Saturday, May 3, 2014


In the Arabic world the Arabic leadership has for generations used the Dimihi Jews as ‎excuses for all the woes in their failures as leaders. Since the advent of Zionism and the ‎failure of the Arab Nationalistic movement against the imperial powers Israel, since it’s ‎conception, has become "THE" major cause for hatred of Jews / anti-Semitism within the ‎Arab mind. This is graphically illustrated in the massive pro-"Falestinian" anti-Zionism ‎‎/Israel /Jews world wide misinformation hatred campaign. The Liberal "Human Rights ‎Groups" of the "Western World"; which once saw little Israel as a gleaming spot of ‎humanity, now solely see the Arab slanderous vicious hatred point of view spread in the ‎Internet of the "Oppression" and "Occupation" and "Apartheid" Israel.‎

In Europe, the Ukraine and Russia anti-Semitism is and has always existed it is inbred ‎with many of the Christians as part of the belief passed down that Jews were solely ‎responsible for the death of Jesus Christ. This is deeply believed with the Eastern ‎Orthodox Church. Over the past two decades the Moslem populations within Western ‎European from their high birthrate and with the increased immigration rate has ‎dramatically increased the sympathy for the "Falestinian" cause. The distraction of the ‎minds of the Western Europeans to the "Zionist" enemy Israel and anti-Semitism is a ‎ploy to distract the Europeans from the slow takeover of their societies from within by ‎Islam.‎

In the USA the white supremacist groups movement in the United States has become ‎more active in recent years due to the increased frustration over America's economic ‎woes and a racial backlash against Barack Obama's election as President in 2008 . This ‎rise in supremacist violence was highlighted recently in the Kansas City shooting by ‎Frazier Glenn Miller, Jr.‎

According to a recent BJF Update -Birmingham Jewish Federation Newsletter "Mark ‎Pitcavage, director of investigative research at the Anti-Defamation League recently ‎stated Supremacists have gotten "much more agitated and angry, and we... see an increase ‎in criminal activity, in violent hate crimes, acts of terrorism and plots coming out of the ‎white supremacist movement".‎

Behavioral patterns among hate groups in the USA, and Moslem Terrorist groups, are ‎notoriously difficult to track, as members tend to be secretive and deeply suspicious of ‎outsiders. The Internet makes it easier to spread hatred from individual to individual and ‎group to group. Most adherents to extremist causes out of fear of being discovered don't ‎affiliate with any group at all. The landscape has become even more complex as many ‎established white supremacist groups have collapsed into a myriad of splinter groups. ‎

Anti-Semitism has become increasingly central to the ideologies of hate groups over the ‎decades as they see Jews as the manipulators behind blacks, Hispanics and other ‎perceived enemies. This view of anti-Semitism, was reflected in the Kansas City suspects ‎own thinking.  Mark Potok, a senior fellow at the Montgomery, AL-based Southern ‎Poverty Law Center has said that these groups are "very much animated by anti-‎Semitism,""It's essentially been Nazified in last 30 years. They no longer see blacks as ‎the ultimate enemy. Jews are now considered the ultimate enemy."‎

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