Thursday, October 30, 2014

Cynical Exploitation of Under Age Children

In light of the recent blatant exploitation of under age children / minors in the mounting violence inspired by Hamas and the “Falestinian Authority” in the rioting in Jerusalem against Israel. I thought it oh just so hypocritical that the entire international community; and the world media are ever so ready to turn a blind eye to the fact that the sole reason for the presence of the Israeli Police and Border Guards in the neighborhoods of Jerusalem is to quell civil disobedience by rioters. However it is blatantly clear that the Hamas, Fatah and other Palestinian groups are using children in what appears to be a new Intifada against Israel by breaking the law and threatening innocent civilians.

These so called “minors” are being sent to throw stones and firebombs, and launch fireworks at policemen and border guards- “officers of the law”, as well as at Israeli civilians and vehicles, including buses and the light rail in Jerusalem who have been sent into the neighborhoods to restore civil order..
Instead of condemning those “law breakers”, who cynically exploit these “children” and young adults, to violently confront "officers of the law." The international community and the media are busy being manipulated into denouncing these “officers of the law” for performing their sworn duty to maintain civic order.

These "officers of the law" are using non-lethal means in their attempts to disburse the rioters who are being goaded and stroked into attacking and injuring the “officers of the law”  by all sorts of lethal means such as; large stones, Molotov Cocktails, slingshots, burning tires and even vehicles. In any other country when violent means are used by rioters against "officers of the law" they respond by using all of the exact same means at their disposal to defend themselves.

Yet when "officers of the law" here in Israel respond, Hamas and Fatah terrorist operators cynically inflame these “minors” into acts which draw violent responses by the "officers of the law" to defend not only themselves but other innocent civilians.
When "officers of the law" in any part of the globe see themselves threatened with bodily harm or that civilian lives are at stake they respond and violators and criminals are either "neutralized" or arrested. Yet, when this happens in Israel the Media is manipulated to always blame Israel for "deliberately targeting" “Falestinian” children — an allegation the media in the West endorses without question because to them Jerusalem and Judea and Shomron are the “Occupied West Bank”.

Most of us “normal” parents in the western world would be thinking; “What in the world could be motivating a normal thinking parent to allow a child of theirs to be outside in risk of his life?” What sort of corrupt moralistic values are involved here?

Very few outside of the Middle East are aware and have been informed by the Western Media that over the years Arab governments and Palestinian groups have offered large financial rewards to the families of the "Shadidim- Martyrs". Many of these Palestinian children have been cynically brainwashed from birth to hate Jews -not "just" Zionists but as "Good" Moslems ALL Jews in their UNWRA and Palestinian Authority run schools. These "Shadidim" are often times from large families who reside in squalid refugee camps kept there to fester by their own leaders. These poor deprived youth come from low income families who are less motivated to stop their children from risking their lives than those of the "educated' upper classes of the Palestinian "Elite". Many Arab youth have been inflamed into further hatred by foreign outside agitators whose sole reasoning for coming to "Palestine" is to deepen the hatred. Just as the poor "Shadidim" these brainwashed "Liberal" youth are cynically manipulated by the "Palestinian Leadership" who have grown wealthy from the millions poured into the bottomless coffers in the name of "Palestine". As one Palestinian Arab once told me; “You’d never see one of “Their” children as a “Shahid”!”

Now allow us to review the recent cases of the two Palestinians with US citizenship:
The fifteen-year-old Palestinian-American Tariq Abu khadeir, from Florida, was actively involved in the rioting in Jerusalem when he was chased down caught and beaten. One wonders what he did to deserve the beating the way he did. ( It is highly interesting and questionable that the "unescorted minor" just happened to be filmed being beaten up, yet his actions in the violent demonstrations  prior to this is not filmed. Nor is there a reason mentioned as to why he was allowed to be outside during a riot?)

Orwah Hammad, whose age is quoted as being from 14 to 17(?) was killed near the West Bank town of Silwad, near Ramallah. ( Hammad lives with his mother in Silwad his father, Abdul Wahhab Hammad, resides in Louisiana )  As the police inquiry reveals, the police officer saw a masked individual with a Khaffiyeh standing prepared to heave a lit bottle of fuel (a Molotov Cocktail) at a SUV traveling  on the road below. Fully releasing the consequences of the deadly effect on the vehicle the “Officer of the Law” took
immediate lethal force to prevent a possible homicide. As it turned out the SUV in question was driven by a Jewish “Settler” with her three “minor” children. What could have happened when the Molotov Cocktail filled with burning fuel had hit the windshield of the moving vehicle with a mother and her three small children was what went through our “Officer of the Law’s” mind.
From the distance the officer could not determine that the masked individual was a 14 year old Arab, with US citizenship. What the “Officer of the Law” shot was a law breaker preparing to use deadly force against a civilian in a violent act by throwing "Molotov Cocktails" at Israeli “civilians.
And what was the Palestinian response? They buried in a ceremony as a Hamas terrorist wrapped in a Hamas flag with a Hamas bandana wrapped around his head.

The US State Department spokeswoman Jen Psaki called for "speedy and transparent investigation" of the incident and sent its "deepest condolences" to this kid's family? Now that the incident is know, nobody asks how yet again the parents of a juvenile American citizen was allowed to venture out and participate in breaking laws in Israel yet again?

By the way according to the web site of the Department of State “Hamas” is designated as a (FTO) Foreign Terrorist Organizations since the 8th of October 1997. May we ask State Department spokeswoman Jen Psaki for a comment on this fact to explain just how the US Government "expresses its deepest condolences" over his death as a member of a US Government declared FTO?

The world press must be held accountable for not telling the truth just as adult activists who encourage and send children to take part in violence should be held accountable. Israel needs to show the truth that the “Palestinian Leadership” once more is using its people, its children to confront Israeli “Officers of the Law” and not to negotiate for their benefit.

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