Saturday, May 3, 2014


In the Arabic world the Arabic leadership has for generations used the Dimihi Jews as excuses for all the woes in their failures as leaders. Since the advent of Zionism and the failure of the Arab Nationalistic movement against the imperial powers Israel, since it’s conception, has become "THE" major cause for hatred of Jews / anti-Semitism within the Arab mind. This is graphically illustrated in the massive pro-"Falestinian" anti-Zionism ‎‎/Israel /Jews worldwide misinformation hatred campaign. The Liberal "Human Rights Groups" of the "Western World"; which once saw little Israel as a gleaming spot of humanity, now solely see the Arab slanderous vicious hatred point of view spread in the Internet of the "Oppression" and "Occupation" and "Apartheid" Israel.

In Europe, the Ukraine and Russia anti-Semitism is, and has always existed it is inbred with many of the Christians as part of the belief passed down that Jews were solely responsible for the death of Jesus Christ. This is deeply believed with the Eastern Orthodox Church. Over the past two decades the Moslem populations within Western European from their high birthrate and with the increased immigration rate has dramatically increased the sympathy for the "Falestinian" cause. The distraction of the minds of the Western Europeans to the "Zionist" enemy Israel and anti-Semitism is a ploy to distract the Europeans from the slow takeover of their societies from within by Islam.

In the USA the white supremacist groups movement in the United States has become more active in recent years due to the increased frustration over America's economic woes and a racial backlash against Barack Obama's election as President in 2008. This rise in supremacist violence was highlighted recently in the Kansas City shooting by Frazier Glenn Miller, Jr.

According to a recent BJF Update -Birmingham Jewish Federation Newsletter "Mark Pitcavage, director of investigative research at the Anti-Defamation League recently stated Supremacists have gotten "much more agitated and angrier, and we... see an increase in criminal activity, in violent hate crimes, acts of terrorism and plots coming out of the white supremacist movement".

Behavioral patterns among hate groups in the USA, and Moslem Terrorist groups, are notoriously difficult to track, as members tend to be secretive and deeply suspicious of outsiders. The Internet makes it easier to spread hatred from individual to individual and group to group. Most adherents to extremist cause out of fear of being discovered don't affiliate with any group at all. The landscape has become even more complex as many established white supremacist groups have collapsed into a myriad of splinter groups.

Anti-Semitism has become increasingly central to the ideologies of hate groups over the decades as they see Jews as the manipulators behind blacks, Hispanics and other perceived enemies. This view of anti-Semitism was reflected in the Kansas City suspects own thinking.  Mark Potok, a senior fellow at the Montgomery, AL-based Southern Poverty Law Center has said that these groups are "very much animated by anti-Semitism, “It’s essentially been Nazified in last 30 years. They no longer see blacks as the ultimate enemy. Jews are now considered the ultimate enemy."

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