among the "Goyim".

These assimilated diaspora Jews themselves seem to be, not only un-self-aware, but also utterly unaware of the obvious risks inherent in letting these two haters in.
They are conviently blind to the previous statements on Twitter and actions of Tlaib and Omar.
They are in utter denial that Tlaib and Omar wanted to get to "Palestine" with a clear malign agenda in mind.

Did any one think to ask WHY? or GOD FORBID mention WHY? they deliberately choose to travel separately from the pro-Israel Democratic delegation that preceded them?

It is quite evidently clear that by the published itenary, seen here on the left,that they had intentions and plans to score several propaganda coups against the Jewish state, and they had the Chutzpah (Nerve) and the ground support to carry them out in in conjunction with Israel's self-destructive extreme left wing groups and Hanan Ashrawi's MIFTAH group.

Here are a few, not merely possible, but likely scenarios that readily come to mind:

Scenario "Alef" (First):

Tlaib and Omar arrive at an Arab village and join a mob of thousands of Arabs to the Israeli checkpoint nearby, where the mob starts pressing and menacing IDF soldiers. As is done on a weekly basis at flash points chosen by the Abbas Cronies in Judaea and Shomron. Young teenagers throw stones or hurdle stones with sling shots. Suddenly a rioter on cue from the Hamas or PLO higher command throws a molotov cocktail, or hurdles a makeshift pipe bomb escalating the violence.

An IDF soldier is is hurt or killed and deadly force is now applied against those who attack the  Border Patrol and IDF security forces.
In the now deadly exchange civilians(read cannon fodder) would be caught among the rioters,(As happens weekly on the Gaza Border) There is a possibly that the terror supporting Congresswomen would be injured.
And of course dozens of pro palestinian "stringers" paparazzi cameramen would be readily on hand to catch the act. They of course would be scrutenized by their Hamas PLO handlers before releasing only "THOSE" photos that support and adhere to the favored defamation of Israel narrative.

Scenario "Bet" (Second):

Tlaib and Omar ignore the Israeli government's approved itinerary and defy their *COGAT minders to visit an area explicitly forbidden to them.
An attempt is made to stop them.
People are jostled, fall, and are hurt in the melee - including the terror-supporting Congresswomen.
There are Pulitzer prize winning paparazzi photos of the event-taken by pro palestinian "stringers" and the articles are written from the slanted pro palestinian "stringers" journalists and printed in front page news all over the world.
(*The Coordinator of Government Activities in the Territories is a unit in the Israeli Ministry of Defense that engages in coordinating civilian issues between the Government of Israel, the Israel Defense Forces, international organizations, diplomats, and the Palestinian Authority)

Scenario "Gimmel" (Third):

Tlaib and Omar arrive at the Temple Mount in a pre-approved visit.
They are followed by a mob of *Sheikh Ra'ed Salah financed banshee supporters,(*the leader of the northern branch of the Islamic Movement in Israel" whose women harrass and scream at all Jewish Visitors.

Suddenly as happens almost every week these "supporters" begin provoking the Israeli Police -Border Patrol Forces controlling the entrances.

Maybe a youth or two of the hate filled brainwashed Palestinian's will rush the Israeli guards-on cue from their controllers, like the other day with butcher knives from within the Temple Mound, slashing and stabbing the unsuspecting young Border Policemen or Women.
Shots are fired the terrorist murderers are "neutralized" a riot ensues in which either Tlaib or Omar get injured. The injuries don't need to be severe: just a bruised knee, or a light concussion. Even disheveled hair will do. Or the Congresswomen are not injured themselves, but they rush to help those who have fallen to the ground (which is a real easy thing to do).
It's all very dramatic and it's all on film. Israel will try to explain who started the trouble, and the world will laugh as usual and call it an Apartheid state.

Scenario "Dalet" Fourth:

Best case scenario. All goes as planned.
No riots.
No scuffles.
No injuries.
No deaths.
There are only pictures of Tlaib hugging her grandmother, embracing her distant cousins, tears filling her eyes and theirs.
There are photos of Omar praying at the Temple Mount with a throng of adoring Muslim women, raising her hands to the sky in supplication against the Zionist occupier, and shedding tears of Muslim solidarity which will be seen by every one of the 1.2 billion Muslims from Jakarta to Detroit.

We must remember that violence is a preferred, as can be seen on a weekly basis but not a necessary, condition for Pallywood productions.
You see we the Jewish citizens of "Left" and "Right" have sustained in the past two weeks:

  • multiple rocket attacks into civilian cities in the past 72 hours
  • two thwarted cross-border terror incursion from Gaza;
  • a critical-injury terror ramming attack against a brother and sister returning home for Shabbes a day ago in Gush Etzion
  • a lethal abduction and murder of a pre-army kid a week ago in the same area;
  • a stabbing and riots on the Temple Mount last week,
  • The weekly "March of Return" on the border with Gaza
  • and of course the daily bellicose murderous warnings of annihilation from Iran, Hezbollah, and Hamas throughout.

I fully supported US Ambassador Ron Dermer's decision to allow the two terror-supporting Congresswomen into Israel, based on the close ties between the US and Israel.
It is my default position to support the democratically elected government of Israel, and of course I assumed that the security establishment had evaluated the risks and benefits carefully.

I was especially proud of Israeli Interior Minister Aryeh De'eri's willingness to allow US Rep Rhasid Talib in to visit her 90 year old "sity" as she requested in her letter.....
 However Talib who secretly wished to visit her grandmother was too ashamed of the absolute rebuttals of her "humanitarian request" by her followers that she switched back to her cynical hate

In conclusion, if you think for an instant that I am not sufficiently broad-minded and morally fit enough for American Jewry's noble standards to want to allow openly sick virulent Jew-hating US officials who avidly support the negation of Israel and the extermination -expulsion of all Jews entrance to MY country then "tuff shit"!
If I have upset your little kumbaya group from your being able to kiss up to those who wish to erase MY homeland and sliver of land I call my home, well as my Bubbe would say; "tush mir tuckas!"

* cudoos to Abe Haak and Dave Bender for the original format

The Liar Queen of falestine and MIFTAH

What is on my mind is all the news media talk about the cancellation and then the cynical request by US Rep Rhashid Talib for a "humanitarian visit" that she used to defame Israel.

I am writing this so you may share the knowledge with others. Just WHO is this group that funded the heinous "trip / visit" of US Reps Ilahan Omar and Rashid Talib? MIFTAH is a Palestinian, non-governmental organization (NGO), established in Jerusalem in December 1998. Its Secretary-General is the long-time PLO spokesperson Hanan Ashrawi.
According to its mission statement MIFTAH's main goal is:to engage local and international public opinion” in support of “the Palestinian cause by disseminating the Palestinian narrative and discourse …”.
In short, Miftah is clearly a propaganda organization that has frequently published numerous accusations to bash the Jewish State of Israeli with “cultural genocide,” “war crimes,” and “apartheid”, through posts in English and Arabic on their web site. MIFTAH also promotes anti-Israeli BDS (boycotts, divestment, and sanctions) campaigns to defame Israel as well as to circulate articles glorifying terrorism.

An example of this "Glorification" was in a piece by Johorah Baker;who has been identified as the group’s “Director of the Media and Information Department.” Elsewhere on the Miftah website, she is listed with other titles.
Johorah Baker's article was entitled; “Palestinian Women and the Intifada” from the 5th of July 2006 that focused on Palestinian women who: “decided to join the ranks of the resistance movement."

Now who did she select to glorify?

Wafa Idris a 28-year-old, divorced Red Crescent Volunteer who lived in the Am'ari Refugee Camp in Ramallah. She is glorified as “the beginning of a string of Palestinian women dedicated to sacrificing their lives for the cause.”
On the 27th of January 2002  shortly before 12:30AM Idris detonated a 22-pound bomb in the center of Jerusalem outside a shoe store on Jaffa Road that killed her, Pinchas Emanuel Tokatli, 81, of Jerusalem and over 150 people were wounded in a suicide bombing.

Pinchas Tokatli had been returning home from a painting class via the downtown area, where he was going to buy some paints as an amateur painter, when he was murdered. 

According to police, Pinchas had been standing near the female suicide bomber when she blew herself up. Regretfully he died only a short distance from the very spot on Jaffa Road where, in the 1940s, British soldiers beat him up, damaging his vision.

Another falestinian "heroine" that was chosen for "Glorification" was Hanadi Jaradat. Hanadi blew herself up on Saturday, the 4th of October 2003 in a suicide attack in the beach front Maxim restaurant in the northern Israeli city of Haifa.
The bomb Jaradat wore included metal fragments packed around an explosive core, that sprayed around the restaurant, maximizing lethal effect. 
According to Haifa police sources, the aftermath was gruesome, with some of the dead still sitting upright at their tables, while others, including children and babies, were slammed against the walls.
Due to the force of the explosion, all that remained of Jaradat was her head. 
In this particularly gruesome attack 21 innocent Israeli citizens who were peacefully eating, including five members of the Almog family from Haifa and five members of the Zer-Aviv family from Kibbutz Yagur near Haifa-among those murdered were four children and four Christian Arab Israelis.

The explosive charge she used included metal fragments packed around the explosive core, that sprayed around the restaurant, maximizing lethal effect.
Her father Taisir stated: that he was proud of what his daughter had done, and that "I will accept only congratulations for what she did. This was a gift she gave me, the homeland and the Palestinian people. Therefore, I am not crying for her."

Johorah Baker also wrote an article, titled “Let Us Honor Our Own,” which to this day appears on the Miftah website. The article strongly defends the right of the Palestinian Authority to pay salaries to imprisoned terrorists and the families of dead terrorists.

In this particular articel she praises the terrorist Dalal al-Mughrabi who led the infamous terrorist attack known in Israel as the Coastal Road Massacre. Dalal Mughrabi and her terrorist group  slaughtered 38 Israeli civilians, including 13 children and 71 were wounded. One member of the IDF was killed in the assault. The Coastal Road Massacre was the highest casualty toll in any terrorist attack in Israel’s history.

On March 9, 1978, a Palestinian terrorists from the  PLO faction of Fatah, led Dalal Mughrabi, left Lebanon on a ship headed for the Israeli coastline. They were equipped with AK-47 Kalashnikov rifles, RPGs- rocket propelled grenades, light mortars and high explosives. 
In their fear of being discovered by a Israeli Navy patrol early on the morning of March 11th, 1978, they transferred to two Zodiac boats and headed towards the shore. One of the Zodiacs capsized in the rough weather, and two of the terrorists drowned, but the surviving 11 carried on with their mission
The plan made by Abu Jihad was to seize a luxury hotel in Tel Aviv and take tourists and foreign ambassadors hostage in order to exchange them for Palestinian prisoners held by Israel and to "kill as many Israelis as possible". 
On that fateful morning of March 11th, 1978 Gail Rubin, an American nature photographer, happened to be taking photos that early morning on the beach near Kibbutz Ma'agan Michael. Dalal Mughrabi asked Rubin where they were and immediately after she told them, Mughrabi shot her in the head. Both surviving attackers claimed that Mughrabi shot Rubin, who was a niece of United States Senator Abraham A. Ribicoff.
After the murder of Rubin the terrorist teams approachedd the coastal highway where they opened fire at unsuspecting passing civilian vehicles. When several vehicles were damaged and abondoned the terrorists blocked the road and hijacked a taxi, killing its occupants. They chased down a passing bus with the taxi and seized it and headed to Tel Aviv. They then hijacked another bus, moving the now 71 hostages to the first bus of the Egged national carrier carrying employees and their families who had set out on a holiday.

The bus was finally stopped by a large police roadblock set up at the Glilot Junction the main highway north of Tel Aviv near Herzliya. The traffic police had spread spiked strips on the road to puncture the bus' tires. Due to the speed at which the attack was transpiring, Israeli counter-terrorism squads had not been able to mobilize quickly enough, and the roadblock was manned by ordinary patrolmen and traffic policemen, who were lightly armed in comparison to the militants and untrained in dealing with hostage situations. A firefight quickly erupted, and police broke the bus' windows and yelled at passengers to jump. Escaping passengers were shot at by Mughrabi. According to the Israeli police, Assaf Hefetz, then head of the Israeli Police counter-terrorism unit, arrived at the scene before his unit, and stormed the bus, killing two terrorists. Hefetz sustained a shoulder injury during the battle, and was later awarded the Israeli Police Medal of Courage. The Palestinians allege that Mughrabi raised the Palestinian flag and declared the establishment of a Palestinian state, but no flag was ever found.

The MIFTAH article “Let Us Honor Our Own," from August 29, 2011 strongly defends the right of the Palestinian Authority to pay salaries to imprisoned terrorists and the families of dead terrorists and she denounces Israel for objecting to such salaries and for objecting to the PA’s policy of naming parks, streets, and other venues after Mugrabi and other terrorists. 
The Palestinian Authority dedicated the public square in the city of al-Bireh to Mughrabi and it bears a plaque that depicts Mughrabi cradling a rifle against a map of Israel, the West Bank and Gaza Strip. 
In addition, the Palestinian Authority launched a seminar called "Martyr Dalal Mughrabi Camp," to be held in Jericho. In May 2017, the Palestinian Authority via its organisation Women's Affairs Technical Committee (WATC) named a women's center in the town of Burqa after Mughrabi and celebrated her as a role model.

Here’s what Ms. Johara Baker wrote about Mughrabi: 
“When Palestinians named a square after Dalal Al Mughrabi, a Palestinian fighter who was killed during a military operation against Israel in 1978, Israel was up in arms, claiming the Palestinians should not be allowed to name streets or squares after ‘terrorists.’
… Countries should not interfere in the internal affairs of others. If the Palestinians want to name a street after one of their national heroes, regardless of how this person is perceived by Israel, that is their business.”
Baker’s use of quotation marks around the term “terrorist” in her article makes it clear that she rejects that description. Baker writes that the murders Mughrabi carried out were “a military operation.”

Ergo, according to MIFTAH the murderer of a US senator’s niece is “a Palestinian fighter” and a “hero.”

In addition to the praises and "Glorification" of terrorists there is the the atrociously antisemitic canard by Nawaf al-Zaru published in an article lambasting then President Obama that repeated the infamous blood libel against Jews.

Or “Passover” and “Jewish blood rituals..?! Much of the chatter and gossip about historical Jewish blood rituals in Europe are real and not fake as they claim; the Jews used the blood of Christians in the Jewish Passover …"
This disgusting antisemitic myth was the cause for many deadly pogroms against Jews in medieval Europe, resulting in the murder of thousands and the brutal elimination of entire communities. In the 19th century, accusations increased, expanding as far as Damascus, and also fueled Nazi propaganda, including in Der Sturmer.
This vulgar antisemitic libel, like the Protocols of the Elders of Zion, have been widespread in Arab and Muslim media, including in the publications of “mainstream” NGOs, such as Miftah, and is included in a deadly mix of Arab and Neo-Nazi anti-Israel propaganda and incitement.
Miftah has acquired a visibility and impact as the result of massive funding received from donors who, while publicly condemning antisemitism and incitement, turn a blind eye to its practice. In 2011 (the latest available report), Miftah’s funder/enablers include the European Union (via the Anna Lindh Foundation), the governments of Switzerland, Sweden, Denmark, and the Netherlands, Ireland, Norway, Italy, and Austria, as well as two official German political foundations (the Heinrich Boell and the Konrad Adenauer Stiftung), and the UK branch of Oxfam (itself a recipient of state funding). Similarly, the US-based International Republican Institute, is a taxpayer supported, provided money between 2007 and 2012. Surely, European and American government officials who approved funding this and other such NGOs should have considered the highly antisemitic much less virulent anti-Israel / Zionism hatred expressed by the web site and their representatives. Similarly, the members of parliaments; who approved the budgets in most cases, without access to any of the details, (which EU and other officials have labeled top secret), and the journalists, who showed no interest in the virulent hatred and its consequences, share in this moral failure. Funders, particularly those who use the money provided by taxpayers, are also enablers, and are thereby accountable for all of the activities, including antisemitism, of the organizations in which they invest. The massive damage, that has already been done by European governments, enablers and US NGO groups as a result irresponsible support for Miftah and its counterparts, is immeasurable, and every additional grant does further harm and strengthens the abysmal hatred.

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The hidden agenda in a "proposed" new ethnic studies curriculum in California

This was originally a post of mine of Facebook from Augusy 11th, 2019 which because of its imprtance and length I decided to turn into a Blog entry.

What is on my mind today is the discussion regarding California’s proposed new ethnic studies curriculum.

As an educator of more than 30 years’ experience I understand that any ethnic studies courses will not have any chance of succeeding if they don’t stem from a strong curriculum that challenges students to read, listen, gather facts, analyze those facts and think critically about the controversial issues that will naturally arise. I totally agree that as an educator one should imbue students with an understanding of their own history and that of others because history has for too long been told by the winners, who have often left out the unsavory and sometimes tragic aspects of the story.

Regarding the source of those who proposed this "new ethnic studies curriculum" in California I would insist that the teachers who will teach this "New curriculum" be pre-screened for their personal bias!
Furthermore, as a senior teacher, I would strictly supervise those teachers in my responsibility to make them aware of their actions and to NOT allow personal prejudice affect there prodigies! Education is just that to make students aware and to open their minds to the facts and not to be brainwashed by scrupulous individuals with an agenda.

I have absolutely no objection to any properly researched educational course that broadens students’ thinking about; race, gender, sexuality, history and power by educators trained in the material.
From past experience with "proposed ethnic studies curriculum", many times they felt like an exercise in brainwashing to enforce groupthink. If not monitored properly they can be cynically designed to proselytize and inculcate more than to inform and to open minds without critical thinking. Thereby, only offering one side and one side only -without debate or criticism.

There is no mention in this new propose California ethnic studies curriculum regarding those students who might wish to disagree.

In the "new" ethnic studies curriculum there’s a "suggested list" of social movements that students might research — that feels awfully one-sided. According to the authors of the "new ethnic studies curriculum" there’s nothing wrong with students studying the Black Panther Party or the Third World Liberation Front or the Occupy Movement or the Palestinian-led BDS movement (?!!)

Not many educated teachers are aware of the true facts that these reactionary movements were founded by the KGB in the early 1960's during the "Cold War" to destabilize the American society from within? (I refer you to the mention of this by Ion Mihai Pacepa, former acting chief of Communist Romania’s espionage the highest-ranking intelligence officer ever to have defected from the former Soviet bloc, in his book "Red Horizons" (1987) and "Looming Disaster” by Lt. Gen. Ion Mihai Pacepa and Prof. Ronald Rychlak (2016).)

How many know that the Workers World Party (WWP), read Antifa - was created by the KGB in 1957 with the initial task of helping the Kremlin create a favorable impression of the 1956 Soviet invasion of Hungary among the trade unions and “colored” population of the United States.

How many know that the WWP presented itself as a “national Marxist-Leninist party promoting socialism, supporting working class struggles and lesbian/gay/bi/trans liberation, organizing protests, and denouncing racism and sexism.” - Does THIS sound similar?

And what about the infamous Occupy Wall Street (OWS) movement, which had Marxist roots and had been promoted by the international communist movement?
Iran’s Ayatollah predicted that Occupy Wall Street (OWS) would “bring down the capitalist system.” The Communist Party USA held a national teleconference to endorse the Occupy Wall Street (OWS) movement. “The bourgeoisie won’t go without violent means,” a CPUSA speaker announced. “Long live the Revolution!” The OWS movement has openly advocated for the abolition of “capitalist America.” 

The Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement, is a tool used by communists for their own benefit. Many observers have noted “” on pre-printed signs at BLM events. Revcom stands for the Revolutionary Communist Party. Its web page purports to support the Black Lives Matter movement.

And you wish to have naive young minds being fed this by these brainwashed and duped teachers who have no idea of the background of the super-secret KGB discipline known as the “science” of dezinformatsiya!

I ask what happened to the study of a range of ideas, reflecting a variety of ideologies and perspectives, and having students take sides, dispute and debate those ideas, honing their research and thinking in the process, and ultimately deciding for themselves?

This "new" California curriculum feels like it is more about imposing predigested political views on students rather than about widening their perspectives.

The "new" model curriculum "compares" capitalism with white supremacy? Wait? Have there NOT been many very many successful Afro-America entrepreneurs?
In historical reference since the founding of the American republic, it adopted the laissez-faire capitalism which has allowed for all Americans to achieve better lives then their predecessors in "the old world". Capitalism despite its flaws and detractors has led to better lives. As can be seen in Venezuela, socialism is a flop and in the old Soviet Union so was Communism so why the intensive hatred of a system that is meant to improve the lives of those who work? There is no "Utopia", at least not in this stage of the primitivity and barbarianism exhibited by certain members of humanity.

The "new" model curriculum addresses "racism" as a “form of power and oppression.” Historically yes, in many ways it is, and that is the exact basis of WHY it should be debated and discussed openly!

As to the authors of the "new" ethnic studies curriculum to cynically assert that BDS - specifically the Palestinian motivated BDS pointed at Israel- "IS" a "social movement whose aim is to achieve freedom through equal rights and justice” is a blatant lie.
The current Palestinian motivated BDS movement is NOT about "freedom through equal rights and justice" it is a movement designed to negate the sovereignty and existence of the Jewish State without peace negotiations.
The cynical insertion of this equivalency is blatant brainwashing and poisoning of young minds, The Palestinian BDS movement is seen by Congress and by many countries in the world as anything but a "social movement" it is seen as an attack towards the legitimacy  of one country whose backers are associated with US designated FTO (Foreign Terrorist Organizations)

The "New ethnic studies curriculum is in dire need of an overhaul.

The final curriculum should emphasize the deep, disturbing and complex facts of racial and ethnic history, respecting differences of opinion, and encouraging open discussion on an often difficult subject but above ALL else it should teach the students to research and learn the real facts and truth.

The curriculum is anti-Israel, neglects to include Jews as an ethnic minority, and promotes aggression against Israel.

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With the Falestinians Nothing Ever Changes

This is from the CIA (ex OSS- Office of Stategic Services) file 9677 from 1942 report dictated by a "well placed Arab Moslem of Jerusalem"-more then probably Raghib al-Nashashibi-a leading opponent of the Husayni family in Palestine, who explicity pushes the Arab Nationalistic anti-Zionist Point of view.
This summation from the report illustrates just why hatred of the Jews by the Arabs led to the closure of the Gates of the Mandatory Area of Palestine and the murder of the majority of the Jews of Europe.
Notice how the OSS (pre CIA) report describes the British fear of an Arab uprising and the willingness to sacrifice innocent Jewish lives of those refugees who wished to flee on their lives with their children to the Balfour Declared Jewish Homeland in palestine but are prevented. The sicking British appeasment of the Arabs to block and prevent the desperate Jews of Europe from fleeing for their lives is irreprehensible.
The story of the complicity of the Arabs in the murder of the Jews of Europe is a nonstory because of its indicment of the world in its participation in the s hiding of this monstorous blight on humanity.
The Arabs despite the British capitualation to their request to "liquidate the Jewish Immigration to palestine" nevertheless, actively fought and revolted on the side of the Axis powers-read Nazi Germany in World War II. The most infamous story of this is the participation of the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem Haj Amin el Husseni in the Nazi war effort.
Haj Amin el Husseni had been chosen for the "esteemed position"of Grand Mufti of Jerusalem  in order to pacifiy the Arab resistance to the British presence in the Mandated Territory and to not disturb the British strategic interests in the Middle East most promimently the oil fields near Mosul in Iraq and the TAP line (Trans Arabian Pipeline) to the oil refineries in Haifa.
The usual British hypocricy and slap in the "stinging" face to the Jews was felt by many proud Zionistic Jews who turned to open resistance to the British rule in the form of the Irgun and Lechi.

The excerpt begins from page 26;


"None of these arrangements have been put through, and the White Paper is still shelved. At present, while the Arabs are waiting for Government to execute its terms, the Jews are pressing Britain directly, and indirectly through America, to have this White Paper repealed. They threaten the Allies that they are strong enough, from a military point of view, to face the world with a fait accompli and bring into Palestine a million illegal Immigrants within every short period, to be counted in months, thereby becoming a majority in the country and dictating their terms.

The Jews also say that nothing now prevents them from fulfilling their plans except the fact that the countries from which those illegal immigrants are to be brought are in German hands, and as soon as the Germans are cleared out, mass immigration into 'Palestine will start, regardless of whether the war has come to an end or not.
It is generally expected that such mass immigration will start immediately upon the successful invasion of the Balkans by the Allies."

The British feel the danger of this mass immigration, and at the same time they make it clear that they are unable to turn immigrants back once they have reached Palestine. It is thought that the best way to prevent it would be to anticipate and thwart it at the point of starting. Yet, it is admitted, particularly in connection with the Balkan countries, such interference by Britain would be negligible.

The Arabs, on the other nand, feel that illegal immigration can be stopped by Britain if she really puts her will into the matter, for the following reasons:
  • She is the mistress of the seas, and with her are allies also powerful on the sea. Therefore no one can convince them that private institutions like the Jewish agency can, with impunity, challenge this mastery of the seas.
  • That either during the war, or after it, illegal immigration can successfully be prevented by military or diplomatic means, if Britain were really determined to stop it.
  • That at any rate, Britain has full control in Palestine, and if she were sincere in her declarations about stopping immigration, as stated in the White Paper of 1939, she would prevent such illegal entry.
  •  That Britain knows that the Jewish Agency is behind this policy of illegal immigration, and if Government would only take as firm a stand vis-a-vis the Agency as they have against the Arabs, the Jewish scheme would fail. 

(Editor: The inference is that the Arab Higher Committee was dissolved as an illegal body, and that now here is the Jewish Agency, known by Government to be aiding illegal immigration, smuggling arms and training an army).

In connection with that mentioned above about the Jews feeling themselves strong enough from a military point of view, the Arabs are not uninformed as to the clandestine arming of Jews on a very large scale. The fact that the Jews put much pressure on Great Britain to allow them to form a Jewish army to fight under a Jewish flag, and when this failed they used every method, both legal and illegal, to push every possible young man into the Allied armies, has not blinded the Arabs to the true motive behind this false patriotism. From Jewish utterances we know that they are not fighting for the Allies or for the ideal or democracy; rather they are thereby training their youth for military duty, in order to fight for Zionism, if need be against the British, when the time comes. Not only this, but they have in Palestine secret military organizations where they train the youth, from 15 years of age, in the art of war on Nazi principles on a very large scale. Many youth outings have resulted in deaths from explosions of bombs they carry, but reported as accidentally coming in contact with mines. These facts are well known to the British military and civil authorities in Palestine.
In this connection it is a well known fact that during World War I, while the Jews were negotiating with Great Britain for a National Home in palestine, they were at the same time dickering with the Germans for the same purpose, and actually received promises of meeting their demands. However, England forestalled this by making a more elastic promise - the Balfour Declaration of November 2, 1917, and by Lord Allenby's armies occupying Palestine (see Peels Report, page 23).

Briefly, the present Palestine position is as follows:-

  1. The 'White Paper issued in May, 1939, which Great Britain said was her final and decisive policy as to Palestine, and which would be implemented, regardless of whether either or both parties accepted it or not.
  2. This White Paper (now practically five years old) has not been implemented in any manner in connection with constitutional or representative changes in the Government. The clauses regarding the curtailment of land transfer to the Jews cannot be deemed to have been carried out by the half-hearted measures taken by Government in this respect. With regard to immigration, the maximum figure of 75,000 within five years given in the White Paper, has, according to Jewish statistics (illegal immigration) been exceeded long ago, while according to Government figures this has not been reached owing to tne war and the occupation of Europe by Germany.
  3. While the Arabs are patiently waiting for Great Britain to honour her pledge and fulfil the terms of the White paper, the Jews are determined to have it repealed, either by political pressure, as in the past, or by force of arms.

Regarding America, the Arabs believe that the official view of the American Government favours Zionism, and neglects the Arabs and their rights. They would like to believe that this is due to their lack of information re Zionist aspirations and Arab rights, but they feel that America is one of the few countries in the world which has all the opportunities - its foreign service, its missionaries, educational and other philanthropic institutions, travellers and students of world affairs, scores of thousands or Arabs living in America and enjoying American citizenship - to learn the true facts of the situation. If, in spite of all that, the official view is, as the Arabs believe it to be, pro-Zionist, then the Arabs feel they are justified in assuming that such views are held by the official bodies, either owing to Zionist propaganda or because such officials are indifferent to the cause of justice in Palestine.

The Arab impression has come about in the following way:-

A. By repeated utterances by the President and a host of American politicians and statesmen, both before and during the war, favouring Zionism with all its implications, and not ever taking into consideration or even making any mention of Arab prepondering rignts to Palestine.

B. The 1939 Arab delegation to the London conference was offered a solution or the Palestine problem more favourable to them than the terms or the White Paper that was subsequently published. The orfer, while still under discussion, was withdrawn by the Britian Government, and the delegation WWI told that the withdrawal was made because the United States Government had intervened and asked the British Government not to go so far in deference to the Jews.

This was told the joint Arab Delegation by the then Prime Minister, the late Mr. Chamberlain, in the presence of Lord Halifax, the Foreign Secretary, and Mr. Malcolm MacDonald, the Colonial Secretary. They were further told that while as yet America was not an ally, still the world was on the verge of another World War, and England could not therefore neglect the wishes of her friends.
Thereupon a part of the Arab Delegation called on the United States Ambassador in London, Mr. Kennedy, who denied having made any advances to the British on that score. The Arabs thereupon faced the British Government with this reply, only to be told that the pressure had come direct from Washington, through the British Ambassador there.
Unofficially it was explained by some members of the British Government that the President was on the threshold of another term of office. Therefore he was anxious for the American Jewish vote and influence, which was considerable.

The Stopping of the 1937-1939 Rebellion.

While all this was going on, the World War II started, and the Arabs were still in open revolt against the British. The Arab leaders, nevertheless, after having discussed the matter
with representatives of the Arab States and other Arab leaders, decided to stop the rebellion in Palestine on account of the war, in which England was deeply involved. One of the major reasons why they came to this conclusion was to prove to the world that their rebellion was not inspired by foreign anti-British influence, but was a natural act of self-preservation and self-defence against Zionist invasion. The Arabs had no quarrel with the
British as such. Their only grievance was the blind British support of Zionist aggression, which repeatedly, under Jewish pressure, nullified the findings or their own experts.


By strength of personality he overawed all those under him, both in the Waqaf and the Sharia Courts, so that they furthered his ambitions for political grandeur. The result was that by 1930 he came to be looked upon as Palestine's only possible saviour from Zionism. The above acts all fall within the category of his being head of the Supreme Moslem Council - as Mufti he could have exercised no such powers.

Disappearance from Palestine.(This is the bovine excretment being relayed to the OSS (CIA) representative as though "the truth".)

We do not need to enlarge upon the history of Hadj Amin's departure from Palestine. It is known that after fleeing Palestine he first resided in Beirut. Upon the Allied occupation
of Syria he moved to Baghdad, and again when the Iraqi uprising was crashed and the country occupied by the Allies, he fled to Teheran. After the Allied occupation or Persia, we hear of him in Axis countries, both Italy and Germany.

While in Beirut Hadj Amin was under French guards, but with the knowledge of the French Authorities he reorganised the Arab Higher Committee with former members available there at the time. Their activities were purely political, and never dealt with violence. The Committee was allowed to meet with Hadj Amin on specific days.

During this time it was known that the Palestine revolution was being backed and supported by a secret organisation of Palestinians and Syrians functioning from Damascus. This organization furnished and supported the revolution with arms and ammunition, clothing, food and money. The organization was so secret that I do not know till today who they were.

(Asked which of the following reports were true - (a) that hadj Amin ordered the murder of many Arabs during the revolution because they were his political enemies; or (b) that the situation got out of hand, and under the guise of following the instructions of those higher up, many of the revolutionists took the opportunity to bump off personal enemies, or of being paid to do so by others, our informant replied as follows):

I lost touch with Hadj Amin's doings after he left falestine. I know that as long as the Isser El Din El Qassm lieutenants and disciples were in power the revolution was run on a very high plane of justice, but as these were one by one killed off, more and more the ranks of the revolution were swelled by regular brigands. The position deteriorated until the revolution was finally called off.

(Editer: In this connection, to one of Hadj Amin's closest friends Aref El Aref and a great admirer - now an important official in the Palestine Government - was put this question:)

Did Haj Amin get funds from the Axis to help run the revolution?

The reply was,
"I know that we Arabs were all called upon to contribute to the fund, and the amounts we were assigned were not small, no that great funds were thus collected. I also know that non-Palestinian Arabs helped meet the cost of the revolution. Whether Hadj Amin was offered or accepted funds from the Axis I am not in a position to know, but I should not censure him if he did. We could not any longer hope for any help or justice from Great Britain. We Arabs are not anti-British or anti-American. We look up to than as great nations, with high ideals of justice - the leaders in democracy.
But when it comes to Palestine we cannot trust or respect them.
They are under the thumb and controlled, for various reasons, by the Jews and Zionists." 

Jerusalem, 22nd October, 1943.

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My Proposal for a Just Peace in the Middle East

A glooming peace this morning with it brings;
The sun, for sorrow, will not show his head:
Go hence, to have more talk of these sad things;
Some shall be pardon'd, and some punished:
For never was a story of more woe
Than this of Juliet and her Romeo.
Shakespeare "Romeo And Juliet" Act V, Scene III

I had written this proposal for a permanent solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict / problem back in 2009 based on the ‎‎‎Marshal Plan used in post WWII Europe and the creation of a Confederation between the ‎‎‎Palestinian controlled areas (areas A & B) of Judaea and Shomron -aka the “West Bank” and Jordan as it was during the Period of ‎‎‎‎1948 -1967.

Little could I know that 10 years later an American President would be elected who would have "Zionistic" advisors and have the fortitude to deal with the Arabs as described further in my blog as FDR proposed.

Though "painful" as my plan is to the Arab side it is the right and only ‎‎humanitarian solution to end the conflict.

The continual corrupt Palestinian Leadership and the Arab governments refusal to ‎‎accept the State of Israel as a Jewish state and as an entity in the Middle East, is a forgone ‎‎conclusion and MUST be recognized. 
As for the long suffering of the innocent Palestinian refugees (pawns / cannon fodder) they should be absorbed in those countries where they fled to. Just as Israel did for the ‎‎Jews that were made refugees in post WWII Europe and the 900,000 "ethnically cleansed" Jews from most of the Arab countries of the ‎‎Middle East.

UNR194 Article 9:
"Resolves that the refugees wishing to return to their homes and live at peace with their ‎‎‎neighbors should be permitted to do so at the earliest practicable date, and that ‎‎‎compensation should be paid for the property of those choosing not to return and for loss ‎‎of or damage to property which, under principles of international law or in equity, should ‎‎be made good by the Governments or authorities responsible."
Under UNR194 Article 9  it states "compensation should be paid for the property" any Arab refugee-the sole representative NOT ALL the UNWRA descendents- who can prove by documention ownership should receive adequate compensation through the court system.
Those who do not have any proof will receive a special "resettlement deal".
As for the 900,000 Jewish refugees from Arab Lands they should also recive "compensation should be paid for the property" "‎... made good by the Governments or authorities responsible."

My proposal is based on that put forward in the late 1930’s, by US President ‎‎Franklin D Roosevelt, on the absorption and resettlement of the stateless and homeless ‎‎Palestinian refugees just as Israel did for the Jewish refugees.

All should note that all six Arab countries that ‎‎were then represented at the UN and voted against UNR194; Egypt, Iraq, Lebanon, ‎‎Saudi Arabia, Syria and Yemen, and were active participants to the conflict in question. Should lead the way in resolving the issue by each absorbing the Palestinians as fellow citizens as stipulated in UNR194 Article 9.

The plan encompasses a two-step solution. ‎‎

Step One:
Those Palestinian refugees within the Palestinian Authority controled areas in Judaea and Shomron -the West Bank and Gaza ‎‎‎Strip should be offered a comprehensive resettlement and financial package in return for ‎‎‎a long-term peace based on a total cessation of conflict and a forgoing of their “right of ‎‎‎return”.

Step Two:
As to the Palestinians that have lived in squalid stateless refugee camps throughout the ‎‎‎region, in those states that have confined them there, should be allowed two choices.
  • ‎‎‎Either to stay and be absorbed into their adoptive countries as full citizens 
  • or they should ‎‎‎be allowed free passage to “return” to the lands of the Palestinian Authority. 
If they do so ‎‎‎choose this option they should be included in the comprehensive resettlement and financial ‎‎‎package.

Those adoptive countries which welcome the refugees as full citizens should be enticed ‎‎‎to do so with incentives and financial compensation. Those Arab countries that refuse ‎‎‎should be severe penalized and should face punitive actions.

As to the Jewish residents in Judea and Shomron who are in areas A ; B that will not be annexed to the state of Israel they should be offered the choice to become ‎‎‎‎citizens of the Palestinian State or to recieve monetary compensation to relocate within the Jewish State.

Assistance in the re-education of the Arab population from that of war, religious ‎‎‎intolerance and terror must be enforced. Should one of the countries in the region fail ‎‎‎to comply to the re-education and to co-existence in peace than that body should face ‎‎‎worldwide condemnation, boycott and cessation of all assistance.

Additionally, any state which threatens the existence of another state or should propose ‎‎‎genocide should be met with the fullest enforcement of the entire UN body under ‎‎Article ‎‎2 of the UN Charter with a total economic embargo and if ‎‎necessitated by a full-scale military operation of all parties concerned for world peace.

Furthermore, a proposal should be made to the Egyptians to forgive her national debt in ‎‎‎return for a ceding of parts of northern Sinai to the Palestinian Authority or for the ‎‎‎resettlement of stateless Palestinians wishing for land to live on there.

The same could be said for the resettlement of Palestinians from Areas A; B in the sparsely inhabited ‎‎‎eastern regions of Jordan. In order to make this decision feasible than those Arab ‎‎‎countries willing to participate should adopt Israel’s Development Town settlement plan ‎‎‎used in its resettlement of the displaced Jews in the 1950’s. This plan based on collective ‎‎‎farming villages inhabited by those Palestinians who have farming skills, will be given ‎‎‎assistance to build homes as well as basic essentials to begin their farms.

Needless to say, that those who accept the resettlement plan will be given title or “Taboo” to the land and full citizenship. Those ‎‎Palestinian refugees with small business skills and occupations who wish to resettle in the ‎"Development Towns” of these areas will be given apartments and financial aid to begin ‎‎small businesses as well as long term loans.

What was the Source for my plan?

My plan is not new nor was it never contemplated before. The thirty-second President of ‎‎‎the United States President Franklin Delano Roosevelt who held this office for an ‎‎‎unprecedented thirteen years until his death in 1945 also put forth a similar plan ‎‎‎BEFORE the decision for Partition of the Mandate was made in November of 1947.

President Roosevelt's interest in transferring Arabs from Palestine began in ‎‎October 1938 after a meeting with Justice Louis Brandeis. ‎‎Brandeis reported on this meeting to Felix Frankfurter who in turn passed on the report to ‎‎Stephen Wise and to presidential advisor and script-writer Ben Cohen. Brandeis pointed out in his report of this meeting how Roosevelt appreciated the significance of Palestine, ‎‎“the need of keeping it whole and of making it Jewish". He was tremendously interested - and wholly surprised - on learning of the great increase in Arab population since the First World War; and on learning of the plentitude of land for Arabs in Arab countries, about which he made specific inquiries.”

The Historian Zaha Bustami commented that it was, “…difficult to tell who brought up ‎‎‎this subject during the meeting, but the information on Arab demography was provided ‎‎by Frankfurter,” who had met with FDR a few days earlier a meeting to discuss the ‎‎Palestine situation.

On 25th of October 1938, Roosevelt had a meeting with the British Ambassador to the ‎‎‎U.S., Sir Ronald Lindsay. Lindsay wrote that the President was “impressed by the fact ‎‎‎that the Arab population had increased by 400,000 since the establishment of the League ‎‎Of Nations Mandate.”

FDR also contemplated the creation of a program of well-digging across the Jordan. ‎‎Roosevelt firmly believed that, “we ought to be able to find that money for the purpose”. ‎‎FDR believed that once a large quantity of water would be made available for irrigation ‎‎and the cultivable land thus created in Trans-Jordanian territory it;
‎‎“should be set apart for Arabs from Palestine. They should be offered land free, and that ought to be enough to attract them; and failing the attraction, they should be compelled to emigrate to it. Palestine could thus be relieved of 200,000 Arabs”.
FDR also added that it would; “be necessary to prescribe that no Arab should be allowed ‎‎to immigrate into Palestine, and no Jew into the Arab lands.” ‎‎

The Assistant Secretary of State Adolf Berle, later recalled that,"The President was full ‎‎‎of Palestine” and that FDR called on Ronald Lindsay to call a conference of Arab ‎‎‎princes. FDR was adamant in having them lay down;
“say ‎‎$200,000,000 buying a farm for every Arab who wishes to leave Palestine, the money chiefly to be used in digging wells, which is perfectly possible in the Hedjaz.” Here, it is quite clear that Roosevelt intended the Arabs to pay for the transfer of the Arabs of Palestine."
British Ambassador Lindsay therefore asked Lancelot Oliphant of the British Foreign ‎‎‎Office to have someone prepare a “short answer to this scheme” to have in readiness, ‎‎‎although he stressed that he would not take the initiative in sending a reply to the ‎‎‎President. Lindsay’s request was first dealt with by Lacy Baggalay of the Foreign Office. ‎‎He first quoted experts, who held that the possibilities of finding water in quantity by ‎‎boring in Transjordan were, “quite restricted”. He then continued;
“But even assuming ‎‎that water could be found in large quantities, it is now out of the question that any Arabs ‎‎should be ‎‎'compelled' to emigrate to the lands thus brought into cultivation.Whatever ‎‎else may remain uncertain about the problem of Palestine, the impossibility of ‎‎compulsion on this scale is now beyond dispute."
Oliphant sent a reply to Lindsay saying that the British government would not even ‎‎contemplate such an idea, and it would be “thoroughly unjust” to compel the Arabs to ‎‎transfer from Palestine “to make room for immigrants ‎‎[Jews] of a totally different race ‎‎who have had no connection with it [Palestine] for at least 2,000 years.” He also brought, ‎‎in his words, the “fallacy” which Roosevelt was using to try and solve the Palestine ‎‎problem. ‎‎

There are those who blame, “the genesis of Roosevelt's idea of a forcible or voluntary ‎‎eviction of Palestinian Arabs to Trans-Jordan or other neighboring lands" on Roosevelt’s contacts with Zionist circles in the summer of 1938 perhaps in discussions with Brandeis and Frankfurter.” 

But in truth the "Who" actually had given Roosevelt the idea that irrigation of the Transjordan desert would create a ‎‎suitable location for the Arab transferees? The indications are that it came from the State ‎‎Department where at that period Edward Norman was in contact with government ‎‎officials to advance his own transfer plans. Although Norman was at the time in contact ‎‎with the State Department, his plans were in fact to irrigate Iraq by means of the dams it ‎‎had recently constructed.

Roosevelt summoned British Ambassador Lindsay for a further meeting, presumably during the first half of ‎‎‎November. At this meeting, the President said that he thought that “the British should call ‎‎‎in some of the Arab leaders from Palestine and some of the leaders from the adjoining ‎‎‎Arab countries.

"The British should explain to them that they, the Arabs, had within their ‎‎control large territories ample to sustain their people.” He also pointed out that Jewish ‎‎immigration to Palestine and Transjordan would not harm the Arabs since there was ‎‎plenty of room for everyone.
Roosevelt then went on to propose transfer of Arabs, “Some ‎‎of the Arabs on poor land in Palestine could be given much better land in adjoining Arab ‎‎countries."

British Ambassador ‎‎Lindsay answered Roosevelt by saying that there was opposition in both the Arab and ‎‎Moslem world but the President, “belittled this opposition and thought it due largely to British indecision and conflicting policy.”  
Roosevelt had also thought of ideas of how to finance this transfer. He thought that; “if a plan was devised for a settlement of 100,000 families costing $3,000 a family or ‎‎$300 million the funds might be raised” by the American Government, the British and French Governments, and private subscriptions - largely Jewish; each of these bodies would contribute $100 million."‎‎

Towards the end of December the British Charge d'Affaires in Washington met with ‎‎‎Sumner Welles and handed him a memorandum on transfer received from the British ‎‎‎Government, adding that Roosevelt would probably be interested in it.‎‎ After pointing out that the latest available evidence did not bear out the belief that any ‎‎considerable quantity of water could be obtained in Transjordan at shallow levels by ‎‎boring wells, the memorandum continued;
“Suggestions have also been made that if the free offer of cultivable land in Transjordan did not suffice to attract the Arabs from Palestine, they might be compelled to emigrate from it, with the object of vacating land in Palestine for settlement by Jews.”
This discussion and debate regarding the Arabs of the Mandated Areas occurs during the ‎‎rise of Nazi Germany occurring during the years 1933 -1938. During this period the free ‎‎immigration of the Jews of Europe was of the utmost issue for Jewish circles. The critical ‎‎period of 1938-1941 was the period of the beginnings of war in Europe. It was also the ‎‎period of British appeasement to the Arabs of the severe restrictions of Jewish ‎‎immigration in the White Paper of 1939.

The British Government was fearful of the repercussions in Britain, India and the ‎‎Moslem world if they should back Roosevelt's plan of Arab "resettlement". They saw the threat to the sources of raw materials and oil for the Empire in agreeing to Roosevelt’s proposals. Their Empire would be in jeopardy due to their promises made to the Jews. His Majesty's Government realized that they would be accused of “unjustly trying to force a long-established community to leave its country in order to make room for immigrants of a race which has, in great part, not lived in Palestine for many centuries.” The British Government also felt that the problem of ‎‎“redistribution of the Arab and Jewish communities in Palestine and across the Jordan”, was not one of finance but rather of politics. On two occasions, Roosevelt raised his plan with British representatives but he was ‎‎‎“firmly told that no amount of financial inducement would move the Palestinian Arabs.” Roosevelt however, was unconvinced by this British reply.‎‎

Chaim Weizmann had his first meeting with Roosevelt in February 1940. At this ‎‎meeting, Roosevelt put forward the idea of bribing the Arabs, asking Weizmann “What ‎‎about the Arabs? Can't that be settled with a little baksheesh?” Weizmann replied that ‎‎“it wasn't as simple as all that. Of course, the Jewish people would compensate the Arabs in a reasonable way for anything they got, but there were other factors appertaining to a settlement.”

In December 1942 two and a half years later, Roosevelt told Treasury Secretary, Henry ‎‎‎Morgenthau;
“I actually would put a barbed wire around Palestine, and I would begin to ‎‎‎move the Arabs out of Palestine.... I would provide land for the Arabs in some other part ‎‎‎of the Middle East.... Each time we move out an Arab we would bring in another Jewish ‎‎‎family.... But I don't want to bring in more than they can economically support.... It ‎‎‎would be an independent nation just like any other nation.... Naturally, if there are 90 per ‎‎‎cent Jews, the Jews would dominate the government.... There are lots of places to which ‎‎‎you could move the Arabs. All you have to do is drill a well because there is a large ‎‎‎underground water supply, and we can move the Arabs to places where they can really ‎‎‎live.”
In October 1943, the question of “barbed-wire” around Palestine came up again in a ‎‎‎conversation between Roosevelt and Judge Samuel Rosenman, Justice of the New York ‎‎‎Supreme Court and speechwriter and counselor to Roosevelt. Roosevelt had spoken of ‎‎‎the “possibility of settling the Palestine question by letting the Jews in to the limit that the ‎‎‎country will support them - with a barbed-wire fence around the Holy Land.” Rosenman ‎‎‎thought that this would work, “if the fence was a two-way one to keep the Jews in and the ‎‎‎Arabs out.”

What should be mentioned here is that by this time Roosevelt already knew full well of the Nazi program of mass genocide. He had been informed by Churchill in the Casablanca Conference January 14 to 24, 1943, of the entire text of the Protocols of the Wannassee conference gleaned from the transmission of the file through the Abwehr G312 “Enigma” program at Bletchley Park. Roosevelt had also read the Polish Foreign Minister Count Edward Raczynski's note which had been addressed to the Governments of the United Nations on 10 December 1942 entitled, "The mass extermination of Jews in German occupied Poland", which provided the Allies with the earliest and most accurate accounts of the Holocaust.

At the beginning of November 1944, Roosevelt was elected President for an ‎‎‎unprecedented fourth term. A few days later, Roosevelt discussed the Palestine situation ‎‎‎with the Under-Secretary of State, Edward Stettinius. After telling Roosevelt of their ‎‎‎difficulties regarding Palestine, Stettinius wrote in his diary, that Roosevelt felt confident ‎‎‎that he would be able to “iron out” the whole Arab-Jewish issue. “He thinks Palestine ‎‎‎should be for the Jews and no Arabs should be in it”, continued Stettinius, “and he has ‎‎‎definite ideas on the subject. It should be exclusive Jewish territory.”‎‎

Roosevelt developed his ideas for the transfer of the Arabs from Palestine during the last ‎‎‎six or seven years of his life through his insight on the rise of Hitler and Nazi Germany. ‎‎Some believe that Roosevelt's views had become more extreme as time progressed as he heard from State Department officials and Military Intelligence reports of the events happening in Eastern Europe against the Jews.

Originally recommending the transfer of two hundred thousand Arabs, he eventually ‎‎stated unequivocally that “Palestine should be for the Jews and no Arabs should be in it.”

Almost all the statements that are quoted on this subject were not written by Roosevelt ‎‎himself, but by the various people he worked and met with. There are no recordings ‎‎either.
This however, is characteristic of Franklin D. Roosevelt since he was a man who ‎‎always had one eye cocked on historians who would someday assess his role in history. ‎‎He tried to cover his historical tracks, using unrecorded telephone conversations and ‎‎unrecorded private interviews .

The Jewish people wherever they are have aspired for peace for over two thousand years! Our ‎‎people have known discrimination, bigotry, death and destruction with no place to run to.
The chief American Zionist leaders at that terrible time Louis Brandeis, Felix Frankfurter and Henry Morgenthau knew that the fate of millions of Jews were at stake. But the world’s apathy and closed doors and most importantly Arab hatred epitomized by the Grand Mufti of “Palestine” Haj Amin Al-Husseini lead to the death of SIX million ‎‎innocent Jewish lives.

No thinking intelligent individual whether he be Jew or Gentile desires the horrors of ‎‎death and destruction caused by war and terrorism. Tolerance and the willingness to sit ‎‎down with one’s former arch enemy for the sake of peace initiated by the late Itzhak ‎‎Rabin z”l who gave his life in an attempt to bring peace to the Middle East calumniated ‎‎in the 1993 ‘Oslo Accords’. The quest for peace during the past decade was the keystone ‎‎of the administrations of former Prime Ministers Ehud Barak and even Arik Sharon.

However, at every instance the Palestinians have opted for more and more violence.

The tremendous desire for a true peace and an end to the cycle of violence between our ‎‎‎two peoples has led Israel to make endless and painful concessions to the Arabs with NOTHING in return. We, Israeli’s ‎‎‎have evacuated the Sinai and it’s settlements for Peace with Egypt. We also “disengaged” ‎‎‎from the Gaza Strip, a step which severely traumatized parts of our people, for no ‎‎‎concessions in return other than that the Palestinian people acknowledge our right to ‎‎‎exist. It is sadly regrettable that the Palestinian people have continued to react to the ‎‎‎Israeli concessions with over 12,000 rockets and mortar rounds.

Recently, the Palestinian Authority's ambassador to the US publicly said. "No Jews should ‎‎‎be allowed to live in" any part of a future Palestinian state. If he had said "no Israelis," that would be one thing; however, he excludes all Jews ‎‎‎‎(presumably even the handful of ultra-orthodox Neturai Karta who are anti-Zionist), and further reinforces ‎‎the full truth behind the conflict.

The keystone of the new Hamas led Palestinian Government is the denial of the “Oslo ‎‎‎Accords” and the Iranian policy of the total extermination of the State of Israel and of the Jews within. Their ‎‎‎leaders make endless speeches of hatred and there is a total lack of the teaching of ‎‎‎tolerant and peace among their youth.

Moderate and “Educated” Arabs as well as those Arab countries who wish to live in a “Just and ‎‎‎Lasting “Peace for the Middle East, need to prove to the Jews of Israel their willingness to enter ‎‎‎a new “Golden Age”. All hatred and death must stop now.‎‎


Following the First World War, Emir Feisal, son of Sherif Hussein (Husayn) of Mecca, and the leader of the Arab movement, met in Aqaba with Dr. Chaim Weizmann, the head of the Zionist Commission to Palestine. Later, at the Paris Peace Conference, the two negotiated and signed an agreement, which spoke of full cooperation in the development of the independent Arab state in present-day Syria and Iraq (as promised by the British to Feisal) and the Jewish home in Palestine (from the Balfour Declaration), and encouraging ‎‎"the immigration of Jews into Palestine on a large scale". The agreement was not carried out, mostly due to the change in Allied policy regarding the Arab State which Feisal had planned to establish.

The two defining articles of the agreement were:

Article I :

The Arab State and "Palestine" (Note: Feisal is referring here to the Jewish State) in all their relations and undertakings shall be controlled by the most cordial goodwill and understanding and to this end Arab and Jewish duly accredited agents shall be established and maintained in the respective territories.

 Article IV:

All necessary measures shall be taken to encourage and stimulate immigration of Jews into Palestine on a large scale, and as quickly as possible to settle Jewish immigrants upon the land through closer settlement and intensive cultivation of the soil. In taking such measures the Arab peasant and tenant farmers shall be protected in their rights and shall be assisted in forwarding their economic development.

Also, during the peace conference following World War I, the Emir Feisal exchanged letters with Justice Felix Frankfurter, professing his support for Zionist aims. In the light of later history and the current characterization of the Zionist movement, it is significant that Feisal wrote:
“I hope the Arabs may soon be in a position to make the Jews some return for their kindness. We are working together for a reformed and revived Near East, and our two movements complete one another. The Jewish movement is national and not imperialist. Our movement is national and not imperialist, and there is room in Syria for us both. Indeed I think that neither can be a real success without the other.”
People less informed and less responsible than our leaders and yours, ignoring the need for co-operation of the Arabs and Zionists have been trying to exploit the local difficulties that must necessarily arise in Palestine in the early stages of our movements. Some of them have, I am afraid, misrepresented your aims to the Arab peasantry, and our aims to the Jewish peasantry, with the result that interested parties have been able to make capital out of what they call our differences.”
The promises once made by Emir Feisal are forgotten by today’s “Moderate” Palestinians. Sari Nusseibeh once wrote: “The Israeli government's current mantra is that the Palestinians must recognize a "Jewish State".”‎ - to which former president of the Supreme Court of Israel, Aharon Barak once wrote;
"[The] Jewish State is the state of the Jewish people … it is a state in which every Jew has the right to return …”

Israel is THE Jewish homeland for the Jewish people.