Saturday, October 3, 2009

Complaints From The Palestinians of Gaza And Israeli Medical Treatment

It causes me to ponder the question if Israel is so terrible, as per the latest UN Commissioned report, why is Israel so violently condemned, for thoroughly checking the backgrounds of those who wish to enter for medical treatment? Some may ascribe to assisting those intent on murdering Israelis, as was in the case of the young female suicide bomber who attempted to enter for "medical treatment". Also if the Palestinian claim that Jews/Israelis are stealing body parts from them then why do they so ardently strive to enter into Israel for treatment?

If the Goldstone report on Gaza is correct, according to the "Haters Of Israel", and we are “War Criminals”. Then why do the sick and feeble among the Palestinians living in the Gaza Strip who desire medical treatment should not be cared for by the UN in European or Arab countries in their hospitals. Surely there would be no fear of their body parts being plundered in their hospitals!

The Palestinians have an operating hospital –Shifa –incidentally built by us Israelis during our occupation with Israeli tax money. However since the return of Arafat to Gaza in 1995 millions if not billions in aid money were used by the successive Palestinian leaders to purchase weaponry and tons of ammunitions, but only an infinitesimal amount has been spent to improve the medical facility. We are constanly reminded of the shortages and lack of modernization in tearful and moving reports by Human Right Watch, CNN and Al Jazerra who put the blame squarely on Israel and the (Non)Occupation as the source for all the terrible woes. Let us not forget those highly intelligent minions of Hollywood stars and statesmen who have a complete and thorough knowledge of the situation!

Now let us review the facts that if the Hamas led government in the Gaza strip had only spent a fraction of the billions, given them in aid since the Oslo Accords, on the construction of additions to Shifa hospital all of their complaints against Israel would be mute.

Also consider this, how much in raw materials sent by the EU and the UN, where used to build defensive positions and bunkers used by the Hamas that could have ben used to improve the civilian infrastructure sewage and water purification centers and most notably all of the medical facilities in Gaza?

I ask, and so should you ask, your governments, why were your tax dollars in millions of supposed relief funds squandered on weaponry and ammunition instead of modern medical equipment and medical supplies? I am also sure that many “Haters of Israel” out there in cyberspace were disappointed when Shifa hospital was not turned to rubble in our Operation Cast Lead, thought it should have.

During the conflict IDF reconnaissance videos, published on YouTube clearly show it’s use as the headquarters and as a place of refuge by the leaders of Hamas. If the shoe had been on the other foot….would they have hesitated for a moment to destroy it. Not many who watched the Western Media remember hearing or seeing the rockets fired by the Hamas at Barzali Hospital in Ashqelon during the Cast Lead operation.

I ask you to consider that since the Gaza Strip has a common border with Egypt, Why do the Palestinians persist on clamoring to cross into Israel for treatment in Israeli hospitals? Why not go through the Egyptian held border crossings to hospitals in Egypt and any of their 21 brother Arab nations? Why do their “Arab Brothers close the door to them? I ask you should there not have been a UN enquiry into this?

Furthermore why do the poor Moslem Palestinians persist on teaching their children and youth to become martyrs instead of learning to become doctors like those upper and middle class Palestinians made wealthy by bribery and embezzlement?

Maybe if the Palestinians in Gaza concentrated on educating and improving their infrastructure themselves then there would be neither conflict nor “occupation”. Anyone who knows the true facts know that the ones responsible for the destruction and lack of civilian infrastructure including modern medical facilities in the Gaza Strip are the Hamas and the Palestinians themselves. Maybe those “Haters of Israel” can answer my question in an intelligent manner.

Why do all the bleeding hearts focus their stupid blind hatred on us and not ask the Hamas and the Palestinians the question “Why not build and educate –and don’t BS me they can’t and it’s because of "the occupation"- with the billions in €-Euros, $-Dollars and £- Pounds they receive?

Instead of building and healing their own the Palestinians buy weapons and preach Shihad? This is their answer in Gaza “Hamastan”.

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