Saturday, December 1, 2018

Marc Lamont Hill - Brainwashed Buffoon Par Excellance

What is on my mind is the great audience of "Liberal" -read anti-Zionists / read anti-Jewish- backers of this ignorant buffoon Marc Lamont Hill.

The more I read and hear from him, the more I realize just how deeply encroached is the total revision of history and truth by "so-called" educators in America who as "educators" should read -that is if they are intelligent enough to do so - the relevant sources of information available to learn the unbiased factual proof.

Mr Hill's comments-so loved by the "Minions of CNN"- are inspired by his total ignorance and swallowing in whole of revisionist history. Sadly, and regretfully this total hate filled bunch of "Hogwash" brainwashing is common among the youth -read Millennials- of America.

Upon research of his past comments, utterances, Tweets and writings one can see the continual string of his Jew hatred, which he so adamantly denies, was learned from his mentor Luis Farrakhan.The man like Farrakhan is a liar and a hate monger. Hill once labeled Farrakhan “a hero to Blacks of all religions” — wrote  he has had “several principled disagreements”  with his mentor and even stated; “I do NOT believe … that Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan is an anti-Semite.” Even though Minister Farrakhan openly stated; “Satanic Jews who have infected the whole world with poison and deceit.” Is this statement NOT openly anti-semitic enough?

As Petra Marquardt-Bigman wrote in her Algemeiner article; "Yes, Marc Lamont Hill Is an Anti-Semite" from May 17th, 2017.
"Marc Lamont Hill has an impressive biography, and a record of achievements as an academic, activist and TV personality. On his own website, he describes himself as “one of the leading intellectual voices in the country.” His Facebook page has almost 72,000 followers, on Twitter he has 318,000, and on Instagram almost 87,000. So, unfortunately, it matters that he seems to have a bit of a soft spot for Palestinian terrorism."
It also shows just how dangerous it is for Jews -Zionists and Israelis alike that this mans hatred and purveyor of lies is allowed to spread his intentional and unintentional message to the naive and uninformed audience.

Hill has denied ever having been to Israel, yet he was filmed in the city of Christian Arab city of Nazareth in the Galilee of the state of Israel during a “Solidarity Demonstration” Tuesday January 14th, 2015 coordinated by Patrisse Cullors, co-founder of #BlackLivesMatter, in Nazareth, with Hill speaks to the camera:

"We came here to Palestine to stand in love and revolutionary struggle with our brothers and sisters;
We come to a land that has been stolen by greed and destroyed by hate;
We come here, and we learn laws that have been co-signed in ink but written in the blood of the innocent, and We come to a land that has been stolen by greed and destroyed by hate;
People continue to dream and fight for freedom;"
Now when hearing this "Rap", from someone who vehemently claims to be a fierce opponent of antisemitism and speaks these lines (while standing in an Israeli city). The most benevolent explanation is that he is so brainwashed and bamboozled he cannot fathom that by eliciting the imagine of the "greedy Jew", who steals, combined with the imagery of the "evil hateful" Jew who destroys and the "blood libel" of the Jews who feeds off “the blood of the innocent” he is exemplifying the exact imagine of the vilest "anti-Semite."

Now regarding the use of the phrase “fighting for freedom”. Normal people who fight antisemitism usually don’t advocate solidarity with convicted terrorists like Linda Sarsours and the Women’s March feminist’s heroine Rasmea Odeh who murdered two young Israeli Jews, 21-year-old Leon Kanner of Netanya and 22-year-old Eddie Joffe.
Rasmea Odeh and her colleagues, like other Palestinian Terrorists planted a bomb inside a Supermarket on February 21st,1969 which goes against the laws of the Geneva convention and is a clear “war crime”. She was convicted and sentenced she LIED about her past to the US Immigration Authorities and was convicted of immigration fraud on November 10, 2014, by a jury in federal court in Detroit, Michigan.

Yet, despite all this information Mr Hill published an op-ed under the title “Why Every Black Activist Should Stand With Odeh” who he described as a “venerable woman” and “a Palestinian freedom fighter being railroaded for her commitment to justice,” whose story “must also be understood as a Black story. A story of global resistance to colonial power.”
“After all, as Hill emphasized, Odeh was arrested “by the Israelis in Palestine,” and, after enduring “over 20 days of vicious rape, and other physical and psychological torture,” the completely innocent “Palestinian freedom fighter” was unfairly convicted “by the Israelis in Palestine.”
Almost a year before Hill wrote his vile apologia for Odeh, William Jacobson published a thorough documentation showing that “Rasmea Odeh [was] rightly convicted of [the] Israeli supermarket bombing and US immigration fraud.” Legal Insurrection had published about two dozen additional posts on the Odeh case before Hill wrote his piece — that is to say, if Hill wanted to get information on Odeh to check the reliability of the material circulating in his activist echo chamber, he could have easily done so.” Petra Marquardt-Bigman

In ALL the comments by other brainwashed followers of the "Solidarity Demonstration in Nazareth"? NONE even made the simplest "Fact Check"

"We come to a land that has been stolen by greed and destroyed by hate;" Land stolen by "greed"?(See quote of Hamas Charter)

The one question never really answered is who stole -usurped- the land?

Isn't Nazareth the home town of Mary and Joseph the JEWISH parents of the Christian Savior? DUH? If Jesus the savior's parents were JEWISH does that not mean the land WAS JEWISH!?
Was Jesus not claimed to be a JEW and a rabbi?

And speaking of hate .....What happened to ALL the Jews who were indigenous to the land?

"We come to a land that has been stolen by greed and destroyed by hate;"

I see that the propagandists of the Nachba Society of Perpetual Losers indoctrinated him well!

From the Hamas Charter: (A US State Department designated Foreign Terrorist Organization  since 1997)
"Palestine is the cause of a people who have been let down by a world (the UN Decision UNR 181 of November 1947) that fails to secure their rights and restore to them what has been usurped from them, a people whose land continues to suffer one of the worst types of occupation in this world.
Palestine is a land that was seized by a racist, anti-human and colonial Zionist project that was founded on a false promise (the (1917) Balfour Declaration), on recognition of a usurping entity and on imposing a fait accompli by force."
Wait ever hear of the UN Decision UNR 181 of November 1947? What did it say?

And why did the Arabs" of the Mandated Areas" set upon to murder their neighbors and ethnically cleanse them from their homes in Gush Etzion and the old city Jewish Quarter in Jerusalem?

Occupy? Did not Israel withdraw ALL citizens from Gaza as per the OSLO PEACE agreement?
As for the "Occupied West Bank" ----WHY pray tell is it called the "West Bank" What is on the other side of the river Jordan and where did it originate from?

Like so many of his audience of bamboozled minions I wote on their level; "Yo! My man! Go read the League of Nations Treaty of Serves that is "IF" you have "reading comprehension skills".

Ignorance thy name is ....well with the likes of US House of Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez I do wonder about the fate of Merika.

Saturday, November 17, 2018

Wanted a leader with Kishke!

What is on my mind is that finally we will have elections that can possibly change our misery here in Israel!

THE major problem is that we have a bunch of real eunuchs in the Israeli political arena and a population that complains and kvetches day in and day out but can't show up at the polls to vote to change this mess!

We need to eliminate ALL the small political parties that are on the sidelines who who DO NOT serve the interest of the whole.
Voters need to realize that a vote for these small parties is what destroys us.

WE, ALL of the sane people of Israel, need to tell all of those who wave the flag of our enemy and march against our soldiers YOUR PLACE IS NOT AMONG US. And to enforce this rule!

WE need to tell all of those who speak and serve the enemies of our country: WHY STAY!! LEAVE!!! WE DO NOT WANT YOU!!!

What is needed is a true unabashed leader of REAL men who is UNAFRAID and who represents the real JEWISH Zionist state.

WE need a true leader with integrity who knows how to speak and to lead by example from the front! A real commander of real men and women.

We need a leader to state unequivocally to the Falestinians and the world ENOUGH OF YOUR  LIES!! YOU LOST!

  • that there is NO Palestine west of the Jordan River ONLY ISRAEL!!!!
  • IF you want Palestine then go over the Jordan, it is there!
  • IF you desire compensation then demand it of your Arab League brethern who did not compensate the ethnically cleansed 900,000 Jews of Arab Lands!
  • YOU DO NOT have the "right of return"- you raised your hand against us and LOST! 

We need a leader to state unequivocally to the people of Gaza an ultimatum. Choose peace and disarm or face the consequences of our full military might and to DO IT!!

We need a leader to reassert the message of David Ben Gurion from the Declaration of Independence to our Arab and Druze citizens who wish to be part of OUR state YOU ARE WELCOME TO LIVE AMONG US AND TO SHARE OUR FREEDOMS!

We need a leader who will reassert what Menachem Begin stated: "I am not a Jew with trembling knees. I am a proud Jew!"

And above all a leader like Ze’ev Jabotinsky ro tell the WHOLE WORLD:
“We hold that Zionism is moral and just. And since it is moral and just, justice must be done, no matter whether Joseph or Simon or Ivan or Achmed agree with it or not.”

DIE!!!! Hegiah Zman -די הגיע זמן -

NO MORE playing around!
And this is OUR ONE HOMELAND!!!

Wednesday, November 14, 2018

The New Amalekites

What is on my mind is a comment I just read in a post to a friend regarding our situation vis a vis Hamas in Gaza and who we these "Falestinians" that we are fighting with really are.

Just who are these "Amalekites" we face today?

The Amalekites were a source of constant woe to Israel ever since we escaped Egypt and entered Sinai on our quest to reach our "Promised Land". The Babylonians had a bad opinion of them, calling them “Khabbati,” or “plunderers.” The Amalekites and Canaanites, among other nations, practiced child burning, torture as public entertainment, and sexual immorality as sport.

In noting this opinion of Amalekites by the Babylonians I wonder just how many remember how hard the Falestinians attempted to rewrite history to the world to usurp us Jews as the inheritors and indigenous people by declaring themselves to be descendants of the Canaanites?

According to the rabbinical sources Amalek was an atheist who had a vested interest in being the very first leader of a people to attack the Monotheistic Jewish people, whose very existence proved the existence of God to the world. "Amalek is a scoffer who believes in nothing."

The actions of the anti-Semites today are reflected in Amalek and his need to attack Jews, because to him we represented to the world the twin ideas of God's existence and absolute morality.

* This part is for ALL our fellow Jews in the diaspora especially those of the JVP "Bend the Arc" fame to note.

The battle against Amalek has always been a battle over whether Man will obey God or the dictates of his own rationale. Man expresses his freewill by deciding to act either according to his own definitions of right and wrong, which devolve to his own "might and power," or according to God's definition of morality.
As long as the Jews were diligent in Torah study, Amalek had no dominion over them. But as soon as Jewish study became lax, - "Amalek battled Israel in (a place called) Rephidim"(located in Sinai) (Exodus 17:8)- Rephidim" is a contraction of Hebrew words meaning "they loosened their grip on Torah", and because of this lack of knowledge in our Judaism we Jews are in danger.

Through the ages the Jewish people have gone directly against God's order to completely wipe out every man, woman, and child of the "Amalekites".

And we have done so in a clear uneasiness with this commandment and because of this "Uneasiness" caused by our morality we couldn't and wouldn't do it and because we disobeyed God, we are plagued to always have to deal with an "eternally irreconcilable enemy" represented as "Amalek".

Rabbi Ya’akov Hayyim Sofer (Baghdad and Jerusalem, 1867-1939) also felt an "Uneasiness" with one of the commandments regarding Amalek.

In Kaf Hahayyim to Orah Hayyim 685 (par. 29) he asks:

"Why we don’t recite a blessing before we read Parashat Zakhor on the Shabbat before Purim?"

He replies:

“Because we do not bless regarding destruction, even the destruction of non-Jews, as we see that God said [to the angels after the Egyptians drowned in the Sea of Reeds]: ‘my handiwork is drowning in the sea and you are singing?!’ (Megillah 10b)”.

We cannot bring ourselves to completely annihilate a whole people in a genocide because we view the innocent among them as God's creations.

This higher morality of ours is lost among those who hate us and paint us with the word "Genocide" knowing full well that they are spreading a lie.

Our consciences and our deep morality haven't allowed us to act in such a heinous manner as our most hated enemies.

Our acts as a people are acts of compassion and humility before God. This is openly seen by our IDF worldwide rescue and medical assistance disaster teams. It can be seen in our caring for our wounded enemies and even the children and wives of their despotic leaders in our hospitals.

We spend millions building defenses and bomb shelters even in the Arab communities even though we face worldwide condemnation as an "Apartheid nation".

We have and will continue to spend millions on inventing defensive technology so that our civilian population can attempt to live normally, day to day lives as much as possible in the overwhelming tragic shadow of hatred and constant violence. Even if it means that we force our own families to live under a constant rain of mortar and rocket-fire. We will not shed our humanity to bring INTENTIONAL death on innocents. This can be readily seen in our dropping of leaflets to the innocent people of Gaza used as human shields and the act of the "knock on the roof" on the building to be destroyed as a means of warning to the innocent.
Israeli forces use as many "non-lethal" means as they can to quell violent demonstrations on the border with Gaza as well as in Judaea and Shomron.

Hopefully they will eventually learn humanity from us and we will have real peace, but until then, this the price we pay as a moralistic people.

HOW to end the Gaza situation

What is REALLY on my mind is HOW to end the Gaza situation.

As I just pointed out to a Facebook friend there is a significant difference between US and THEM -the forces of light against the forces of true evil and that is why God loves us protects us: It shows that above ALL else WE Jews are moralistic.
How can we tell that HaShem loves us?
Over 400 Hundred rockets have been fired from the Gaza Strip at Israel since Monday, with the Iron Dome missile defense system intercepting about 100 of them.
Yet - the ONLY casualty was a 48-year-old Palestinian illegal resident from Hebron Mohammed Abdel Hamid Abu Isbah who was killed Monday night when a Palestinian Hamas rocket fired from the Gaza Strip landed on a four-story residential building in Ashkelon.

And then there is the incident where Hamas tried to murder our soldiers by targeting a bus that moments before 50+ soldiers departed from ....

Now I know that there are many who will scoff at this and some will show scorn and anger but the problem is a very complicated issue. And it is NOT a time for those big brave "Armchair generals" who have "Never walked the walk" nor experienced like I have up close and personal the true cost of war to speak.

I also wish to clarify that our -Israel's- issue is NOT with the poor "Fellahin "- peasants of Gaza, for they are mostly illiterate uneducated farmers and day workers who try to eek out meager lives. For these poor "pawns"since before the 1948 Nachba they are nothing more than cannon fodder for the use of their leaders.
Our problem -in Gaza-is with the Moslem Brotherhood / Hamas leadership and the Palestinian Authority -read Mahmoud Abbas.

As we have seen since 1947 you can kill thousands and it does not move their leadership one iota. The only thing it does is it brings the worlds animosity upon us. It is the cause of the hatred that fools attempt to force solutions on those who don't wish to listen.
And what of the world's reaction? It's Israel's fault. Israel's legitimate right to right to self-defense is denied, calling it 'disproportionate' in blatant disregard for real violation of International Law's classification of "War Crimes". Meanwhile the worlds mass media ignore the reports of hundreds of deadly mortar rounds and rockets purposely fired at our civilian population.These weapons are used to kill civilians a direct violation of international humanitarian law and the Rome Statute:
 "A crime occurs if there is an intentional attack directed against civilians (principle of distinction)" — Luis Moreno-Ocampo, Chief Prosecutor, International Criminal Court.
From my experience in dealing with them in Gaza when I served there -which by the way is composed of a totally different population then from the area of Judaea and Shomron. What is different is that the ordinary poor man in Gaza is poorer and they were poor even during the Mandate and Ottoman Period as well. They lived in many cases in mud hovels with raw sewage much like the conditions they are still forced to live under in squalid "refugee camps" in Hamas controlled areas. If you were to ask them, they would be willing to live in peace. And "IF" the right person leads them this can be achieved.

I have always said that we need to go back in and re-establish the clan hierarchy that ruled the area peaceably from 1967 -1987 when the Intifada broke out.
All of those "outsiders" who know nothing of the Arab "Fellahin "- peasant mentality are the ones who composed the failed Oslo Peace agreement because they knew nothing about WHOM they were dealing with. Those of us with years of experience with Arabs know that to control the "masses" who on the most part are uneducated and religiously backward in Gaza and even in most areas of Judaea and Shomron. With them you need to carry a real big stick behind you to beat them on the head.
This I learned from my adoptive "father" on the kibbutz when I made Aliyah to Israel 44 years ago. He had been a member of the Palmach- mista'arvim. The name of the unit derives from the Arabic مستعربين mustaʿribīn, literally "those who live among the Arabs." 

There are of course "middle and upper class" Arabs -who lead the herd and with whom you can communicate with. But the majority like Mahmoud Abbas and especially Ismail Haniyeh live in what we call the Arab "Fantasia". The deep belief that they hold that they are superior to the Jews who are the "Children of Death" and can be treated as Dhimmi.(servants)
What is needed is to remove the Hamas and to remove the weapons and to establish stability and employment.

Regretfully this can only be achieved by a ground invasion with boots on the ground and I do not wish to see ANY more young Israelis lost. The ones who will be in harm's way will be my children and the children of my neighbors and this troubles me deeply.

I know from first hand knowledge of those members of the IDF who would be required to go in because my sons and my sons-in-laws are those who will be called up to deal with this mess.

As to Gaza being a "Dense" or small area yes it is but as I mentioned from my years of duty there there are open spaces to the south near the area of Khan Yunis and Rafah. I had proposed that the UN or some neutral body be called in to organize a refugee city for all Gaza residents who would be "frisked" and processed to remove weapons and disarm the populace.

Once the populace has been removed to the area and leaflets dropped on the areas to be obliterated in the Hands of Islamic Jihad ISIS and Hamas. I propose the use of a preliminary softening of the area by GBU 57s followed by some GBU-43/B Massive Ordnance Air Blast . Only then should we send our sons in to danger to "mop up".

I am certain as in the past that when Israel troops encounter the Hamas in face to face combat that in the course of the fierce fighting heroism is frequently shown by our soldiers in battle and they will win. However in adverse situations when our sons are killed the Arabs frequently violate their bodies as they resort to the dastardly use of "body snatching" as in the case of two of our recent missing soldiers Lt. Hadar Goldin and Sgt. Oren Shaul whose bodies are being held by the Hamas since 2014.

Personally, I would actually ask Al Sisi or even pay him or the Saudis to go in and do it since they have shown their willingness to reach a solution to the problem. The Arab League created the mess let them clean it up. Maybe we can get the Jordanians and the Pakistanis to do it like they did in 1970 to the PLO in Jordan after all Jordan IS Palestine is it not?

Nevertheless, it will take a leader with brains and balls to end this madness and Bibi is not the leader he "balloons" himself out to be. As for the other 120 Bozos in the Knesset? As Patton said in his famous speech "Well they can shovel shit in Louisiana."

Gaza: The Neverending Mess

What is on my mind......asks as usual Facebook....

What is on my mind is my good friend Justin Amler's latest post which echoes my own feelings regarding the tragedy that keeps going on going that is Gaza.

Please allow me to query: 
“Just how frequently do you hear or see condemnation of Israel?”

How often did you hear those cries of "Free Palestine"? Apartheid Israel? "Occupation" by those contorted and tortured hate filled faces of pink haired, tattooed, ring in noses, khafieyyeh wearing millennials?

Ah and lest we forget that star of the women’s march feminist movement and beloved by JINOs Ms I love Farrakhan Linda Sarsour.

And of course, our new US Representative who oozes ignorance Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez but is loved because she and her fellow Democrats are part of the "cool" Kumbaya group....more ignorance par excellence.

Over the past years that I have been on Facebook I have asked repeatedly; WHAT has happened to all the billions of dollars the Palestinians have received, in addition to the massive support in goods and materials from the world?

I ask you just where is the accountability?

I ask where are all the building materials that they have received through Israeli border crossings for the improvement of the lives of the people?

Why did the UN monitors allow it to be squandered?
We know it was not just by thief and mismanagement, but rather by a deliberate national goal of collecting materials to construct weapons to destroy the only Jewish state on earth!!
These weapons are used to kill civilians a direct violation of international humanitarian law and the Rome Statute:
 "A crime occurs if there is an intentional attack directed against civilians (principle of distinction)" — Luis Moreno-Ocampo, Chief Prosecutor, International Criminal Court.
By these blatant violations the Palestinians have shown time and time again they are not deserving of independence because their utter hatred of the Jews and the Jewish state blinds them. They do NOT care for their own downtrodden and forgotten people.

Over the years I have never heard or seen a critic of Israel who has openly uttered or voiced criticism of the Palestinian Leadership. Have you?
No one ever dares to question THEIR complicity in the suffering of the Palestinian people they so loudly protest for, oh god forbid NO.

I have seen and read reports of Palestinians who have dared to utter complaints and have ended up being horrendously tortured and imprisoned in the Palestinian Authority and Hamas Jails. That is the "lucky" ones who survived.
"The latest report published by the Palestinian Independent Commission for Human Rights (ICHR) stated that it has received complaints of torture and mistreatment from 46 Palestinians detained by the Palestinian Authority and Hamas during the month of February 2018 alone. More than half of the complaints, 27 in number, come from Palestinians who were arrested by the Palestinian Authority, while 19 come from Palestinians living under Hamas in the Gaza Strip." Palestinians Tortured; Media Silent by Bassam Tawil Gatestone Institute.
I ask you, when was the last time you read a news article or saw a news report were questions were asked of the Palestinian "Leadership” Mahmoud (President for Life) Abbas or Ismail Haniyeh of Hamas regarding:
  • How many clinics, hospitals and schools, colleges and universities have you built?
  • How many centers for excellence in science, medicine and technical advancement have you built?
  • What have you done to improve the supply of fresh water?
  • Where are the desalinization plants?
  •  How many power plants have you completed?

None of these improvements for the future and good of the people has occurred, because for the Palestinian leaders, there is but one goal. And that “goal” is not determined about what they can build, but how can they eliminate the Jewish State and expel the Jews.

So as I sit here and write this I wonder just when will the world awaken to the fact that the intransigence is in the hands of the Palestinians but the world is too afraid of not appearing “cool” to act for the poor child shivering in a “hovel” from cold with polluted water to drink in Gaza.

It is however “cool” to be on MSNBC, CNN, BBC, Al-Jazeera et al and bad mouth the Jews, Israel and Zionism.

Saturday, November 3, 2018

A Heritage Lost To Blind Hatred

In June of 2015 I had written this and posted it on the Times of Israel where I had once published my Blogs before a certain individual on the editorial board found fault with my views as a pro Zionist not in line with the Kumbaya policies she believed in.

In light of the recent racially linked murder, at the “Mother Emanuel” Emanuel AME Church in Charleston, South Carolina, a lot has been said in the news and on the pages of the social media concerning the linkage of the Confederate “Battle Flag” –the stars and bars, to anti-Negro (Afro-American) hatred. As my Facebook acquaintance Shia Altman mentions in his recent Blog; “Take Down The Flag”

“Even if one thinks the flag does not represent racial hatred in some way, and I think it does or in the very least is being used to do so, it represents those who wanted to separate from the United States, be it for “States’ Rights” or to defend slavery.”

So as a Southerner, born and bred, I started contemplating; “What is the history behind the whole story?”

Personally, I say it is way past time to lower and remove the Stars and Bars to the museums. However as Shia reminded me in his Blog, to many of us in the South it is part of the proud “fighting’ heritage of the South. To very many in the South it is almost sacrilegious to remove the Confederate Battle Flag. You might say it is the final blow for them as it is truly the “Night they Drove Ole Dixie Down”.

Virgil Caine is my name and I drove on the Danville train
’Til Stoneman’s cavalry came and tore up the tracks again.
In the winter of ’65, we were hungry, just barely alive.
By May the 10th, Richmond had fell.
It’s a time I remember, oh so well.

The night they drove old Dixie down
And all the bells were ringing,
The night they drove old Dixie down

Before continuing I wish to present, as I always do, some historical background and point out to “Youz Yankees” that the South (The Confederate States of America) had three flags. The flag which is causing the controversy is the one known as the Confederate “Battle Flag” (or the battle flag of the Army of Northern Virginia, commanded by General Robert E. Lee). It was designed by William Porcher Miles of South Carolina.

Southern Heros

Here is a Color lithograph from 1896 showing four versions of the flag of the Confederate States of America. Standing at the center are Stonewall Jackson, P. G. T. Beauregard, and Robert E. Lee, surrounded by bust portraits of Jefferson Davis and Confederate Army officers. Clockwise from upper-left corner: Gen. Braxton Bragg, Gen. P. T. Beauregard, Jefferson Davis, Alexander H. Stephens, Lt. Gen. T.J. Jackson, Gen S. Price, Lt. Gen Polk, Lt. Gen Hardee, Gen J.E.B. Stuart, Gen J.E. Johnston, Lt. Gen Kirby Smith, John H. Morgan, Albert Sidney Johnston, Gen. Wade Hampton, Gen John B. Gordon, Lt. Gen Longstreet, Gen A.P. Hill, Gen Hood.

South Carolina Secessionist flag of Miles’ design was inspired by one of the many “secessionist flags” flown at the South Carolina secession convention in Charleston of December 1860. The specific flag that inspired him was a flag with a blue St George’s Cross (an upright or Latin cross) on a red field, with 15 white stars on the cross, representing the slaveholding states, and, on the red field, palmetto and crescent symbols.

What is very interesting to note is that there is a Jewish connection to the flag:

Miles received a variety of feedback on this design, including a critique from Charles Moise, a self-described “Southerner of Jewish persuasion”. Moise liked the design but asked that; “the symbol of a particular religion not be made the symbol of the nation”. Taking this into account, Miles changed his flag, removing the palmetto and crescent, and substituting a heraldic saltire (“X”) for the upright one. The number of stars was changed several times as well. He described these changes and his reasons for making them in early 1861. The diagonal cross was preferable, he wrote, because, “it avoided the religious objection about the cross (from the Jews and many Protestant sects), because it did not stand out so conspicuously as if the cross had been placed upright thus”. He also argued that the diagonal cross was “more Heraldric [sic] than Ecclesiastical, it being the ‘saltire’ of Heraldry, and significant of strength and progress”.

According to historian John Coski; 
“The “Saint Andrew’s Cross” (also used as the flag of Scotland), had no special place in Southern iconography at the time, and if Miles had not been eager to conciliate the Southern Jews his flag would have used the traditional Latin, “Saint George’s Cross” (as used in the old ancient flag of England, a red cross on a white field). A colonel named James B. Walton submitted a battle flag design essentially identical to Miles’ except with an upright Saint George’s cross, but Beauregard chose the diagonal cross design.”
 What Southerners were taught about their heritage.

The Confederate “Battle Flag” was mainly carried into battle to inspire and lead the “Son’s of the South”. The ‎‎Stars and Bars is still emotionally symbolic for Southerners who wanted to honor those brave, barefoot, ‎‎starving young men in tattered butternut brown (Not Grey) uniforms who fell defending their lands. Many of those young men were proud woodsmen from the hills of Northern ‎‎Alabama who had advanced gallantly and bravely in tight rows across the deadly fields at Gettysburg in Pickets charge or up the hill to the Little Round top only to be mowed down in the ‎‎withering hail of lead.

Many of them that died that hot July day were not slave owners they were just plain farmers who believed that their rights as free Americans were being challenged by those in the North. They were motivated by honor among ‎‎brothers to fight. They had fought outnumbered and out gunned by a highly industrialized modern ‎‎army for four long bloody years in the deadliest conflict ever faced by Americans for their ‎‎rights as free men to do as they wish. ‎‎

Entitled “Bonnie Blue Flag Most famously” or the “Bonnie Blue Flag” was used as an unofficial flag during the early months of 1861. It was flying above the Confederate batteries that first opened fire on Fort Sumter in Charleston harbor, in South Carolina beginning the Civil War.

The Bonnie Blue Flag” also known as “We Are a Band of Brothers”, is an 1861 marching song associated with the Confederate States of America. The words were written by the Ulster-Scots entertainer Harry McCarthy, with the melody taken from the song “The Irish Jaunting Car”. The song’s title refers to the unofficial first flag of the Confederacy, the Bonnie Blue Flag but the words reflect the true spirit of why the South separated from the Union.

We are a band of brothers
And native to the soil,
Fighting for the property
We gained by honest toil;
And when our rights were threatened,
The cry rose near and far–
”Hurrah for the Bonnie Blue Flag
That bears a single star!” .
Hurrah! Hurrah!
For Southern rights hurrah!
Hurrah for the Bonnie Blue Flag
That bears a single star.
As long as the Union
Was faithful to her trust,
Like friends and like brothers
Both kind were we and just;
But now, when Northern treachery
Attempts our rights to mar,
We hoist on high the Bonnie Blue Flag
That bears a single star.

For many of us in the South we were taught that the Stars and Bars was symbolic ‎‎of a proud pioneering heritage of freedom and homesteading. The movement of the American frontiersmen inspired by those like Davy Crockett and Daniel Boone to ‎‎claim the Appalachians and the vast forest areas to the west. Those “free men” many who had themselves once been “indentured servants” went west to build a free “god fearing” country from the “honest toil” of the land.

For those of us born 100 years after the Civil War in the South this was the version of the heritage of the proud American that was taught to us.

We were taught that the “Carpetbaggers” as Northerners were called always liked to take the higher moral ground and claim that the war was to free the slaves, which to us in the South was not why the war began. Most northerners apparently think that the institution of slavery was only in existence in the south, when in fact it was all over the United States when the war began. Throughout the years young American school children have been told that the Civil War was fought ‎‎‎over slavery in the South. But this is NOT entirely true. In fact, there were many Afro-Americans held as slaves in the North as well.

“During most of the British colonial period, slavery existed in all the colonies. People enslaved in the North typically worked as house servants, artisans, laborers and craftsmen, with the greater number in cities. In 1703, more than 42 percent of New York City households held slaves, the second-highest proportion of any city in the colonies after Charleston, South Carolina. But slaves were also used as agricultural workers in farm communities, including in areas of New York and Long Island, Connecticut and New Jersey.”

Maryland is a fine example of a state that fought on behalf of the Union, yet over half of the state was in fact pro-slavery. To claim that the south was exclusive to this scourge would be totally false and biased. History is written by the winners, and much of what people are taught in school about the war is biased and taken as gospel by the masses. Truthfully, Abraham Lincoln was neither for or against slavery, he was for preserving the Union. He admitted this himself many times, and in fact said that if he could keep the Union whole by not freeing the slaves, he would do that, or by freeing some of the slaves and leaving others, that he would also do that as well. So much for the “Great Emancipator” that folks build him up to be.

Most people don’t realize that the majority of the soldiers who fought for the south didn’t fight to keep slavery alive, and that many didn’t own a single slave actually. They fought because they felt they needed to protect their homes from a foreign invader, which is what was happening.

It is true that the great majority of slaves were indeed held in the “Black Belt” states of Virginian, Maryland, North Carolina, South Carolina, Alabama, Georgia, Mississippi and Louisiana. They had large Negro slave populations from the times of British Colonialism because they had developed an agricultural economy dependent on commodity crops. Its planters rapidly acquired a significantly higher number and proportion of slaves in the population overall, as its commodity crops were labor-intensive.

It is estimated that more than half of all white immigrants to the English colonies of North America during the 17th and 18th centuries came as indentured servants. Many Germans, Scots-Irish, and Irish came to the colonies in the 18th century, settling in the backcountry of Pennsylvania and further south

At first the English Crown had emptied out it’s prisons of impoverished Scotsmen, Englishmen and Irishmen. The number of indentured servants among immigrants was particularly high in the South. These “White Men” –and women, who were originally brought in through the “Indentured Servant” program could not endure the grueling work in the hot humid fields or in the muddy rice fields of the wide coastal areas. Many were rebellious and if they escaped, they were hard to find because they could easily fade into the sympathetic population.

The plantation owners found that the major problem with indentured servants was that many left after several years, just when they had become skilled and the most valuable workers. With the improvement of the British economy in the late 17th and early 18th centuries from profits realized in the new colonies abroad meant that fewer workers chose to go to the colonies.

As time went by the need to hire cheap slave labor created the impetus for the slave trade in Afro-Americans in states like Virginian, Maryland, North Carolina, South Carolina and Georgia where cotton reigned supreme and so did large plantations with aristocratic land lords many of them descendants of English aristocracy who were British Loyalists who received their lands in grants from the Kings of England. Oh yes Charlestown and the coastal regions of the “Linas” North and South were “big” slave states. These states had large holdings that necessitated the use of large groups of slaves to till the hot humid low coastal rice fields.

True historically the majority of Southerners who had very small family-based farms or homesteads rarely owned slaves. But that is not the issue.

The question that must be asked here is; “What issue was worth splitting the nation in two and fighting a terrible war over, at the cost of 600,000 lives? States rights or Slavery? And what state right was being questioned?

The objective of what the South sought was not to end the Union but to preserve slavery. There would have been no secession, no Confederacy and no war had the South not been intent on maintaining its “peculiar institution.” Slavery was the raison d’etre of the Confederacy. The “liberty” the Confederacy sought to preserve was the liberty to own human beings.

So now knowing the truth the reality is that the Civil War was not fought to end slavery; it was fought to defend slavery.

As to the use of the Confederate “Battle Flag” as a hated symbol of blind racism.
Ever since the rebirth of the Ku Klux Klan in the early 1920’s with the post World War I rise of racial and immigrant hatred. The Stars and Bars – the ‎‎Confederate “Battle Flag,” had increasingly become identified by with it’s usage by the KKK with the utmost blind racial hatred.‎‎

‎‎During the 1950’s the Stars and Bars was usurped to become symbolically identified together with hoods and white sheets to be the centerpiece of abject white supremacist hatred. This vile hatred reached it’s zenith during the Civil Rights period of the ‎‎‎1960’s.

The flag was a centerpiece, along with Nazi Aryan symbols, in the “preaching’s” of William ‎‎LutherPierce III. Pierce was a prominent anti-Semite, anti-Zionist and American (read Aryan) white nationalist (supremacist) an associate of George Lincoln Rockwell, founder of the American Nazi Party.

Pierce ‎‎was one of the most influential ideologues of the white nationalist movement for some 30 ‎‎years. His follower David Ernest Duke has continued to spread Piece’s rabid hate filled slanderous teachings. Duke’s an American White ‎‎nationalist, writer, right-wing politician, and a former Grand Wizard of the Knights of the Ku ‎‎Klux Klan, has also defamed the southern heritage by his use of the Stars and Bars with his ‎‎philosophies of white supremacist and ardent anti-Semitism /Judaism and utterly vile anti-‎‎Zionism.

Dukes has aligned himself with every venue of hatred of Jews and Zionism from Iran, the Palestinians and Hezbollah. He is one of the chief sources of rabid anti-Semitism on the World Wide Web. 
It should be noted that prior to Iran's hosting of the "Holohoax", during the rise of extreme hate filled anti-Israel , anti-Zionist period of the Mahmoud Ahmadinejad leadership. White "Aryan Race" hatred and the KKK where nearly extinct thanks to the work of Morris Dees and the Southern Poverty Law Center. It was Ahmadinejad and the Ayatollah's of Iran who gave rebirth through a huge influx of funding to David Dukes, the extremism American white nationalist, politician, antisemitic conspiracy theorist, Holocaust denier, and former Imperial Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan. 
The massive Iranian funding of the anti-Zionistic Jew hating organizations, linked to the philosophies of William Luther Pierce III a prominent American white nationalist came under the "watch" of President Clinton and Obama's administrations.

So the "Big" question is just why is the mainstream media only now making "Jew Hatred" a big story now while ignoring the ugly extremely vile and violent "Jew Hatred" against Zionism and Israel backed by Pro-Palestinian groups on hundreds of University and College Campuses through out the USA and Canada?

And if any action should be taken it should be to outlaw and ban the spreading of YouTube videos of abject and ‎‎utter racial hatred narrated by William ‎‎Luther Pierce or David Duke’s through the use of social media on the Internet to influence young naive Americans and even Europeans.

Thursday, August 23, 2018

Data City Management

Most of today's modern municipal governments are comprised of municipal departments that manage the day-to-day management of the city through the use of computers and through various information input programs of low "Technology readiness levels" (TRL). 
Because of this and the low technological abilities of many city employees, much of the day to day city management /work is still recorded in various non-technological means such as excel sheets, word documents on individual computers, unrecorded calls or handwritten notifications. In most cities, where there are departmental computer systems this information is recorded on various "servers or silos" that do not recognize nor communicate with each other.

In many Municipalities it is the norm that critical information and hours of staff time is lost because it is not; "saved" nor retained by being filed, or stored in a systematic manner on a central data hub that would allow for rapid search and recall of the already accomplished work or previously completed forms by municipal clerks or employees. The information from one department that may be essential for the answer to a problem in another department may not be realized due to the non-communication and sharing that could be realized through a centralized data hub. This loss of data and hours of work, on a yearly basis, costs municipalities an unknown amount of city budgetary funds in information that may be vital to another department or simply saved to be used again.

The major points to be considered:
  • In most cities the varied sources of municipal data are not shared causing "Data Stagnation" and "Data Loss".
  • The possession of the departmental data is too often closely guarded by departmental clerks as though controlled by feudal landlords. "Unshared Information"
  • The issue is not just how to extract the data from the varied departments, but how to formalize, accumulate, analyze and interpret the different forms of data-sets from city wide departments and sources into one finite set. Creation of a central data hub / set
Improved "Technology readiness levels" (TRL) will enable:
  • The first, or key areas, that can benefit the most from refined city-wide data management and efficiency will be in the management of city resources specifically in the use of, disposal of and need for: water, waste and energy.
  • Secondly, improved data management can allow for better assessment, monitoring and improving of those areas that directly affect the constituents in the fields of health, housing, safety, movement or traffic flow. Improved data collection can also improve the revenue systems that sustain the municipality and its inhabitants.
The need for rapid data transfer in real time, due to the digitalization (computerization) of everything, implies that we are increasingly reliant on data analytics to enhance city management and recognize the fundamental fact that data is at the heart of all modern Municipal management. Cities striving to become more responsive must have access to rapid Internet connections to enable the "IOT" to work efficiently so vital information will be shared in "real time". 
Another essential building block in the "Technology readiness levels" (TRL) is the need for a trained and technologically efficient staff. 
These are the necessary basic components that will facilitate the sharing; securely, quickly and seamlessly of large quantities of data among city departments and staff.

Smart cities are based on data it is a simple fact. In a "Smart City" if you want data, you need sensors. It’s not like roads, buildings and street lights will wake up magically and start chatting about the weather. We need sensors to see, hear, smell, taste and feel on their behalf. A platform can then aggregate all their data and use it to make (or propose) decisions at speeds exceeding human capacity.
For example; street lights that have data sensors and CCTV for live "real -time" monitoring positioned at key locations; like city traffic points and major roadways to help identify problems, assist in emergencies, crime and repairs. These sensors need to be connected through a rapid internet connection so that they can be effectively monitored by trained and educated staff. This is where "Technology readiness levels" (TRL) are a must.

To begin the process.

The first step to treating your city’s data as an asset is to establish a clear authority body to oversee the data inventory process and this is where a trained Municipal Data Analytic Team comes into force. Since cities usually have an unknown number of data-sets across multiple servers, databases, and computers, the first major step in developing an overall city data management system is the incorporation of a Municipal Data Analytic Team who will complete the integration and narrowing down of which data-sets. Their first job will be to make a municipal city-wide inventory of overall accumulate data from all city sources. They will also need to plan how to make future inventory updates.
This "reorganization" of data is one which requires robust data management and an astute Chief Data Officer to lead the analysis that only a Municipal Analytic Team can provide. Without this proper reorganization, cities will continue the uphill battle to interconnect information and deliver a sustainable, prosperous and efficient living environment for their residents and this can ONLY be made possible by a thoroughly trained Municipal staff who create the data inventory.
The Municipal Analytic Team can then utilize the acquired data and analytic systems and processes to recommend and facilitate projects for the good of the constituents (residents).

The important points to remember:

Knowing what data your city collects leads to efficiency, and increases accountability. It also eases citywide reporting, decision making, and performance optimization.
Managing a data inventory reduces risk and uncertainty by creating a checklist for security and compliance requirements and improves a city’s ability to designate accountability for the quality of the data collected and created.
A municipality gains the ability to deliver results by its acceptance and creation of a culture of using its data assets, enhanced abilities to properly and efficiently access the information collected from archived municipal files, in various city department and from the public sector in a centralized data platform.
Because cities may have thousands of datasets across multiple servers, databases, and computers, it’s helpful to narrow down which datasets should be included in the inventory overall and how to plan for inventory updates in the future.

Remember the collection of data from varied sources and departments is made possible by a thoroughly trained Municipal staff with high or better yet advanced "Technology readiness levels" (TRL).   
The Municipal Analytic Team then can easily utilize the acquired data and analytic systems and processes to recommend and facilitate projects for the good of the constituents (residents).

The changing nature of the technologies themselves, our homes and our urban environments, are turning modern municipalities into landscapes populated by more and more connected “IOTs”. The "Things" are equipped with many different sensors for data capture and cities need data- analytics to rapidly process and "ingest" the data. This need for rapid data processing drives the growing need for inter-operable platforms and standards that will provide municipalities the advantage in successful sustainable management.
Supporting the need to gather, collate, and present Municipal data in a legible way is a fundamental requirement if we are to cope with future demands and to make our cities resilient. Deriving value from data is a central and an essential to building block in the evolution of smart cities and delving into bigger-picture information is key to generating insights. Data is the key to giving municipalities the knowledge they need to direct their investments wisely.

Saturday, July 21, 2018

Israels Nationality Law

There are many highly vocal critics of Israel's new Jewish Nation-State Law, specifically the Arab and Druze Knesset members, who say they are outraged not only because the law defines Israel as the homeland of the Jewish people, but also because the new legislation does not include the phrase "full equality of rights for all citizens."

If these great thinkers had checked they would have realized it to be redundant to add those words since the new law DOES NOT rescind any previous law. 

From The Declaration of the Establishment of the State of Israel:
"The State of Israel will be open for Jewish immigration and for the Ingathering of the Exiles; it will foster the development of the country for the benefit of all its inhabitants; it will be based on freedom, justice and peace as envisaged by the prophets of Israel; it will ensure complete equality of social and political rights to all its inhabitants irrespective of religion, race or sex; it will guarantee freedom of religion, conscience, language, education and culture; it will safeguard the Holy Places of all religions; and it will be faithful to the principles of the Charter of the United Nations.
We appeal - in the very midst of the onslaught launched against us now for months - to the Arab inhabitants of the State of Israel to preserve peace and participate in the upbuilding of the State on the basis of full and equal citizenship and due representation in all its provisional and permanent institutions."
 "We extend our hand to all neighbouring states and their peoples in an offer of peace and good neighbourliness, and appeal to them to establish bonds of cooperation and mutual help with the sovereign Jewish people settled in its own land." 
And then there is the 1992 Basic Law: Human Dignity and Liberty, which stipulates:
"The purpose of this Basic Law is to protect human dignity and liberty, in order to establish in a Basic Law the values of the State of Israel as a Jewish and democratic state."
"Fundamental human rights in Israel are founded upon recognition of the value of the human being, the sanctity of human life, and the principle that all persons are free; these rights shall be upheld in the spirit of the principles set forth in the Declaration of the Establishment of the State of Israel."
Here is the excerpt of the Amendment to the Basic Law: Human Dignity and Liberty  (5752 - 1992):
Amendment of section 1 (1) Section 1 shall be designated 1(a) and shall be preceded by the following section: Basic principles
1. Fundamental human rights in Israel are founded upon recognition of the value of the human being, the sanctity of human life, and the principle that all persons are free; these rights shall be upheld in the spirit of the principles set forth in the Declaration of the Establishment of the State of Israel.  
So, if Israel's pre-existing laws and its Declaration of Independence remain unchanged and guarantee equal rights to all citizens, exactly WHAT is behind the Israeli Arab leaders' fierce attack on the Nation-State Law?

Is it really because they are worried about equality or is it something else? The answer can be found in their own statements: they are basically opposed to the idea of Israel being the homeland for the Jewish people.
They know very well that the Nation-State Law does not affect the Arab citizens' status and rights as equal citizens of Israel.

Arabs who remained in Israel after the 1948 War of Independence have full equal rights under the law. 
There are those, who claim they face constant discrimination, citing inferior services and unfair allocations for education, health and housing. However these detractors never compare their status to that of Jews or other minorities that remain captive in Arab Lands. 
For example in Saudi Arabia and the Maldives, only Muslims are allowed to be citizens. In both of these countries, the open practice of any religion other than Islam is forbidden specifically Christianity and Judaism, which are supposedly accepted by Islam and one truly wonders why no one ventures to mention this outrage!

WHY? Yes, why? Have WE Israelis taken this step and formalized Israel's character / existance as a "Jewish State"  it is very simple really.

In his article from March 25th 2015 "Encountering Peace: Palestinians – Get over it and recognize the Jewish Nation State" by Gershon Baskin. He states;
"I know that the concept “Jewish” is complex. Most Palestinians and many non-Jews confuse Judaism as a religion with Judaism as a nation, as a people. They say, why should there be a Jewish state – referring to Israel as a theocracy – a state of a religion. Israel’s Jewishness, though, is much more than that, in fact, Israel is a civil state not a religious state or a theocracy. While laws of personal status (inherited from the Ottomans – also in Palestine) are controlled by the religious clergy and communities, the laws of the State of Israel are civil laws not religious laws."
Then there is the major issue felt by most Israelis:
"When I am asked ...(by the Israeli audience) .... Why do the Palestinians refuse to recognize the Jewish people’s right to a state?
Why can’t the Palestinians recognize Israel as the nation state of the Jewish people?
I tell them(the Israeli audience) that the Palestinians recognized Israel and that should be good enough, but it is not. They (the Israeli audience) say that the Palestinians have never accepted the right of the Jewish people to have a state of their own in their ancient homeland and that the Palestinians only recognized Israel because Israel is strong today, but that if Israel were not so strong?" 
That is indeed the issue! Would the Palestinians deny Israel’s right to exist if they were stronger? Would they deny us once more of our "homeland"?

The threats by which we live day in, day out without stop for more than 70 years by our blood thirsty enemies that surround us is VERY real. The cries in Arabic from the followers of ISIS (Islamic State), the speeches of the Ayatollahs in Iran, the hate from Hezbollah, Hamas, Syria, Lebanon. The Falestinian Terrorism has struck a deep chord in the minds of the Israeli Jewish voter who ever since the debacle of the "hope for peace" died in the suicide bombings that erased the chords of the cheerful Meretz Political theme song that lead to the election of Yitzhak Rabin in 1992. The majority of Israelis have progressively moved to the "right".

In the last elections the Israeli people have voted strongly in favor of the right-wing parties and in Benjamin Netanyahu. Fear is the factor that explains why they voted for the "Right". Most Israelis really do live in fear; and many of us suffer from PTSD. The Middle East is a very dangerous and scary place to live and we feel that we stand ALONE.

"Many Israelis believe that the Palestinians do not really accept the legitimacy of Israel’s existence and are not really prepared to make genuine, lasting peace. Many Israelis speak about a “two-stage solution” not a “two-state solution,” meaning that the Palestinians are willing to make peace with Israel today because Israel is strong and the Palestinians are weak, but one day soon, that will change and then Israel will be wiped off the map. Those Israeli views are empowered by the continuation of incitement against Israel and Jews in the Palestinian media and in textbooks."

"This is not made up, it is real, it is a great concern to the Israeli government and the Israeli people and it must be confronted by Palestinian leaders and by the Palestinian people." 

Here are some points to consider from the controversy regarding the "Nationality Law"

Basic Law: Israel as the Nation State of the Jewish People
1 — Basic principles:
  • The land of Israel is the historical homeland of the Jewish people, in which the State of Israel was established.
  • The State of Israel is the national home of the Jewish people, in which it fulfills its natural, cultural, religious and historical right to self-determination.
  • The right to exercise national self-determination in the State of Israel is unique to the Jewish people.
2 — The symbols of the state:
  • The name of the state is “Israel.”
  • The state flag is white with two blue stripes near the edges and a blue Star of David in the center.
  • The state emblem is a seven-branched menorah with olive leaves on both sides and the word “Israel” beneath it.
  • The state anthem isHatikvah.”
  • Details regarding state symbols will be determined by the law.
3 — The capital of the state:  Jerusalem, complete and united, is the capital of Israel.

4 — Language:
  • The state’s language is Hebrew.
  • The Arabic language has a special status in the state; Regulating the use of Arabic in state institutions or by them will be set in law.
  • This clause does not harm the status given to the Arabic language before this law came into effect.
5 — Ingathering of the exiles: The state will be open for Jewish immigration and the ingathering of exiles.(This clause is of special importance to ALL Jews of the Diaspora due to our experience during the days of the rise of Nazism in Europe in the 1930's)

6 — Connection to the Jewish people:
  • The state will strive to ensure the safety of the members of the Jewish people in trouble or in captivity due to the fact of their Jewishness or their citizenship.
  • The state shall act within the Diaspora to strengthen the affinity between the state and members of the Jewish people.
  • The state shall act to preserve the cultural, historical and religious heritage of the Jewish people among Jews in the Diaspora.
7 — Jewish settlement:  The state views the development of Jewish settlement as a national value and will act to encourage and promote its establishment and consolidation.

8 — Official calendar:
The Hebrew calendar is the official calendar of the state and alongside it the Gregorian calendar will be used as an official calendar. Use of the Hebrew calendar and the Gregorian calendar will be determined by law.

9 — Independence Day and memorial days:
  • Independence Day is the official national holiday of the state.
  • Memorial Day for the Fallen in Israel’s Wars and Holocaust and Heroism Remembrance Day are official memorial days of the State.
10 — Days of rest and Sabbath: The Sabbath and the festivals of Israel are the established days of rest in the state; Non-Jews have a right to maintain days of rest on their Sabbaths and festivals; Details of this issue will be determined by law.

11 — Immutability: This Basic Law shall not be amended, unless by another Basic Law passed by a majority of Knesset members.

A quick reminder to EVERYONE. Here is the preamble of the League of Nations "Mandate for Palestine" I have high-lighted the important points to remember:
Source: League of Nations 10 August 1922
'PALESTINE" -The Palestine Order in Council.
WHEREAS the Principal Allied Powers have agreed, for the purpose of giving effect to the provisions of Article 22 of the Covenant of the League of Nations, to entrust to a Mandatory selected by the said Powers the administration of the territory of Palestine, which formerly belonged to the Turkish Empire, within such boundaries as may be fixed by them;
And whereas the Principal Allied Powers have also agreed that the Mandatory should be responsible for putting into effect the declaration originally made on November 2, 1917, by the Government of His Britannic Majesty, and adopted by the said Powers, in favour of the establishment in Palestine of a national home for the Jewish people,
it being clearly understood that nothing should be done which might prejudice the civil and religious rights of existing non-Jewish communities in Palestine,
or the rights and political status enjoyed by Jews in any other country; And whereas the Principal Allied Powers have selected His Majesty as the Mandatory for Palestine; And whereas, by treaty, capitulation, grant, usage, sufferance and other lawful means, His Majesty has power and jurisdiction within Palestine."
Now for further clarification I will quote two authors. I will begin with an excerpt from "Get Over It—Israel Is the Jewish State" - from the July 19th 2018 edition of the WSJ by Eugene Kontorovich, and then "The Case for Israel's Jewish state law"  from the Jerusalem Post of July 18th, 2018 by Emmanuel Navon.

Eugene Kontorovich begins by assessing that:
"Israel’s Basic Law would not be out of place among the liberal democratic constitutions of Europe—which include similar provisions that have not aroused controversy. The law does not infringe on the individual rights of any Israeli citizen, including Arabs; nor does it create individual privileges. The illiberalism here lies with the law’s critics, who would deny the Jewish state the freedom to legislate like a normal country.
The nation-state law declares that Israel is a country established to instantiate the Jewish people’s “right to national self-determination.” It constitutionalizes symbols of that objective—the national anthem, holidays and so forth. There is nothing undemocratic or even unusual about this. Among European states, seven have similar “nationhood” constitutional provisions."
Navon on the otherhand sees the passing of the Nationality Law as necessity with regards to the judicial "leftist"  activism of Israel’s High Court of Justice in the past two decades. 
"After 70 years of independence, Israel still lacks a written constitution. This is an anomaly, but not one that is going to be remedied any time soon because of unbridgeable gaps between Israel’s political parties. Constitutions are the cornerstone of democracies; they define the identity and purpose of the state; they determine the powers of the three branches of government; and they protect individual rights.
 Israel has “basic laws” that determine the powers of the three branches of government (such as Basic Law: The Knesset) and that protect individual rights (such as Basic Law: Human Dignity and Freedom), but not a basic law that defines the identity and purpose of the state." 
Until now Israel does not have a Constitution and Basic Israeli laws are continuations of British Mandatory Law based on the English penal codes and basic laws.
According to Navon the; " Basic Law: Israel Nation-State of the Jewish People was passed to fill that void." 
"To some, filling this legal void was unnecessary since Israel is de facto a nation-state and since its Declaration of the Establishment of the State of Israel does define the identity of the country (“We hereby declare the establishment of a Jewish state”) and its purpose (the national independence of the Jewish people).  In fact, passing this new basic law was necessary because of the judicial activism of Israel’s High Court of Justice in the past two decades." 
In his continuation in the article Navon lays out several examples where the Israeli Supreme Court made decisions that underminded Israel’s identity as a nation-state i.e. the "Zionistic" or "Jewish" nature of the State.
"In 1992, the Knesset passed two basic laws: one on “human dignity and freedom” and one on “freedom of occupation.” Justice Aharon Barak (who presided the Supreme Court between 1995 and 2006) proclaimed a “constitutional revolution” after the passing of those two basic laws. What Barak meant was that the High Court of Justice could now strike down laws passed by the Knesset if deemed “unconstitutional” (i.e. incompatible with the two new basic laws).  Nowhere in the basic law does it say that the court is entitled to use them to strike down regular legislation. Yet Barak unilaterally granted that power to the court in a 1995 ruling.
 The “constitutional revolution” has affected Israel’s identity as a nation-state.  The basic law on “human dignity and freedom” states that Israel is a “Jewish and democratic state.” But what happens when Jewish and democratic values conflict? 
No problem, Barak wrote in 1992: "In case of a conflict, the word “Jewish” shall be interpreted by the court “with the highest level of abstraction.” In other words, it shall be ignored.
Theoretically, the court could use in its rulings Israel’s Declaration of Independence, which defines Israel is a Jewish state. Yet the court itself ruled in 1948 that the Declaration of Independence has no constitutional value. 

 Kontorovich continues:
"Another controversial provision of the law declares “the development of Jewish settlement” to be a national value that the government should promote. It is understood to refer to encouraging population dispersion into the periphery of the country. This essentially restates policy adopted by the international community in 1922 in the League of Nations Mandate for Palestine, which sought to “encourage . . . close settlement by Jews.” 
Again, the provision is only declaratory of values, and does not prescribe or authorize any particular policies. By contrast, the state constitution of Hawaii authorizes land policies to promote homesteading by ethnic Hawaiians, and provides preferential land polices for them.
Moreover, the measure comes against a backdrop of land policies that discriminate against Jews. The Israeli Supreme Court has ruled controversially that Arabs have a right to create residential communities in Israel that exclude Jews. A separate case denied the corresponding right to Jews. In Jerusalem, the Palestinian Authority prescribes the death penalty for Arabs who sell land to Jews. The new Basic Law does not even negate either of those injustices; it merely creates a normative counterweight.
Gershon Baskin in his article from March 25th 2015 "Encountering Peace: Palestinians – Get over it and recognize the Jewish Nation State" writes:
"...first every country in the world which is recognized as a nation state of one people has minorities in its midst. If those states are democratic there are guarantees for the protection of the rights of the minorities. Germany is the nation state of the German people, but millions of Turks live there. No one questions the rights of the Germans to define their state as the nation state of the German people while guaranteeing the rights of the Turkish citizens who live there. The same is true for every other nation state."
Emmanuel Navon in his article "The Case for Israel's Jewish state law"  gives a prime example of the absurdity of the "High Court of Justice.":  
"THE COURT’S activism, combined with the “highest level of abstraction” with which Barak interpreted Israel’s Jewishness, were soon to be felt. The court ruled that a Jew cannot purchase a plot of land in a Bedouin village (Avitan case, 1989), but that an Arab can build a house in a village established by the Jewish Agency (Ka’adan case, 2000)."
Netanel Fisher in his Opion Piece on Ynet "The truth about Israel's Nationality Law" states:
 "Indeed, the court has already expanded the interpretation of "human dignity" and granted constitutional protection to the value of equality. The court rejected government decisions and laws whose violation of equality was unjustified in its opinion."
"Moreover, the court inserted the value of equality into the Basic Law: Human Dignity and Liberty even though the Knesset did not include it explicitly it in the language of the original law. This is, of course, another reason why Knesset members are suspicious and unwilling to introduce the word "equality" into the new law. Based on the Supreme Court’s history of very loose interpretation of existing statutes, the Knesset is legitimately concerned that the Court might one day decide, for example, that in the name of equality, hundreds of thousands of Palestinians from the territories can become citizens of Israel through marriage, or that the Israeli religious marriages system should be annulled. These are legitimate questions, but they should be left to the legislators, the people’s representatives, not to the Supreme Court."
Here is just how the Pro-Falestinians and their lackeys atempt to manipulate the Israeli Supreme Court System and our "Democracy"
"The court was petitioned twice by NGOs (in 2006 and in 2012) to cancel Israel’s citizenship law so as to impose on Israel the Palestinian “right of return” through the back door via fictitious marriages. Though the court rejected both petitions, it did so with a razor-thin majority of six to five."
For years the Communist inspired left wing Israeli's anti-Zionist camp who are possessed with an almost sick psychopathic self-hatred of their Jewishness, have tried to eliminate Jewish symbolism by using the Supreme Court to attempt to eliminate the vestiges of "Judaism and Zionism". As Navon points out:   
"Other laws and symbols related to Israel’s Jewish identity are not immune from petitions at the High Court of Justice. The “Law of Return” (which grants automatic immigration rights to Jews) might one day be struck down for being discriminatory;"
This absurd hatred by the "unhappy citizens", "Left Wing" and Arab Lists-parlimentary parties in the Knesset, have even challeged the Israel’s national anthem in court for ignoring the feelings of the Arab minority because it expresses the Jews’ two-millennia faithfulness to our land and fails to mention our "Non Jewish" population.
These "unhappy citizens" are now even challegening the countries flag (which only has a Jewish symbol) as NOT representative of them.

These same "unhappy citizens", "Left Wing" and Arab "Taxpayers" could petition the court against the spending of their money on the preservation of Jewish identity in the Diaspora. Therefore..." until the passing of the basic law on Israel as a nation-state, the court had no constitutional basis to reject such petitions and to protect Israel’s Jewishness. Now it does."

Navon continues with further examples of areas where these "unhappy citizens", "Left Wing" and Arab  opponents to the law claim that declaring Hebrew the country’s official language, while granting Arabic a “special status,” affects the rights of the Arab minority.
Nor does Israel have official religions, and nothing in the new Basic Law changes that. In this respect, Israel is more liberal than the seven European countries with constitutionally enshrined state religions.

Perhaps the best evidence that Israel needs a constitutional affirmation of its status as the sovereign Jewish nation-state is the eagerness of so many to denounce as undemocratic measures that are considered mundane anywhere else.

Would they say the same of the French constitution, which establishes that “The language of the Republic is French” (Article 2) while only recognizing “regional languages” as belonging to the “patrimony of France” (Article 75-1)?  Being a nation-state is compatible with the civic equality of minorities. Israel is no exception in that regard.   

The right to national self-determination was recognized as a universal one by the League of Nations after World War One. The Jews are entitled to that right like any other nation. Unlike the United-States and Canada, but like most countries is the world (including in Europe), Israel is a nation-state. Yet the Jews’ right to self-determination is still being challenged both internationally and domestically.  Thanks to the nation-state basic law, Israel’s Jewishness is no longer assailable at home.  

Many revisionist historians tend to forget that on June 30, 1922, a joint resolution (the Lodge Fish Resolution) " was; 
"Resolved by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled. That the United States of America favors the establishment in Palestine of a national home for the Jewish people, it being clearly understood that nothing shall be done which should prejudice the civil and religious rights of Christian and all other non-Jewish communities in Palestine, and that the holy places and religious buildings and sites in Palestine shall be adequately protected." [italics in the original]
By favoring the establishment in Palestine of a national home for the Jewish people as outlined in the Mandate for Palestine from the Treaty of Serves and this US Resolution. It confirmed the irrevocable LEGAL right of Jews to settle in the area of Palestine – which in 1922 extended from the Jordan River to the Mediterranean Sea.

MK Avi Dichter (Likud), who sponsored the bill, explained his reasons for passing the law.
“We are enshrining this important bill into a law today to prevent even the slightest thought, let alone attempt, to transform Israel to a country of all its citizen,"
"When I listened attentively to the Joint List MKs, it was impossible to miss their clear words: 'We, the Arabs will win, we are in our homeland, we were here before you and we'll be here after you.' This Basic Law is the clear-cut answer to those who think that and it is clear: You were not here before us and you will not be here after us,” 
"The most you can do is to live among us as a national minority that enjoys equal individual rights, but not equality as a national minority,”
MK Amir Ohana (Likud), who headed the Knesset Joint Committee of the nationality bill also said;  that the vote marked a “defining moment” in Israel’s history.
We don’t have 21 national nation-states like the Arab nation. This is a historic Basic Law that for the first time explicitly consolidates the different components of the State of Israel’s character. As the nation-state of the Jewish people,” he said.