Friday, June 29, 2018

Rasmea Oded and Kumbaya

It is truly amazing the continual gall and gullibility of  ordinary people in the world, especially Western leaders, to be consistantly bamboozled by the Lies and Liars of Falestine.
One truly has to wonder when will these "Kumbaya" whimps wake up and see the real story?
No wonder "John the beheader" of ISIS fame could not believe how easy it was for him to behead victim after victim while EX (TG) President Obama played golf.

In the latest chapter of bamboozlment, Prince William paid his expected visit to the "UNOCCUPIED" Ramallah headquarters, known as the Mukata of the Mahmoud Abbas crime syndicate otherwise known as the "Palestinian Authority".

While in the meeting place with the Godfather of the Palestinian Authority and unbeknownst to the "Little Prince" the cynical Palestinian leadership issued a "message" to it's people in Arabic- in every manner of communication - stating;
"We support anyone who murders a Jew and we will take care of their families if they are killed or imprisoned by Israel." 
Meanwhile, as they sat for the press Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas  "happily smiles and lies" to Prince William and other world leaders and dignitaries by stating in English:
"We are committed and "serious" in our desire to achieve peace with Israel and we are "committed" to combating terrorism."

While they are merrily chatting the Palestinian Authority issues a statment -albeit for local consumption in Arabic that;
"Palestinian prisoners are our national icons and symbols of defending freedom, our dignity while confronting oppression and subjugation."
The Palestinian government vowed that it would; "not abandon the prisoners and the families of the martyrs."

As I have pointed our countless times previously many readers and viewers of the world media do not get the truth of the conflict in the Middle East from "unbiased" news sources, These readers and viewers do not realize that they are not being told the "real story".
The actual unbiased truth is that these Arabs, who killed or maimed Jews, were killed by the Israeli army or police during the perpetration of attacks of "terrorism" on innocent civilians. These "Terrorists" are called shaheeds (martyrs) and are cast as role models to be copied and imitated by Palestinian youth in the media of the Palestinians whether in the Palestinian Authority of Hamas controlled UNWRA schools.

That these "martyrs" include Arabs who stabbed, ran over or blew themselves up during suicide bombings on civilian bus lines or in restaurants which murdered innocent civilians, Jews and some non-Jewish in Israel.

Of course, there is nothing new about the Palestinian tradition of glorifying the bloody murder of civilians young and old -Jewish Israelis who are ALL settlers to the terrorists.
Much has been said about the policy of naming schools and squares after these murderers in Palestinian cities, villages and refugee camps in Judea and Shomron aka the "West Bank" and the Gaza Strip.

However, this horrific honor of glorifying shaheeds (martyrs) is also being practiced by Palestinians descendants living abroad throughout the world.
The most widely know case is of Reem's Bakery in Oakland California with a mural of Rasmea Odeh.
Reem's Bakery in Oakland California and Rasmea Odeh have been lionized by anti-Zionists and and anti Israel Palestinian sympathizers.

Few of these bamboozled and brainwashed Liberals realize the truth behind the glorfication of Rasmea Odeh, who was honored and cherished by the epic member of the Nacba Tragedy Tourists, Linda Sarsour as well as Liberal leftwing feminist "Resistance" supporters like "anti-Zionist rabbis' Ellen Lippman and Barat Ellman.

These feminists claimed Oded, as; “a Palestinian woman who embodies the Palestinian history of dispossession, struggle and resilience.”

That these "supposedly intelligent" women and the Liberal Leftist backers at the time of the Media Covered demonstration ignored Oded's complicity in murder and terrorism and blissfully ignored and shuffled the story aside!

There was No show of remorse nor acknowledgement whatsoever that this cherished member of the feminist “resistance” an “icon of the Palestine liberation movement.” Rasmea had been an active  participant and organizer for the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP).

They lie and ignore the well documated proof that Odeh confessed in a highly detailed account just one day after arrest, along with other co-conspirators, how she planted a bomb in a Jerusalem supermarket in 1969 that murdered Hebrew University students Leon Kanner and Eddie Joffe.
And that in cold calculation she had rigged a second device on a delay trigger at the SuperSol supermarket to go off when unarmed medic and rescue responders were to arrive. Luckly it was found and defused mere seconds before it was to go off.

Linda Sarsour, "anti-Zionist rabbis' Ellen Lippman and Barat Ellman have downplayed the fact that Odeh obtained her US immigrant visa in 1994 and her citizenship in 2004 frauduently. In both applications, she failed to disclose her arrest and convictions in the bombings because as she claims she was a "freedom fighter". The mere fact that she lied and pleaded guilty to falsifying her immigration applications was soft peddled and downplayed by the ususal Jew haters but by Leftist anti-Israel and anti-Zionist Jews. In fact the evidence of Rasmea’s immigration fraud was based on the indisputable facts and her own false answers.In the end she was rightly convicted a second time in federal court in Detroit.

And as can be readily seen in the News Media, the frenzy of seething hatred of anti-Zionist Jews, who have blown fuses in their explicit anger towrds Israel's love for President Trump, have reached the zenith of hate.
One wonders what excitement we will see next week....and to paraphrase Sonny and Cher...."And the hate goes on"

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