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The Truth Is NOT Out There

The public will believe anything, so long as it is not founded on truth.
Edith Sitwell (1887 - 1964)

Every free morning when I am not in a rush to go to work, I have a ritual of preparing a leisurely morning cup of coffee and then opening my computer. Once the computer is booted I open my email in-boxes. Through these portals to the world I receive items from around the world daily. The items I receive range from personal items and Blog comments to the usual bills and advertisements. As I read through the items I pause and ponder, "Is it worth while for me to reply or to elaborate my personal point of view in a Blog?" I wonder. "Is my Blog entry readable or even interesting to those whom I send my reply to?" What will my words do? Will they have any effect? Will the reader agree with me?"

Then when I open Facebook there is always the space where you enter your comment as to "What's on your mind?". It stares at me and I always stare at the space and think to myself "Gawd I sure as hell would like to say all that is on my mind!" I sit and ponder upon the minions of things that flow through my brain from the personal to the political and from the trivial to the intricate. I think about all the news that is occurring daily in the world and of course on those news items concerned with Israel. I am reminded of the saying. "All the news that is fit to print".

Next I open the news pages of the leading Israeli dailies in English; Haaretz, The Jerusalem Post and Yediout Achronout to read the latest in news headlines. I especially like trying my mental patience by occasionally reading the writings of Mr. Gideon Levy and MS. Amira Hass. These two consistently profess their self-hating delusions of how the Israeli leadership and the religious and extreme right control the feelings of ALL Israelis. They never dare to criticize the "Palestinians" for their flagrant use of violence it is ALWAYS Israel's fault. Their personal views are those of the Shenkin crowd tainted by self hating Homosexual-Lesbian Jewish anarchist leftist – read old time communist thought who hide in the Greater Tel Aviv area and never venture in the peripheral areas of Israel.

As I read through the news articles and commentaries I also read the Talkbacks to these articles. Occasionally the editorial staff of Haaretz slip up and allow a positive Talkbacker reply such as; "If those Turks, who died, had been peaceful like those on the other five ships of the "flotilla" they would have received no harm and would have arrived back home safely as the others." Wow! you mean we are humans?

So very many times these comments against Israel are so far fetched and based on totally absurd facts that it appears that common sense/knowledge are thrown out the window. Many of the Talkbackers are frequent commentators who readily leave their vile lies and false accusations for the gullible non-informed to read on a daily basis in any Talkback that they can. The fact that their totally depraved ranting's and raving's are accepted and printed in the free democratic press of Israel is lost by them and overlooked by the left-wing "humanitarian" camp. These same critics of Israel are totally silent should they even dare to insinuate any trivial wrong doing in one of the neighboring Arab countries.

As I read these "Talkbacks" I am consistently amazed at those who thrive on absurd pro-Palestinian hatred who visit these Israeli English web sites to spread their comments gleaned from their personal hatred of Jews and Israel. These "readers' comments" are veritably filled with such virulent "pro-Palestinian" and anti-Semitic hateful propaganda rantings that the effort to read them can range from the tedious to the laughable.

As someone who has studied history in an American University I was taught by my professors to base statements and writings on researched historical fact. As someone who has lived in the Middle East and has experienced first-hand many of the historical events over the past 37 years here I am astounded by the amount of historical documented fact that is literally ignored and distorted by these pro-"Palestinian" Talkbackers. On most occasions these anti-Israel rantings that are made have absolutely nothing to do with the article that they ascribe to comment about! The majority of these HOIZs-"Haters of Israel and Zion" are so despicable in their replies one wonders, what exactly is the purpose behind their publication by the "mediators" of the talkbacks? I also wonder how much do these pretentious and preposterous lies affect the naïve "least knowledgeable" readers? The Talkback section of Haaretz is specifically heinous for not only its own "left-wing" commentaries but for it's predominance in truly notoriously spiteful and hate filled "pro-Palestinian" "Talkbackers".

To these "Talkbackers" who appear on a regular basis, Israeli IS an Apartheid State, the IDF means the IOF or Israeli "Occupation" Force, Israel IS a racist state thereby associating that ALL Jews are racists and all who serve to defend Israel in the IDF ARE blood thirsty murderers of innocent women and children.

Israel's lack of counter propaganda – the relaying of facts and truths are left for the volunteers whose knowledge of Judaism and the pro-Zionistic concepts vary from the extreme right to the middle. The Israeli left and especially the far left are on a mode of self-destruction and appeasement. The average secular Israeli Sabra is too busy thinking of himself/herself and the daily routine of his/her family to care about what the world thinks.

Let us look for a moment at where this "pro-Palestinian" propaganda mis-information campaign originated.

In Arafat's visit to Viet Nam during the height of the war in Viet Nam, North Vietnamese General Giap, advised Arafat and his subordinates to redefine the terms of their struggle. Giap told Arafat to learn from their struggle in Viet Nam and to work in a way that would concealed the organizations stated goals in it's charter for the elimination of the Jewish State through strategic deception.
Giap advised Arafat to reflect an image of moderation and to publicly deny that the PLO wishes to annihilate Israel. Giap told him to turn the PLO terror war into a struggle for human rights. That once you had distanced yourself and the PLO from acts of violence then you will have the liberal left wing Europeans and Americans eating out of your hand.
General Giap and the KGB advisors told Arafat to develop proxies that he could command to perform terrorist missions but be distanced enough from to shuffle off blame to. The best example of this is the Black September organization made infamous for their attack and murder of the Israeli Olympic Team members in 1972.

Muhammad Yazid, who had been minister of information in two Algerian wartime governments had also advised Arafat:
Wipe out the argument that Israel is a small state whose existence is threatened by the Arab states, or the reduction of the Palestinian problem to a question of refugees; instead, present the Palestinian struggle as a struggle for liberation like the others. Wipe out the impression …that in the struggle between the Palestinians and the Zionists, the Zionist is the underdog. Now it is the Arab who is oppressed and victimized in his existence because he is not only facing the Zionists but also world imperialism.

The new "pro-Palestinian" propaganda approach has been wildly successful since its inception in the wake of the expulsion of the PLO by Jordan to Lebanon in 1970 and the infamous United Nations General Assembly Resolution 3379, adopted on November 10,1975 that "determines[d] that Zionism is a form of racism and racial discrimination"

Ever since the 2001 UN Durban Conference on Racism and in the aftermath of the construction of the "Security Wall", this virulent hatful "pro-Palestinian" propaganda approach was refined, focused and amplified. Throughout the world in all of the "leftist" camp Israel is now presented as not only denying Palestinians their rights, but as doing so out of racism. The false analogy with South African apartheid, which has become espoused especially by the moderate "Left", are now calling for similar actions that caused the fall of the South Africa against Israel. These actions include; de-legitimization, boycotts, divestment, etc.

In addition to the potent element of racism the "HOIZS" and their pro-"Palestinian" lackys have added the slanderous "labeling" of Israel with the colonialist theme. They do so through the repetitious use of the term "Settlements" to denote the Jewish villages and towns established in the areas of Mandated Territory that was previously occupied from 1948 – 1967 by Jordan. The unique historical fact that the area of the "West Bank" was designated as the historical Jewish Homeland guaranteed in the Mandate for Palestine and ignored in UN Resolution 181 is conveniently forgotten.
What is also forgotten is that Jews had been living in the area of Judea and Shomron for hundreds of years. The fact that the Arabs ethnically cleansed the Jews out of their homes in Hebron in a massacre in 1929 is never mentioned nor is the ethnical cleansing of the Jewish Quarter of Jerusalem in 1948. Let us not forget the massacre and liquidation of the four kibbutzim (communal settlements)of the Jewish Gush Etzion Block in 1948. In the Six day war of 1967, the old City Jewish Quarter and the rest of Jordanian occupied Jerusalem and Mandated Territory East of the 1949 Rhodes Armistice agreement ceasefire "Green" line was finally liberated by Israeli forces. It is very important to note here that there is NO documented historical reference to a border since the "West Bank" was a Jordanian Occupied area from May 1948 until June 4, 1967. This slanderous lie of branding Israel as an "Occupier" through the omission of documented historical fact has achieved great results among the youth of Europe. This accusation has been especially heinous especially in the US, where those "Liberal" leftist supporters who had generally supported the somewhat socialist state of Israel in the past have now began to work in earnest against Israel.
It must be remembered that the "Palestinians" chose war in 1948 and they were not united to form a pseudo government to accept the transferral of their assigned part of the Mandated area from the United Kingdom -the Mandatory Power - so they ended up as refugees under a Jordanian occupation. The area of the "West Bank" and Jerusalem which HAD a Jewish presence was ethnically cleansed by the Jordanian Legion.
My question to these HOIZs and the world is; Why do the Palestinians wish to remove Jewish "settlements"? Why do they not accept the Jews as we in Israel have Arab citizens with their villages and citizens? The denial of a Jewish presence is the true face of the Palestinians as reflected in their Charter. If the Palestinians are true believers in peace the new "Palestinian State" must accept Jews as equal citizens just as we in Israel accept OUR Arab neighbors!

The brunt of the full liberal "leftist" camp's discontent towards the Israel settlements or "Occupation" has brought Israel’s enemies to make anti-Zionism almost a religious experience on the Left, especially on college campuses. What has consistently been ignored by these "Palestinian" HOIZ sympathizers is the Palestinian Charter itself which calls for; "an armed struggle, to deny the legitimacy of the establishment of Israel, to deny the existence of a Jewish people with a historical or religious connection to Palestine, and to label Zionism a racist, imperialist, fanatic, fascist, aggressive, colonialist political movement that must be eliminated from the Middle East for the sake of world peace.

The extent of the absurdity of these "Haters of Israel and Zion" "Talkbackers" in their quest for the deligitimatization of Israel has recently led them into the realm of the absurd. They are now utilizing fantasy and outright lies to further their claims that Israel has never existed. They have contorted historic fact to show that only they are the rightful heirs to the land as true descendants of the Canaanite people!(?)
As part of the "Palestinian Charters" plan, the HOIZS and their pro-"Palestinian" followers accuse Israel of being an illegitimate country established on the lands belonging to the native Arab inhabitants. To usurp the "Jewish Biblical" claim they have recently embraced the whimsical claim that the "Palestinians" are the descendants of the Canaanites and not the "Philistines=Palestine".
The reason for this change of "national origin" comes from their "enlightened" discovery that the source of the term "Palestina", as used by the occupying forces of the Romans and the British, comes from the Hebrew biblical term "Plishtines" or "Invaders". The archaeological finds in the area of Ashkeleon and Gaza, of the Biblical area held by the Philistines, reveal a source from the Greek island culture of the Minoans who fled in the wake of the Thera or Santorini catastrophic volcanic eruption which is estimated to have occurred in the mid second millennium BCE.
The HOIZS and their pro-"Palestinian" have embraced this "Canaanite" heritage farce in order to further their claim that All Israelis are "Settlers" and we are ALL blood thirsty land grabbing religious fanatics.

Please note that these absurd claims, as mentioned, are part of the plot of the "Palestinian Charter" to; "deny the existence of a Jewish people with a historical or religious connection to Palestine.". These "Hater's of Israel / Zion" have recently discovered that by calling themselves "Palestinians" in the past they are themselves the usurpers to the land and not the Jews/Israelis!

So where does this "Palestinian" business begin? I will now quote historical fact.

Herodotus the Greek historian called the eastern coast of the Mediterranean "Philistine Syria" using the Greek language form of the name. The Emperor Hadrian wanted to blot out the name of the Roman "Provincia Judaea" in AD 135after putting down the second major Jewish revolt against Rome led by Bar Kochba. So he renamed it "Provincia Syria Palaestina", the Latin version of the Greek name and the first use of the name as an administrative unit. The name "Provincia Syria Palaestina" was later shortened to "Palaestina", from which the modern, anglicized "Palestine" is derived.

The Christian Crusaders employed the word "Palestine" to refer to the general region of the "three Palestines." After the fall of the crusader kingdom, Palestine was no longer an official designation. The name, however, continued to be used informally for the lands on both sides of the Jordan River.

The Ottoman Turks, who themselves were non-Arabs but religious Muslims, ruled the area for 400 years (1517-1917). Under their Empire the "Palestine" region was attached administratively to the province of Damascus and ruled from Istanbul. At the Versailles Peace conference the Christian fundamentalist leadership decided to use the Roman term "Palaestina" to identify the land conquered from the former Ottoman Turkish Empire and assigned to the Mandatory power the "United Kingdom".

In the draft of the Mandate for Palestine, which was formally confirmed by the Council of the League of Nations and came into effect on 26 September 1923, the indigenous Arab population is referred to in Article 22 simply as the "existing non-Jewish communities in Palestine". (Please note here that they are not referred in this often quote historical document as "Palestinians".)
Awni Abd al-Hadi (1889-1970) born in Nablus testified in 1936 before the Peel Commission, "There is no such country [as Palestine].... Palestine is a term the Zionists invented.... Our country was for centuries part of Syria."
It was not until after the debacle of the Israeli War for Independence in 1948 did the "indigenous Arab" people who had fled as refugees were suddenly officially referred to as "Palestinians" by the United Nations. This occurs when UNWRA –the United Nations Work Relief Agency was established following the 1948 Arab-Israeli War by the United Nations General Assembly under resolution 302 (IV) of 8 December 1949. Where it states that;
"The sole beneficiaries are those who had lived in the British Mandate of Palestine for at least two years before fleeing and must have lost both their home and livelihood as a result of the 1948 Arab-Israeli War, or be the descendant of someone who had."
I wish to point out here that if one reads this definition closely it does not refer to Arabs it refers to," sole beneficiaries". May I point out that UNWRA is thereby discriminating against the Jewish inhabitants of the Jewish Quarter and the Jewish settlement Bloc of Kfar Etzion in the area of Judea who "lost both their home and livelihood".

Awaking to their dilemma after the failure of the Arab countries to destroy the infant nation, those "indigenous Arab inhabitants" choose to identify themselves as the legitimate descendants picked the name "Falastin, as their nation's supposed ancient name. The irony of it all is that the name "Falastin" – "Palestine" is not even an Arabic name/term is purposely overlooked by the Arabs, as I mentioned previously.

In January 1964 at the first summit of the Arab League, held in Cairo, Egypt, and attended by all thirteen member states of the Arab League. The "indigenous Arab inhabitants" are referred to as the "Palestinian fedayeen". Gamal Abdel and the Arab states in attendance gave a mandate to the "Palestinian fedayeen" to initiate contacts aimed at establishing a "Palestinian entity". It was at this meeting that Ahmad al-Shuqayri (1908 - 1988), was chosen to become the first chairman of the "Palestine Liberation Organization".

The rest is all history but hey if you’re a HOIZ then the "Truth is NOT out there!"

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