Saturday, November 17, 2012

No Lies

Ah yes the idiots of stupidity those brainless nitwits that call themselves "Human Rights" activists are once again spreading the lies of hatred and untruth in protests.

The ex-Patriot "Falestinians" - you can tell them by their UGLY faces distorted by fierce hatred - are yelling and SCREAMing at the top of their lings lies and untruths. It never fails to amaze me that these same meek minded individuals are missing when it comes to protesting REAL issues!!

A prime example of the mindless inability to read facts and truths by "Human Rights" activists is embodied in the stupidity of Sylvia Hale, a former parliament member on behalf of Australia's Greens who protested in Sydney when she blithely stated. "The Israelis are adopting a policy of slaughtering the people in Gaza,"

TRUTH- The “Brave” "Falestinian" terrorist organization Hamas -deliberately targets innocent women and children and invalided old women in their beds who can't run away. Earlier, a Grad rocket fired toward a community in the Be'er Tuvia Regional Council landed in the yard of Miriam Sarusi, 62, who lives in the house with her bedridden mother Rina said, 
"We heard the siren, but there is no secure room in the house and mother cannot be moved, so I just sat by her bed, said a prayer and told her not to be afraid."
Over the past twelve years the "Falestinians" have fired more than 12,000 rockets and mortar rounds blindly at SOLELY CIVILIAN targets, innocent women and children INSIDE Israel. The "Falestinians"and their Pro Falestinian followers cannot understand WHY so few Zionists/Jews die! 

Our secret is WE care for our people and their lives. Israel builds bomb shelters and uses them, and Israel cancels school and non-essential work in the name of protecting our citizens. The IDF -the Israeli Military does not hide in densely populated areas.

The Israel's military DEFENSE forces on the other hand have carried out more than 800 precise attacks against terror infrastructures, rendering ONLY! 25 dead, most of them are Hamas (Falestinian) launchers of TERRORISTS rockets.
Here is a picture of just how much the "Falestinians" care for their children!

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