Thursday, October 29, 2009

Anti-Semites and the Palestinian Distortion of Truth

We Jews and especially those of us who are Israelis, realize from our recent experiences that today’s modern version of the anti-Semites can't tell Israelis apart from the Arabs. These hypocrites do not possess enough basic intelligence or knowledge to make a difference between us. It could be said that modern anti-Semitism does not stem from prejudice, but rather, from abject ignorance. It seems that recently those who harbor dark anti-Semitic thoughts have rapturously embraced the Palestinian cause because of their mutual hatred of the Jews and most importantly the Zionists and Israel.

It is a tendency among the least educated to classify people and to lump all those who are unknown to them together simply because it's more convenient that way. Try asking an anti-Semite for example, “What is the difference between the pale light skinned blue eyed blonds of Scandinavia and the former Soviet Union?” or “Who is from Sweden and just who is from Norway?” Can they tell who is Chinese from Japanese, a Tutsi from a Hutu or an Iraqi from a Kurd? Of course not, yet at a snap mention the three letter word – Jew and they will froth at the mouth.

In the world media, as in the media of the Arab world, Israel is singled out and branded as a blood thirsty monster intent on devouring its poor “defenseless” neighbors. The villainous caricatures of the vile Jew, with the grotesques and distorted faces with the hooked noses, serve both the anti-Semites and the Arab propagandists as one. This slanderous view is constantly expounded by the anti-Semites and their Palestinian cohorts in every venue they find. The two scenes in the recent Turkish melodrama, the first of the supposed IDF soldier murdering the young innocent girl with the smile on her face and the second of the murder of the Palestinian newborn child in the hands of her grandfather, are especially heinous in their anti-Semitic depiction of the Jew.

The pro-Palestinian Arabs and the anti-Semite strive to divert the world’s attention from nations that have engaged in bloody wars that were much crueler than the one between us and the Palestinians. Many of these conflicts have lasted for many years and have left thousands if not millions of people dead with thousands if not millions as refugees. They have tried to pervert historical truth through denial of the Holocaust. Yet in the very same breath they blame the Holocaust for their “Nakbah” –their-the collective Arab disastrous lost in the 1948 attempt to eradicate the Jewish presence in the Palestinian Mandated Territory.

By all estimates a total of 7,000 Palestinians were killed in the 62 years of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Yet, Russia’s attack on the Chechnya has left around 100,000 Chechens dead, of which even the most optimistic accounts place the number of “militants” to be at around 15,000. 

Additionally, how many Bosnian Moslems were murdered in the war with the Serbs? How many Hutus were murdered in Rwanda. What about the crimes of Jordan against the Palestinian refugees during the “Black September” of 1970 or of China’s inhuman occupation and oppression of Tibet and Xinjiang? No one dares to mention the extreme brutality with which the various Palestinian factions deal with one another in Gaza and the West Bank. To them this is irrelevant and unimportant what is most important is the plight of the Palestinians at the hands of the Jews.

In today’s modern world of cable and satellite TV channels with their live news casts, Israel is consistently singled out for special scrutiny. Why is the Israeli-Palestinian conflict the one most scrutinized by the world while the genocidal war in the Sudan with the tragedy of the Christian minority in Dafur is ignored? Of all the conflicts in the Middle East the conflict between the Arab world and the Palestinians against Israel, especially in the Gaza Strip, is a news bite item simply because of the myopic world view and it’s popularity as a news item. Israel is constantly viewed by the world press as a terrible place due to Israel’s replies in self defense to violent and murderous acts of hatred that stems from radical Islamic religious beliefs and anti-Semitism.

For the Jews and Christians Israel is the center of the world because of Jerusalem and its importance in the birth of Christianity. The Moslems envious and conscientious of this fact have attempted to create the “Big Lie” of Palestine and they have recently inflated the importance to the Moslem world of the Mosques on the Temple Mount in recent years to bring the Moslem world out of its ambivalence to the Palestinian cause.

The Palestinians have drawn from the anti-Semites stories that are rehashed versions of the Protocols of the Elders of Zion and the “Blood Libel” such as that which was recently published in Sweden. They tell these new versions not because they are convinced that they are true, but rather, because they don't understand that there is no way in the world that the stories could be true. Like the anti-Semites of old the Palestinians absolve themselves from researching the historic facts for the real truth instead the more absurd and gory the claim the better.

To the anti-Semites and the Palestinians we are accused non-stop of committing Nazi-like crimes in our struggle for our existence against a foe bent on our total elimination. The world has been so blinded by the volume of anti-Semitic Palestinian hatred that they fail to understand that Israel is an enlightened Western democracy. They fail to distinguish Jewish morals from radical Islam's total lack of morality. They cannot tell the difference between our rule of law and our enemies' rule of genocidal hatred. They can not distinguish between a democratic state that constantly investigates and criticizes itself and a terrorist organization. The Palestinians do not reject any means of violence to eliminate us. The Palestinians feel that they have the right to lie ceaselessly and to distort factual historical truth in order to vilify our image worldwide. There is a great, fundamental and irrefutable difference in the Palestinians use of radical Islam's indiscriminate wickedness in the murder of Israeli children in a Pizza Parlor or in a Mall and the killing of children in Gaza during Operation Cast Lead - which was an unforgivable and tragic mistake that happen during combat.

The difference between us Israelis and the Palestinians can be summed up in two simple sentences:
We can erase them –“the Falestinians” - off the face of the earth if we wished, just like Amalek. Yet we are too moralistic to do so.
The Falestinians and the Arabs on the other hand have been attempting to eradicate us for nearly a century. IF they could eradicate us they would do so in a moment without any mercy.

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