Tuesday, July 28, 2015

The Iranian Agreement

After days of listening and reading reviews of the Iran Agreement I do wonder where in the hell is the United States Intelligence community and the Pentagon?  Now I know that since the Viet Nam War era America has been soul searching but to get down on your knees willingly like those Americans murdered by John the English ISIS be-header is a little TOO much if you ask me.
Yes friends, for a brief period during the Reagan and Bush Presidencies of the America of the Red, White and Blue period,America returned to it's glory days. You know the USA we baby boomers experienced while growing up. 
That brave "Great America"  reflected in those fabulous movies of Error Flynn and John Wayne. You know when Americans had "True Grit" and were actually the “Good Guys” and weren’t bumbling Woody Allen type schlemiels or like a bunch of Keystone Cops. 
They weren't Presidents who were saxophone player's and whatever's. The ones taken over by the Liberals who want to return to the 1920's "Isolationism" and hedonistic pleasures of the 1920's.

At one time the US was a country to be counted on, to be looked up to but now check your towels and ash trays….oh and may I have my welfare check.

Yes, “My fellow Americans” ever since the election of President, as he enunciated his name at the reception speech on his arrival in Kenya President Obama emphasized HUSSEIN Obama. The United States has fallen into the depths of utter "Wimpdom".(Remember how the butler Lurch in the Munsters would mumble?)

Oh yes let's join hands in a circle boys and girls and sing Kumbayah!” Smile and be nice and announce to the world: "We are Mr Nice Guys" and  “We do not want to hurt anyone!

As an Israeli I wonder if I can sell you a used bridge at a cheap price?

Ah yes, just as Nero played the Lyre while Rome burned. Mr Putter Guy from Kenya went to Cairo and changed the Moslem world, forever.

This totally naive American president of the “Kumbaya” party had allowed for the Moslem Brotherhood to take over Egypt during the Arab Spring. One has to stand in wonder and ask; "Where for God's sake is the US Military and Intelligence Leadership?" And why for God's sake is NO ONE is listening to Abdel-Fatteh El-Sisi?

Realizing that they had a "Good Thing" with this totally naive and weak kneed "(NON) Leader of the Western World." The Moslem Brotherhood immediately rushed to open the jails to release their minions of radical fundamentalist Islamic terrorist followers. Just as in Tehran with the return of the Ayatollah. These previously restrained, crazed Islamic fanatics, climbed out of the Pandora box with their 13th century view of Islam to engulf the Moslem world.

Through the use of the Internet they have expanded their reach globally to the entire Moslem world. The word of "Calipha" has ignited a fire in the hearts and mind of millions of Wahabist / Salafist followers.
The Sunnis and the followers of Da'ish /Daesh, or as they are labelled by the foreign media in the West as ISIS (the acronym for the Islamic State of Iraq and Levant/Syria) are in a horrendous bloody and bitter struggle with the Shi'ites of Iran-Syria-Hezbollah and Hamas.

So are we in Israel worried about Daesh /ISIS? Yes we are. The difference between us in Israel and the rest of the world is that we have these fanatics on our actual doorstep. Oh yes Mr and Mrs Walmart you CAN BE certain they will come for you too. Make absolutely no mistake about it...it is ALL written in the Quran it is the doctrine of “Taqiyya.”
"Taquiya, allows -- even obliges -- a Muslim to lie in certain situations in order to carry out his mission of jihad while living among the infidels. Tawriya (creative lying), allows a Muslim to say a lie while appearing to tell the technical truth by shifting context."
 So Mr and Mrs Walmart  lift your eyes briefly from your iPhone texting to notice that your fictional "Zombie" invasion is coming, but it wears black and screams "Allah Akbar".

Now, getting back to the “Dimbo Deal Agreement”, as I refer to the Iranian Agreement. Boys and girls I got news for you! Those ICBMs tested by Iran –copied from North Korea and those very same centrifuges producing weapons grade Uranium 38 and those triggers to arm those very same nuclear devices were invented by "Who?" Take a wild guess?

Nope, NOT by Israel and NOT by the USA! but a person who is a Pakistani nuclear physicist and a metallurgical engineer, colloquially regarded as the founder of HEU based Gas-centrifuge uranium enrichment program for Pakistan's integrated atomic bomb project. His name is Abdul Qadeer Khan of course do not take MY word for it click on the link to "Google his name". (Which I recommend for all of you in the NSA and CIA to actually learn INTELLIGENCE) 
“On 4 February 2004, Khan appeared on state-owned media Pakistan Television (PTV) and confessed to running a proliferation ring, and admitted to transferring technology to Iran between 1989 and 1991, to North Korea and Libya between 1991 and 1997.”
Wait did I hear someone mention WMD?

What has not been mentioned here regarding this wonderful agreement is that we, in Israel, are NOT the main target of the Shi'ite Arab world. (I do believe that was American flags being burned with chants of ecstatically contorted faces screaming "Death to America!" in the celebrations in Tehran with the Dimbo Deal Agreement)

By the way has anyone asked the guy from the back nine and his Viet Nam anti-War protester Secretary Of Wimp just why the Iranians need North Korean designed ICBMs with Nuclear warheads to hit Israel?
I mean correct me if I am wrong ICBM is the acronym for Inter Continental Ballistic Missile is it not? The distance between Israel and Iran is definitely not “Inter Continental.”

This stupidity reminds me that in 1991 during the "Gulf War' (Desert Storm) when Saddam Hussein launched SCUD missiles at Israel that no one remembers to mention  those that fell short near "Falestinian" villages on the "West Bank".
In those villages, the "Falestinian Authority” TV went to "Joyfully" record the SCUD missile attacks on the "Zionist entity". As the rockets fell nightly we saw those hysterical cheering happy gleefully smiling faces that gathered nightly to watch the attack on the "Zionists" in Tel Aviv.

That is until a few fell short."Oops!"

Ah I remember the scene well! Suddenly, abruptly one of the minions of those happy dervishes noticed the rocket was not going to fall on the hated Zionists! Almost in an instant hundreds were scared "shitless!" The camera unwittingly showed the brave Haters of Israel jumping from roof tops -where they had been watching and cheering and broke limbs. The village women who had earlier been screaming their lungs out like banshees from hell "Allah Akbar!" Suddenly went into hysterics and fainted.

I remember later reading of the lame excuses given by the SCUD missile crews about how they were "Harried" into launching the rockets "prematurely" by the allied anti-SCUD flights and SAS commando units. For some reason it reminded me of the reasons a lover makes excuse for the inability to have proper sexual relations due to premature ejaculation....

So let us suppose "IF" Iran launches atomic warheads at Israel does anyone remember what happen during Operation Protective Shield?
We "devious" Israelis had developed the Iron Dome system and the Israeli system of bomb shelters, in lieu of human shields!!

And what was the oh so lame excuse of Hamas?

Their God changes the path of our rockets in mid-air!! Hmm one does wonder what those pesky Liberal atheists think about this!

Now as to a request from a young lady of the Birmingham Jewish Federation she wrote me recently: 
We are collecting impressions from Birminghamians who have made aliyah regarding the recent Iran agreement."
Oh yes but of course we in Israel are deeply concerned regarding the Iranian Agreement; as many of my acquaintances -Jewish and Arab neighbors here in Israel have written and debated and discussed at length during the past weeks. We all know that with this agreement Iran will gain monetarily and there are major concerns concerning the ability of Iran to purchase new military equipment for itself and it's proxy's in the Hezbollah and in Hamas.

All of us were in agreement that the people of Iran have suffered but just like Hamas in Gaza and the Hezbollah in Lebanon the organizations and their military prowess is more important than the health and welfare of the people.

Just today over Arabic "Turkish" coffee today, in the Village of Tarshicha, part of our "Joint" Municipality, I had a very noisy, and occasionally heated, discussion in a Christian Arab friend Walid's cousin's coffee shop. Walid stated; 
"For us Israelis-Arabs and Jews alike, we have so many things our wonderful neighbors have planned for us that "Oh Gosh" where can I begin? Hezbollah ah, yes. Even with all the difficulties vis a vis the organizations involvement in Syria this has not stopped Hezbollah Secretary-General Hassan Nasrallah from ranting against Israel with some particularly aggressive rhetoric in three speeches he gave in one week's time during June. In which he included direct threats against Israel. What is the last estimate, 180,000 rockets of various ranges and sizes pointed at Israel?"
As Walid and Hussain (a Moslem friend) sipped their coffee and we reminisced about the three young Bedouin from Tarshicha; Shanati Shanati, 18; Amir Naeem, 18; and Muhammad Fa'ur, 17, who were murdered by a Hezbollah Katyusha on the 3rd of August 2006. We noted that very few will remember or even be reminded in the Media that 15 out of 43 killed in the Hezbollah rocket attacks on Israeli civilians during the Second War with Lebanon were Arab-Israelis.

As we are all getting "younger" what we discussed was the "Less than 15 seconds" distance time to our nearest bomb shelter here on the Lebanese border,....Well "sigh" I said; "I guess my family and I will need to sit in our "space" under our stairwell in our home again. We do NOT have a "secure room" or private bomb shelter in our home."

Hussain pointed out the broadcast on the Arabic news stations about Hamas and Gaza. That they are posting videos gloating of all the new tunnels built with the funds and the building materials Israel has, under pressure from those Kumbaya Nations of the BDS given to them.

The major concern of us all was Syria and the ISIS on the Golan Heights, now in Gaza and in Sinai.

Now with all this going on there is still the usual day by day drudgery of life we Israels must deal with; trying to make ends meet financially, paying bills, taking care of kids and of course our grand-kids. Yes, in our beautiful Israel friends there LITERALLY is NEVER a dull moment. Oh well as they say we never promised you a rose garden.

And as my Momma, of blessed memory used to say in her Southern (Alabamian) English:

"Oh good gracious,ya'll!"

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